This Valentine’s Day, get inspired by love. 

Let it heal you, let it challenge you, let it change your perspective. Maybe it’s romantic, maybe it’s platonic, or maybe it’s just about loving who you are and not needing anyone or anything else. Whatever kind of love you’re celebrating, let today be your chance to take a moment and really focus on what it means to you and how it shapes the world around you.

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What does love mean to you? Save or screenshot these questions, then share your answers with your loved ones on social.
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Daevin's selfie in an AE dressing room


Daevin Reaves is living proof that when you put good energy into the world, you get good energy back. In June he tagged #AEXME in a fitting room selfie, and now he’s featured in stores across the country and on the homepage of AE.com. His style radiates positivity and individuality, from the socks he wears to the pictures he posts on Instagram. Learn more about his journey and get inspired to express your style with AExME.



Q: What made you decide to submit your photos to AExME? How did it feel when you were chosen to be a part of it?

A: I actually almost DIDN’T send in anything. But I ended up trying on a button up shirt and a pair of shorts, and decided “Eh, why not! Life is short” and I took a few pictures. And I am SOOOO glad I did… when I got the DM from American Eagle I literally flipped out. I said thank you a million times, started dancing and singing and I rushed to tell my parents! It’s an indescribable feeling, but I’ll never forget it.


animation of Daevin from Instagram Stories


Q: What do you want your social media presence to say about you? What do you want to put out into the world through social media?

A:  Social media has always been super fun for me, but my main goal on my Instagram (@daevinreaves) is to truly show the world who Daevin is. I want my social media presence to be full of positive energy, just like myself. I want to extend and spread all that positive energy through my pictures and interactions through social media.


Q: How do you express yourself when you’re NOT on social media?

A:  How do I NOT express myself!!? When not on social media… mostly through clothing. Every single article of clothing I wear has meaning, down to my socks. I haven’t worn a pair of “normal” socks since like 8th grade. It’s always socks with aliens on them, or donuts, or my favorite Kpop band, or some random object. Even today I’m wearing socks with Belgian waffles on them! I feel like every outfit I wear screams “DAEVIN!” or something to that effect.


animation of Daevin from Instagram Stories


Q: How would you describe your personal style?

A:  My personal style is all about colors, styles, and variety. I really simply wear whatever I think will look good! Today I could go for more of a sporty look, tomorrow may be a preppy look, and the next day an all-denim overalls outfit. My personal style is definitely a reflection of me.


Q: What does it mean to you to be a part of AExME?

A:  It means everything and more to be a part of AExME, I am BEYOND grateful and BEYOND thrilled. I don’t even know if it really has hit me yet! It’s so so so surreal, and it’s totally going to hit me soon.


selfie of Daevin




Sweater & Leggings Outfits to Beat the Winter Blues

We know how it goes. It’s winter and you’re practically living in your leggings and sweaters. And we’re right there with you. Cold winter months are the best time to bundle up & stay cozy wearing your comfiest pair of Aerie leggings and favorite American Eagle sweaters. Will the full assortment from our Aerie Chill. Play. Move. collection and all our AE women’s sweaters & cardigans to choose from, you can have a new leggings/sweater combo every day of the week.

Chill. Play. Move. leggings answer the call when you need a go-to style for relaxing, lounging & working out all in one go. Aerie Move leggings use our Feel Cool and Feel Empowered fabrics to create a comfortable, breathable fit you’ve always wanted from your leggings. And since they’re made with medium support, they’re designed to stay in place from running around to your next yoga flow. Feel Cool fabric uses 4-way stretch and moisture wicking to keep you feeling cool even when working up a sweat in a Pilates class. After a workout sesh at the gym, throw on a pair of Aerie Chill or Aerie Play leggings for all-day comfort. These styles use our Feel Cozy, Feel Comfy & Feel Free fabrics to create a fit that moves with you throughout your day. Light support and a soft feel will quickly make them a go-to for all your legging outfits this winter.

Need more convincing that sweaters & leggings outfits were meant to be together? Check out some of our top picks for style inspo!


Crewneck Pullover Sweaters + Striped Leggings

AE Sweater & Aerie Legging

Pair your new favorite Aerie Move leggings with a cute AE women’s sweater for a look and feel you’ll love day in and day out. It’s the best on-the-go outfit for transitioning from an early morning class to a coffee date with the girls, and keeps your look fresh with all kinds of new prints and colors. AE crewneck sweaters use bold colors and graphics so you can wear your heart (and your style) on your sleeve all winter long. Relaxed silhouettes are cut for extra comfort for a fit that’s laid-back but not too baggy, which helps keep up the comfy but sporty vibe. Wear your pullover sweater with leggings for a fit that’s all about comfort – from the high-waisted design of the leggings to the super soft, cozy feel of the sweater. Complete this look with a pair of sneakers on your way to gym and you’re set with an athletic look you’ll love.


Open Back Pullover Sweaters + Leopard Print Leggings

AE Sweater & Aerie Legging

Want something a little more colorful to start your day? Aerie Move leggings have bright, bold graphics to stand out among the sea of black leggings in your dresser drawers. While those classic black leggings will always have a place in your heart and your dresser, sometimes you want to switch it up with something a little more fun. Cute details like track stripes, leopard prints + more elevate this look with a touch of color brilliant enough to brighten even the dreariest winter days. Since your printed leggings are the star of the show in this outfit, choose a neutral colored sweater to complete your look. Open back pullover sweaters mean you can show off your Aerie bralette, and they make transitioning from errands to the gym effortless. Choose a sports bra with the same pattern for a cute matching style in your next spin class, or change things up with a different print for a bold mix & match vibe.


Slouchy Cardigan Sweaters + Tie Dye Leggings



When it’s time to unwind after the gym, change things out in our Chill leggings! They’re made with our Feel Comfy fabric for an even softer feel, and have NO see-through so you don’t have to worry while kicking back and relaxing the day away. Make this legging look your next favorite with a little help from a slouchy cardigan layered over a v-neck favorite t-shirt! There’s nothing more iconic than a t-shirt and cardigan combo, and when paired with the best leggings ever you simply can’t beat it. Our line of Favorite t-shirts are made with super soft jersey fabrics, and have a jegging length that’s longer for more coverage when worn with leggings. Top it off with a soft waffle knit cardigan made with a comfy slouchy fit for a style that’s just right for all your to-and-from looks this winter.

Show us how you wear your leggings & sweater outfits on Instagram & Twitter with #AExME @americaneagle and you could be featured on our site, social media or blog!






polaroid of Thoreau & Tony

Meet Tony & Thoreau

“We need a lot more love. If I could snap my fingers and change the world, it would just be more love.” – Tony

“My greatest passion is doing anything creative and not tying myself down to one thing… I don’t want to be put into a box.” – Thoreau

questionnaires filled out by Thoreau & Tony

polaroid of Thoreau & Tony


Kindred spirits from across the globe, Tony and Thoreau (who goes by Thor) grew up a world apart. LA native Tony is an old soul, motivated by his compassion for others and a firm belief that to make the world a better place, you just need one simple thing.

Hailing from Copenhagen, Thoreau is a multi-faceted creator. Experimenting with music, film, photography and writing, he refuses to be defined. 

“We need to stop and take a breath and realize that everyone’s human. You make mistakes, and you grow by learning from those mistakes.” – Thoreau

These friends and collaborators bonded over their love of music and shared belief that when you put good energy into the world, you get good energy back. 



self shot photo by Deaunte


Meet Deaunte

“When I take a selfie, I like to show how I’m feeling and if I’m having a good time. Life is pretty fun.”



polaroid and selfie of Deauntefilm photo of Deaunte



This photographer and visual artist uses his camera to connect with like-minded individuals, defining what it means to be a young person navigating an increasingly confusing world. To celebrate self-expression and positivity, he is just as likely to turn the lens on himself.

He’s unafraid to put himself and his work out into the world, embracing social media as a way of making friends and creating art.



Questionnaire filled out by Deauntemirror selfie of Deauntefilm strips of Deaunte


self shot photo of Clare

Meet Clare

“I love taking self-portraits. It’s satisfying to be able to curate an image and be in control.”

A model and aspiring voice actor, Clare manages the craziness of today’s world by allowing herself to go with the flow, discovering new passions along the way. Whether she’s modeling, making music, or taking photographs, she’s always looking for opportunities to express her creativity.

self shot photo of Clare

“I often feel like I should be doing, or a have, a certain number of things… but that’s a pressure that will make you crazy. Don’t hold back. Just go for it.”


Self shot photo by Clarefilmstrip photos of Clare



Questionnaire answered by Clare