level of stretch graphicWe know that shopping online can feel like a bit of a gamble – especially when it comes to jeans and pants – so, to make things easier, we’re breaking it down. Below, find your cheat sheet to all the different levels of stretch we offer – from least to most stretchy – along with a few quotes from real girls we asked to try each one:


RigidThe classic. No stretch whatsoever—lightweight and soft with a vintage look and feel.

Feels like someone’s already broken in my favorite vintage jeans.”


Super Stretch – Moderately stretchy, but made to feel like real jeans.

“…extremely soft and flexible but still feels like denim”


“These have a true denim feel.”

“…seemed the most like jeans, rather than leggings”


Ne(x)t Level – Our most advanced, innovative stretch. Never bags out or loses its shape.

“Contoured to my curves”

“They kept their shape all night long”

“…fit me like a glove without being constricting. Absolutely in love with these jeans”


Dream JeanTHE stretchiest, softest, most legging-like AND all-around supportive jeans we offer.


“I love that this jean feels durable and comfortable at the same time.”

“Amazingly soft…like wearing leggings”


And lastly, for the visual learners:

level of stretch diagram





Our design team always uses real customer feedback to help create the season’s newest jeans. This year, we thought it would be fun to send our jeans to a random NYC couple who don’t wear American Eagle jeans.

Background info:
Location: Brooklyn, NY
30 year old male – Touring musician/drummer
30 year old female – Freelance writer

The last time I wore American Eagle jeans was somewhere in the 2000s. I know this because, like everyone else in my high school, I was watching “The O.C.”—a show about beautiful teens being sad despite being rich and beautiful (this teen trope was new at the time). Like many, I wanted to be Marissa and Summer—always layering AE polos with hand-sized jean skirts. So naturally, I would regularly go to the store to copy their exact looks.

Fast forward to present day, my boyfriend and I are asked to test out some of the new jeans because we are skeptical. Two reasons why: one, we feel way too old for American Eagle jeans and secondly, we don’t think they’ll fit or look good on us. After all, the last time I wore a pair was when we, as a society, agreed that low-rise jeans on girls were THE thing and flared jeans on boys were cool. (We were wrong.)

But after a reddit deep dive of “surprising” rave reviews, we figured the Internet can’t be wrong.

Still, I feel pessimistic but I am relieved that the box of jeans has no low rises in sight. My man is not a jean wearer so he was just happy to try on a variety whereas I, on the other hand, only requested high-waisted fits because they’re my favorite. Nevertheless, I was still shocked to find so many different high rises. I’ll start with mine, from most stretchy to least.

1. High-Waisted Jegging – The Dream Jean
These felt the least like jeans—insanely smooth and stretchy against my skin but I would never have known just by looking at them. They really felt like second skin but looked like jeans. I’m not crazy about super skinny jeans but I will say that my butt looked UH-mazing in these.




2. High-Waisted Jegging – Super Stretch
Usually, I really really hate jeggings. They tend to look cheesy and cheap. All the fake whiskering and the strange grid-like fabric just scream “jegging!” But these look and feel like real jeans—durable, thick, and incredibly well made. Good job, AE!




3. High-Waisted Jegging – Ne(x)t Level
You’re going to have to try these on for yourself because they feel unlike any other jeans I’ve tried. Insanely stretchy but in a way that holds you in. They’d be great for going to an all-you-can-eat buffet, a night of dancing, or a long(ish) flight. Tight, not restrictive. I’ve gotta say that I’m not a destructed jean girl (these went all the way down both legs) but because of the incredible stretch, I didn’t feel like an exploding can of Pillsbury biscuits.




4. Mom Jean – No stretch
Hands down my favorite pair. As someone who has blown $200+ dollars on a pair of vintage jeans, I feel like such an idiot for not knowing these exist. They feel like someone’s already broken them in for me which, if you’re familiar with how rigid and uncomfortable vintage jeans are, is truly a blessing from the denim gods!




1. Slim – Ne(x)t Level Flex
At this time, my boyfriend was very distracted by my sexy Ne(x)t Level destructed jeans so he just nodded and agreed with my assessment.




2. Slim Straight – Extreme Flex
He was scared of these because “extreme stretch” and “slim” aren’t exactly the type of words he’d ever want in a pair of jeans. But they weren’t tight. They just sort of held onto his body better, if that makes sense. Again, “verrrry comfortable” and “feels amazing” were phrases he threw around a lot.




3. Slim Selvedge – No stretch
These were my favorite on him. He wasn’t used to the slightly roomier, relaxed fit but I loved them. So clean, so minimal, so Tokyo. They were just cool. These felt the most “raw”. No stretch whatsoever but the deep, rich indigo shade is so on point. Will simply have to force him to wear these to feed my female gaze.




4. Dad Jean – No stretch
“They feel so good!” is all he kept saying. Like, a lot. He would not shut up about how great they felt. He said they were also the softest jeans he’s ever put on and they felt “almost as comfortable as sweatpants.” I thought they looked cute but what do I know. Apparently, nothing since I’m the chump who spent $200 dollars on jeans.




In the end, I was shocked that we both didn’t feel “old,” plus we both found a fit that we loved that made us look and feel, well, expensive and that’s pretty much the best-case scenario when it comes to jeans.






If you’re in the NYC area, you can now customize your jeans for free at our Union Square store with any jean purchase. Not much of a DIY-er? Don’t worry—a steady-handed American Eagle Jeans Maker will be there to guide you, tell you what options you have and, overall, make your jean dreams come true.

Three ways to take what we make (our amazing jeans) and make them yours:

You know that leathery patch that’s always on the back of jeans? It’s technically called a jacron and you can get a different back patch sewn on in (almost) any color you want at participating American Eagle stores. It comes in both small and large sizes plus, you can get it embossed.

assortment of American Eagle jacrons


Come up with something clever to get stamped on your new back patch or, better yet—if you have siblings that regularly “borrow” your clothes, get your name stamped on it so everyone will know they’re a thief!

American Eagle customized jacron


Splatters, stripes, polka dots…the Frasier skyline—really, anything! Ask and you might receive. (Pro tip: This especially comes in handy when you want to add an extra personal touch to a friend’s gift.) Show the world (read: humbly brag about your new one-of-a-kind custom jeans) by tagging #AEJeans. You could be featured on our account and even end up in our next campaign.

Painting/customizing American Eagle jeans









It’s all about feelings! Not ours, of course, but YOURS. As in, how do our jeans make YOU feel.

That’s what we think about.

Instragram content animation



















Okay maybe you might be thinking that’s a bit of an oversimplification but think about it—what else matters? Jeans on their own are a boring, utilitarian staple that often stirs up feelings of dread and discomfort. If we’re being completely honest, shopping for jeans is more often daunting and rarely, if ever, fun. Details like fit, washes, and styles are all pretty secondary to how you feel in your jeans and finding the right pair of jeans can be as intimidating as finding “the one”. But as they say—when you know, you just know.

So this season, like every season before, we cut out the guesswork and asked you guys straight up—what’s your dream jean like? Then, we went to work.

Here are the five things you asked for:

  1. Jeans that fit and look amazing!

Since we started making jeans, we always wanted to bust the myth that you needed to spend a lot of money for a pair of great jeans or that you needed to be genetically blessed to look good in them. So we agonize over every single detail like back pocket placement, washes, and fits that are not only amazing but extremely flattering on every size and shape.

@chelseamazzie instagram photo


  1. Jeans that feel insanely comfortable!

No, we did not make denim sleepwear. We created Next-Level Jeans. It’s all in the name, really. It’s truly a game changer—this advanced stretch technology is designed to feel super soft against your skin and look like real jeans, not like leggings. Engineered to hold its shape (aka yours) and stretch without feeling tight or restrictive so you can make moves, dance, eat, and live in them. Best of all, they bounce right back—no bagging out or stretching out over the course of the day. Seriously, don’t just take our word for it—get yourself to a store and experience them for yourself. You’ll be converted for life.

@patrick.mosley instagram photo


  1. Options, options, options!

Most of us stick to our favorite “fits” once we find them, so it was a no-brainer to just blow out the options within each style. It’s our most expansive collection yet—13 total fits for men and 23 fits for women in over 100 washes. In other words, make some closet room because you’ll want to buy your favorite fit in every wash, color, stretch, and distress. You can even get a different back patches put on in select stores.

@classicallycait instagram photo


  1. For the girls, more high-waisted fits.

The numbers don’t lie, the ladies love a high-waisted fit. Luckily, we have 10 high-waisted fits, most of which come in multiple different washes. In fact, you can practically wear a different high-waisted jean every day for 2 months.

@teylerleigh instagram photo


  1. For the boys, more skinny jeans.

We get that it’s a bit scary to hear the word “stretch”, “slim”, or “skinny” without thinking of men in skin-tight jeans–but we wouldn’t do that to you. Our slim and skinny fits have been more popular than ever and with our new Next Level technology, they feel better than ever.

@m.arkel.k instagram photo






Look, we get it. Rewards programs can be confusing. In theory, the benefits sound great. In practice, you’re never quite sure you’re doing it right, or where you stand with points. We’ve spent the past year working with our teams and shoppers like you to put together a program that’s truly unique. AEO Connected launched last week, and in case you haven’t had a chance to check it out, here are just a few of our favorite perks.

IT’S FREE. And super easy to sign up in store, online, or on the app. Once you’re in, we’ll send you email updates on your Reward status, exclusive offers and more. No forms to fill out, no wasted paper, just Rewards sent straight to your email.

There’s more free where that came from! FREE JEANS & BRAS are one of the best perks you could get. For every 5 pairs of jeans you buy, we’ll give you one free. Same deal with Aerie bras. Plus, you’ll earn points for every dollar you spend, and once you reach a set number of points, we’ll send you a Reward that you can use in store or online, just like you’d use cash money. The best news in all this is that your points will NEVER expire, so you can redeem them whenever you want!

Ok so, we’ve got free jeans, free bras, points on every dollar… still not sold? How about an exclusive birthday discount? AEO Connected has that too. And if you’re REALLY serious about style, we have different access levels for all kinds of shoppers. So the more you shop, the better your perks. We’ll automatically bump you up into the right level depending on how much you spend, and let you know when you qualify for things like bigger Rewards or 24/7 free shipping. Plus, get even more when you combine your AEO Connected account with an AE or Aerie credit card.

For the complete rundown on how new AEO Connected works and rewards you for shopping for your favorite brands, visit us in stores or at

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What Is Denim: Your Ultimate Denim Glossary


Denim Glossary Fit Specs

Denim Glossary Fit Specs


The measurement from the top of the waistband to the bottom of the crotch seam. In other words, it’s where on your hips the jeans sit. Every body (and every one of our jean fits!) is unique, but, generally a “high” rise will sit near your belly button and a “low” rise will be closer to your hips. Source

Denim Glossary Fit Rises


The measurement from the bottom of the crotch to the bottom of the hem.

Denim Glossary Inseam


The vertical threads in a fabric. Source


The horizontal threads in a fabric. Source

Denim Glossary Warp and Weft


The result of washing and rinsing denim to remove excess dye. Source

Denim Glossary Denim Washes


Purposely marred for a well-worn, vintage appearance. Source

Denim Glossary Destroyed Distressed Deconstructed


The bottom of the jean, which has been folded back and sewn down to form an edge


A raw hem that’s shorter in the front than it is in the back. Source


A deconstructed hem that has been unstitched and unfolded for a frayed look and added length. Source 1  Source 2

Denim Glossary Hem


Denim Glossary Fabrication

100% COTTON (see also: HERITAGE)

100% cotton denim. This rigid, durable fabric softens over time.


Our original soft, stretchy denim.


Denim with an upgraded stretch that retains it’s shape and won’t bag out. Natural fibers give this denim a super-soft feel for increased comfort.


Revolutionary 4-way stretch means fit from every direction. Top-to-bottom warp stretch lifts your booty and gives you the feeling of longer legs, while side-to-side weft stretch contours the leg.
These forces work together to increase retention, which means these jeans won’t bag or sag, so your butt looks great, wear after wear.


Core Flex is designed with just enough stretch to give a little when you stand up, sit down, pull ‘em on or off. It has the same look and feel as 100% cotton denim, with increased flexibility for added comfort.


Our most flexible jean might also be our most comfortable. Designed with the max amount of stretch for ultimate comfort. Extreme Flex denim truly moves with you, and bounces back to hold its shape after.

FLEX 4/360

Revolutionary 4-way stretch means this denim moves with you in every direction. Top-to-bottom warp stretch moves up and down with you, while side-to-side weft stretch gives you room to sit or step.
The bottom line? Jeans have never been more comfortable.

HERITAGE (see also: 100% COTTON)

100% cotton denim. This rigid, durable fabric softens over time.


Premium denim bound with a “self edge” so it doesn’t unravel. You’ll know it by the trademark white and blue taping under the cuff, on the edge of the coin pocket, and on the back of the belt loop.

We’ve upgraded ours with just the right amount of stretch to make them even more comfortable. Source

Shop your favorite AEO Jeans HERE and show us how you wear them with #ICAN (or #WeAllCan if you’re with friends!).

Denim Glossary Fabrication

Denim Glossary Fit Specs

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