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This is the true story… 

Ah, the glory days of music television. For some of us, the ‘90s are “vintage.” For others, the ‘90s are, well, our childhood (hey! no judging!) – a truly magical time filled with fashion must-haves like scrunchies, flare jeans, overalls, stretchy chokers, etc. Whichever category you fall under, this is your chance to relive one very unique (and also very colorful) decade in our exclusive collection of iconic, nostalgia-inducing MTV tees.


The ‘90s were all about classic, simple outfits. A graphic tee, your favorite jeans, your go-to sneakers and, KAZAAM! — you’re ready for the *NSYNC concert. Consider this your official permission to bring those good old days back. Tie your hair up in a scrunchie, throw on a fanny pack(!!!), dust off your Walkman, and rock out to some Nirvana…  we’re all doing it.





Seeking prints charming…



Give your fall style AND your mood a boost with the season’s
prettiest prints.


@thetaylorcherie in an AE RUFFLE SLEEVE TASSEL BLOUSE


From moody blooms and ditsy buds to retro paisley and delicate stripes,
we’re seeing a front-page-worthy pattern …




Go for an even girlier take on the trend with ultra-feminine cropped,
off-shoulder and peasant silhouettes.



@emmacatherine09 in an AE RUFFLE SLEEVE TASSEL BLOUSE


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3 jean fits you NEED to try.




Introducing three effortlessly cool takes on the must-have tapered jean.
Not sure which one is for you … ? Don’t worry, we gotcha covered!




A slimmer thigh and slightly narrower 12.75″ leg opening means a more subtle taper.

You’ll love it if: you like skinny jeans, but want more room
in the seat and thigh.




Room to kick it in the thigh and a tapered, 13″ leg opening.

You’ll love it if: you like a slim fit, but with a little extra room through the seat and thigh.




The most pronounced taper of the three, with a dropped crotch, cropped length and rolled hem.

You’ll love it if: You’ll love it if: you’re into a more
fashion-forward look.


@iandanboyde & @zaybaie


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Meet the Rock the Vote t-shirt design winners!

A few months ago, we asked you to send us t-shirt designs that inspire others to get out and vote – and you guys DELIVERED. Check out the winning designs in stores and online now (all sales benefit Rock The Vote!) and get to know the awesome people who created them below.

Q: What inspired you to enter the contest?

I’m inspired by people who use their voices and knowledge to create positive change. Voting is the one thing every person can do to have a voice in our government, and young voters need to get engaged and get to the voting booths. Today’s government choices and policies will affect our generation for many years. I was excited to promote voting to my generation through American Eagle’s effortless and trendy style. 

Q: Tell us about your design?

My design combines red and blue hands raised up together to symbolize the American flag, and also people from different political parties coming together to vote. While our opinions may differ, we are united by our country and our American freedoms which include the right to vote. We’re lucky to be able to have a say our country’s policies and priorities. It’s not like this everywhere, and we shouldn’t take it for granted. 

Q: What does freedom, individuality and self-expression mean to you?

Freedom, individuality, and self-expression means everything to me. As an artist I never want to feel censored, and I never want to be afraid to express myself. These are American values that we need to protect.

Q: How important is voting?

Voting is so important, and it is every citizen’s right. If you pass up your right to vote, you are allowing other people to make decisions on your behalf about key issues that you might not agree with. The easiest way to make your voice heard is to vote. It makes a bigger difference than you think. 

Q: What does the future look like to you?

The future is looking brighter because people are speaking up and becoming more active in letting our elected officials know how we feel. You can make phone calls to your representatives, attend a march, learn about issues that will affect you, and learn about which candidates are most aligned with your ideals. I’m hopeful for our future. 

Q: What inspired you to enter the contest?

Simple fonts and soft vintage colors were the main points of inspiration for my design. Vintage design involves more than simply ripping off the past. Learning how to create something modern with elements from the past is something I find extremely interesting, as it relates to my personal style choices, and henceforth reflects in my art. Blending vintage influences with contemporary elements was key to creating a design that I felt was spot-on with American Eagle’s overall brand vibe.

Q: Tell us about your design?

My design reads, “Nothing changes if nothing changes.” Perhaps you’ve heard this definition of insanity: “Doing the same things over and over but expecting different results.” The truth is that nothing changes if nothing changes. I chose this quote to be the center of my design because of its relevance in terms of voting. Voting allows one to impact their future, but until that process is started, one’s opinion cannot become actuality. 

Q: What does freedom, individuality and self-expression mean to you?

To me, freedom means expressing myself freely, but not so unrestrainedly that my expressions/words harm others. Freedom means being able to embrace creativity without fear of retribution. Individuality means challenging the norm and questioning authority time and time again. Self-expression is a display of individuality, and for me, this means channeling it through my clothing choices and/or art forms, such as my writing and painting. Expressing myself means that people will see my spirit and true character; they will see the totality of who I am as an individual.

Q: How important is voting?

Voting is an important right in our society. As a constitutional right and privilege that Americans have, it is best to make use of that privilege, instead of squandering it and disregarding it. Through voting, you have the opportunity to influence the government and make your stance known. 

Q: What does the future look like to you?

For me, the future is full of endless possibilities. Throughout my life, I have found endless opportunity in every outlet available, and moving forward, I hope to continue doing the same. I do not know what is to come, but I know I will make the best of it, no matter what odds are against me. 

Q: What inspired you to enter the contest?

When I saw that AE wanted to use some of their customers’ designs, I wanted to take the opportunity, whether I won the contest or not. Plus, the Rock the Vote campaign is AE’s partner in this, which gave me a little extra motivation to enter the contest, because it’s so important to vote for not just your community, but yourself.

Q: Tell us about your design?

Honestly, my design is pretty simple. I used the name Rock the Vote because it is supporting the contest, and it has a nice ring to it! I used the classic colors for a voting pin and the American flag. When I was drawing it, I knew I wanted it to be simple and say what needed to be said, which is to vote! 

Q: What does freedom, individuality and self-expression mean to you?

I used to dress for others. I would wear basic clothing and sometimes I hid my style from others. Lately, I’m beginning to wear what I like and I think others should do the same. Individuality makes life so much more diverse and interesting, not only for others but for yourself! I love how young people like myself are standing up for what they believe is right, this past year especially!

Q: How important is voting?

Even though I am a bit too young to vote, I think it is so important. I entered the contest because I love how AE is promoting it in the form of clothing. It’s crucial to vote because it can affect you and others for years to come. Not only that, but it can give you a sense of freedom and importance.


Q: What does the future look like to you?

The future will have its ups and downs, I think, just like in the past. But now, at least, so many people are stepping up for important causes like women’s rights, gun protection and more! As time goes on, I hope that more people get the chance to speak up for what they believe is right.

Q: What inspired you to enter the contest?

I was inspired to enter the Rock the Vote contest with American Eagle because I have a passion for fashion and design and this was a great opportunity for me to get my designs out there. Not only was this a great way for me to gain experience with design, it is also for an important cause.

Q: Tell us about your design?

I love a good retro, ’70s style t-shirt and I know that this vintage look is trending right now. My design was inspired by a classic look, with the color scheme and font. The saying “Stay Woke & Vote” came to me when I was trying to find words that rhymed with “vote.” I thought the word “woke” would fit perfectly because it refers to being aware of issues, such as people forgetting or choosing not to vote. I hope that my design is something people are aesthetically attracted to, but I also hope that they are inspired by the words and meaning. 

Q: What does freedom, individuality and self-expression mean to you?

Something I’ve learned over the years is to embrace individuality. Everyone is going to be different, with varying opinions, styles, personalities, etc. Rather than suppressing the traits that make each person unique, we should embrace them. Instead of being like everyone else, or trying to fit into social norms, self-expression needs to be more encouraged. To me, freedom, individuality and self-expression are all related to each other because it is each of our freedoms to be able to express ourselves and be individuals. 

Q: How important is voting?

Voting is an important way to make your opinions count. It is crucial to stand up for what you believe in, especially when it comes to politics. A lot of people think that it doesn’t matter if you vote or not and they don’t care about politics; however, these choices directly affect everyone. Every vote matters.

Q: What does the future look like to you?

The future can be anything we make it. I hope that the future brings more progress in areas such as climate change. I am hopeful for the future. 




2 Trends to File Under “Mandatory”


laydown of women's denim jackets

#1: The iconic denim jacket.

Few articles of clothing can truly claim to have stood the test of time – but the denim jacket is absolutely, definitely, 100% one of them.

On its own, layered over tees and tanks, layered over dresses, layered over MORE denim jackets… There is literally no wrong way to wear this closet classic.



laydown of men's fleece

#2: The sporty hoodie.

The thing we can’t seem to get enough of lately? Super-soft, ultra-comfortable hoodies in bold hues with updated graphics and on-point athletic details.

Essential on their own. Even better with your favorite jeans or coordinating joggers.



collection of user generated content from instagram

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