How to Wear the Fringe Muscle Tank

We’re all about fringe this season and you should be, too. Start by creating your free-spirited summer look with the Fringe Muscle Tank. The soft crocheted cotton, scoop neck and fringe trim, make it the perfect boho-inspired tank for the beach and beyond.

Check out how Lauren and Chandler styled our Fringe Muscle Tank below.

How to Wear the Fringe Muscle Tank

Meet Lauren: 
Lauren is a San Diego based freelance model, she enjoys spending most of her time soaking up the sun at the beach, while hiking, or just being active outside. Lauren has a strong passion for music, dance, and fashion. Lauren is inspired when people achieve their goals, while participating in what they love, and here she is doing just that!

How to Wear the Fringe Muscle Tank

What Inspired Lauren’s Look:
“This fringe top is perfect to throw on while going out for a day at the beach this summer! This top is not only a cute shirt but also makes a great swimsuit coverup! I chose to wear this soft comfy fringe top over my swimsuit top and paired it with loose comfy floral shorts. This is a great go-to outfit for a hot summer day at the beach!”

How to Wear the Fringe Muscle Tank

Photos by Kylee Patterson

Get Lauren’s Look: Fringe Muscle Tank | Printed Soft Shortie (Similar)
How to Wear the Fringe Muscle Tank

Meet Chandler:
Chandler Nehrt is just your typical small town girl turned passionate style blogger and fashion fanatic, to put it plainly.  Beyond her one-stoplight town Midwestern roots, she is currently a marketing student, concentrating on social media and brand management.  Her blog, Candidly Chan, is her primary creative outlet, where she aims to provide unique content, a good laugh when necessary (which is always), and above all, style inspiration to all those who may stumble upon it.

How to Wear the Fringe Muscle Tank

What Inspired Chandler’s Look: 
“I must say, tops like this one are my jam in the summertime.  A lightweight, fringe tank top is the ultimate easy-breezy summer staple to have in your wardrobe, don’t you agree?  I wanted to play up the effortless, music festival vibe of this tank, so I added a chic, wide-brim fedora and some of my favorite lived-in sandals.  I also decided to skip the plain blue jean shorts for some white cutoffs to showcase the big white-on-white trend of this season.  This look is perfect for nearly every summer occasion you can think of, and that’s what I really love about it.”How to Wear the Fringe Muscle Tank

Get Chandler’s Look: Fringe Muscle Tank | Denim Shortie (Similar) | Wide Brim Fedora (Similar) | Double Buckle Sandals (Similar)

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How to Wear the Textured Poncho with Mel Denisse

The poncho is the ultimate free-spirited layer. Its draped silhouette, bold geo pattern and fringe hem are sure to add the perfect amount of boho to your pulled together look.

Mel from Mel Denisse pairs her favorite Textured Poncho with Shorties for an effortless look. How to Wear the Textured Poncho with Mel Denisse

Meet Mel:
Mel is a writer at heart– filling scrap books and blank pages since before she can remember. Since combining that with modeling + photography and other artistic platforms, she’s cultivated a sense of all around living in beauty through her creativity to spark inspiration in daily life.

How to Wear the Textured Poncho with Mel Denisse

What Inspired Mel’s Look:
“My style mostly defaults towards a ‘dark and flowy’ aesthetic, which makes this textured poncho so fun to wear. Its effortlessness can make its way into almost any look, and that is a staple piece in my opinion. I paired it with some destroyed denim shorts and a black body suit as a contrast to give the poncho more room to ‘play.’ I’m looking forward to creating more looks with it throughout the summer season.”

How to Wear the Textured Poncho with Mel Denisse

Get Mel’s Look: Textured Poncho | Vintage Hi-Rise Shortie (Similar) | Soft & Sexy Cropped Halter Tank (Similar) | Double Buckle Sandal (Similar)

How to Wear the Textured Poncho with Mel Denisse

How to Wear the Textured Poncho with Mel Denisse

How to Wear the Textured Poncho with Mel Denisse

Photos by Charley Woodman 

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How to Style a Jumpsuit

Lightweight jumpsuits are a must for the summer. With their soft woven fabric and cinched silhouette, they’re both effortless and chic.

Andrea from Belair Beautiful paired our Racerback Jumpsuit with the Brooke Strappy Back Pushup Bra for a stroll around town.

How to Style a Jumpsuit

Meet Andrea:
“I started Belair Beautiful as my diary, my fashion book, my make up tips, my life and love advice, but most of all my art and my truth.”

How to Style a Jumpsuit

What Inspired Andrea’s Look:
“It’s officially Summer in Miami and I’m not gonna lie and say that I’ve been taking that too well. It has been so close to the 100’s that most days I’m just content by staying home, working on the computer with air conditioning. When I do leave the house, I make sure that I am comfortable and most importantly, that I am wearing a breathable and light material. Aerie was awesome enough to send me this gorgeous Racerback Jumpsuit which ended up being perfect for a walk around town. I headed over a local museum and roamed around the streets of downtown Miami, all while in this chic and comfortable outfit!”

How to Style a Jumpsuit

Get Andrea’s Look: Racerback Jumpsuit Brooke Strappy Back Pushup Bra | Mirrored Heart Sunglasses (Similar)

How to Style a Jumpsuit

“When you have a top that is bound to show your bra and you can’t go braless, what better way to pair it than with a really cute bra/bralette? It’s a perfect way to add a bit of color without being too loud. I added the Aerie Brooke Strappy Back Pushup Bra.

How to Style a Jumpsuit

How to Style a Jumpsuit

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Kick Off Summer with Aerie Swim

When summer officially hits, there’s no better way to celebrate than to grab your favorite Aerie Swim and head to the nearest pool. Blogger besties Jessica from My Style Vita and Cathy from Poor Little It Girl styled their go-to suits on a recent trip to South Beach.

150616_cathyjessica_091-1 (2)

What Inspired Jessica and Cathy’s Look:
“For our recent trip to Miami, Jessica and myself knew we wanted swimsuit that was bold, and still stylish, as we headed to the beach on our mini vacation. The open back on my one-piece suit was fun and unexpected and left me feeling not too covered up while in the sun! Jessica’s pink romper and fun tropical print bikini fit right in with the fun style of South Beach!”


Get Jessica’s Look: Triangle Bikini Top | Bow Hipster Bikini Bottom | Embroidered Romper Floppy Hat (Similar)

150616_cathyjessica_088 (2)

Get Cathy’s Look: Double Bow One-Piece | Drawstring Short | Floppy Hat (Similar) 150616_cathyjessica_081 (2) 150616_cathyjessica_078 (2)

150616_cathyjessica_062 (2)

Photos by Flytographer.

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5 Outdoor Workouts

Bring on the sun and humidity because it’s finally summer! (YAY!) This summer is all about finding what makes you happy and healthy, and today’s CHAARG (Changing Health, Attitudes & Actions to Recreate Girls) post rounds up five of our favorite fun outdoor summer workouts. So throw on your favorite gear, gather your friends and get movin’!


Find your inner mountain girl and head out to your local park. Parks across the U.S. have trails that vary in length and difficulty, so find a course that matches your fitness level. When you go, make sure to pack the necessary gear for the amount of time you plan to spend hiking, including snacks, sunscreen and most importantly, water.

Paddle Boarding 

you’re looking for a workout to tone your entire body, including your abs, this is the one for you. Stand-up paddle boarding requires you to use a combination of balance and strength. Core muscles are in constant use to maintain your balance, and leg and arm muscles are used to propel yourself forward. It’s low impact, but it’ll torch hundreds of calories per hour. Don’t worry if you’ve never boarded before. Classes are often offered at different levels to ensure that everyone is comfortable and safe on his or her board.

5K, 10K, ANY-K Run

Summer is the time that runners come out to play. Yes, many runners prefer cooler spring and fall months, but summer is when fun runs are at their height. Not all races have to be done for PRs (personal records), and in the warmer summer months, expecting to beat your previous mile times during every race would be silly. It’s sometimes just too hot. Challenge yourself to let go of the technical details and enjoy a fun run!

5 Outdoor Workouts

Outdoor Yoga, Pilates, Barre

Discover your “om” in nature. Yoga, pilates and barre studios love to take advantage of the great weather by hosting classes in local parks or—if you’re lucky—beaches. You’d be surprised what a little sunrise yoga can do to start your day!

5 Outdoor Workouts


You’ve done indoor spinning classes. You’ve gone on scenic bike rides. Now it’s time to kick it up a notch. Grab your bike and a group of friends and head out for a fun, sweaty day in the sun. Pick a trail near you or plan a route prior to leaving, so you know exactly how far you plan to be riding that day and pack fuel (water, snacks, etc.) accordingly.

Do you have a trail that you love or a favorite outdoor program in your city? Share it with us! We’re always looking for new workouts, and with more than 5,000 CHAARG girls around the country, you may just help a girl find her new favorite workout spot.


We believe that working out can (and should!) be fun. We’re an organization of 2,500+ girls at more than 24 universities that encourages college-aged girls to find their fit, whether it’s yoga, CrossFit or anything in between.

You don’t need to be a marathon runner or a weight lifting champion to join—it’s all about finding what works for you. That’s the beauty of CHAARG. We’re a group of real girls with a passion for leading happy, healthy lives.

Sound like you? Learn more about us, check out and find us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


Grace Murray is a CHAARG blogger from Kent State University. She divides her free time between CrossFit and running, and plans to tackle her first marathon this fall. When she’s not studying or exercising, she’s eating enough carrots and peanut butter to feed four out of New York’s five boroughs.

5 Outdoor Workouts

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How to Wear the Hi-Rise Convertible Bikini Bottom

The Hi-Rise Convertible Bikini Bottom is going to be your new best friend. With it’s full coverage, foldover waistband you’ll be ready to hit the beach (or pool!) with total confidence. Mix and match with your favorite Swim Tops to create the perfect set.

Jess from The Golden Girl blog grabbed her favorite Holly Bikini Top and Hi-Rise Convertible Bikini Bottom and hit the pool with beach ball in tow!

How to Wear the Hi-Rise Convertible Bikini Bottom

Meet Jess:
Jess is the Founder & Editor of The Golden Girl, a life and style blog based in Chicago. She loves red lipstick and French Bulldogs, and when she’s not blogging, she can be found at the closest Dim Sum establishment or exploring the city with her Canon in tow.
How to Wear the Hi-Rise Convertible Bikini Bottom

What Inspired Jess’s Look:
“For my look, I wanted to finally try out the high wasted bathing suit trend. It’s so flattering on a variety of body types and I love that it’s a bikini with a modest take. In my wardrobe, I really try to focus on items that can be worn several different ways, and this bathing suit is no different. It’s about as versatile as they come! ”

How to Wear the Hi-Rise Convertible Bikini Bottom

“The adjustable bottoms are a perfect high waist fit, but you can adjust them to mid waist, or roll them down to a bikini cut! I have to say, they might be the most comfortable bathing suit bottoms I’ve ever worn!”

How to Wear the Hi-Rise Convertible Bikini Bottom

“I often have a hard time finding a bikini top that fits correctly. (Don’t you just love when that happens?) So this top was ideal because of the adjustable tie back, cups for the right amount of support, and the removable halter straps. I’m going to be living in this all summer along with these mirrored sunnies (which look expensive, but will only set you back a few bucks!) To top it all off, this adorable striped wrap is the perfect compliment– it doubles as both a cover up and a blanket to sit on!”

How to Wear the Hi-Rise Convertible Bikini Bottom

How to Wear the Hi-Rise Convertible Bikini Bottom

Get Jess’s Look: Holly Bikini Top | Hi-Rise Convertible Bikini Bottom | Floppy Hat | AEO Aqua Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses

How to Wear the Hi-Rise Convertible Bikini Bottom

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