polaroid of Thoreau & Tony

Meet Tony & Thoreau

“We need a lot more love. If I could snap my fingers and change the world, it would just be more love.” – Tony

“My greatest passion is doing anything creative and not tying myself down to one thing… I don’t want to be put into a box.” – Thoreau

questionnaires filled out by Thoreau & Tony

polaroid of Thoreau & Tony


Kindred spirits from across the globe, Tony and Thoreau (who goes by Thor) grew up a world apart. LA native Tony is an old soul, motivated by his compassion for others and a firm belief that to make the world a better place, you just need one simple thing.

Hailing from Copenhagen, Thoreau is a multi-faceted creator. Experimenting with music, film, photography and writing, he refuses to be defined. 

“We need to stop and take a breath and realize that everyone’s human. You make mistakes, and you grow by learning from those mistakes.” – Thoreau

These friends and collaborators bonded over their love of music and shared belief that when you put good energy into the world, you get good energy back. 



self shot photo by Deaunte


Meet Deaunte

“When I take a selfie, I like to show how I’m feeling and if I’m having a good time. Life is pretty fun.”



polaroid and selfie of Deauntefilm photo of Deaunte



This photographer and visual artist uses his camera to connect with like-minded individuals, defining what it means to be a young person navigating an increasingly confusing world. To celebrate self-expression and positivity, he is just as likely to turn the lens on himself.

He’s unafraid to put himself and his work out into the world, embracing social media as a way of making friends and creating art.



Questionnaire filled out by Deauntemirror selfie of Deauntefilm strips of Deaunte


self shot photo of Clare

Meet Clare

“I love taking self-portraits. It’s satisfying to be able to curate an image and be in control.”

A model and aspiring voice actor, Clare manages the craziness of today’s world by allowing herself to go with the flow, discovering new passions along the way. Whether she’s modeling, making music, or taking photographs, she’s always looking for opportunities to express her creativity.

self shot photo of Clare

“I often feel like I should be doing, or a have, a certain number of things… but that’s a pressure that will make you crazy. Don’t hold back. Just go for it.”


Self shot photo by Clarefilmstrip photos of Clare



Questionnaire answered by Clare



Go behind the scenes with the AE X ME Artists!

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BEA MILLER – @beamiller




This is our collaboration with new, exciting, emerging talent. These musicians are on the rise and we are simply here to help support them on their journey. We hope you follow along and enjoy the ride. Meet Bea Miller, an inspiring singer/songwriter who empowers others to be their true selves.