Project Live Your Life: Kelly R., Writer

Project Live Your Life: Kelly R., Writer

Project Live Your Life is back and we’re looking for inspirational people with unique style to be a part of our brand. Each week we’ll share entries that are standing out to us to help you with building your profile.

Kelly R. is a Writer for The Oklahoma Daily and shared two articles on her profile that she wrote after the tornadoes devastated her hometown of Moore, OK. She also describes herself as a stylist, adventurer and volunteer.

Check out some of the highlights from her profile below.


Kelly enjoying the lake.



Kelly went to the prom with past Project Live Your Life winner Jason.

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Coming Soon: The Return of Project Live Your Life

Coming Soon: The Return of Project Live Your Life

Have you seen the fresh faces currently in our stores, social profiles and on They were the winners of our Project Live Your Life Contest last fall. Lucky for you, the contest is coming back even better this February.

We want to see your personal style and what makes you unique. This is your chance to show us how you live your life through photography, music, dancing or any other hobby or passion and the style you rock while doing it.

Here’s how you can prepare:

Find some photos

Scour Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and any other photo library you have for your favorite photos of yourself showcasing your individual style. Whether your looks are Bright & Bold, Sharp & Chic, Heritage, Festival, Beach or Spring Break we want to see you highlight your style with a few awesome shots.

Put your talent on display

What’s your talent, passion or hobby? Are you an Artist? Writer? Musician? No matter what you live to do, we want to see it! Prepare your best videos, photos, artwork, song files, writing samples and more to showcase in your contest entry.

Tell your friends and family

To be considered as a finalist by our judging panel, you must be voted in to the top 200 in your category by other people. So get the word out now to your friends and family! Once your entry is live on the Project Live Your Life site make sure you Tweet, Facebook, Pin and Email to get as many votes as you can.

That’s it! Be sure to bookmark so you’re ready to go when the contest launches. Good luck and be sure to check back here and our Facebook page to get more details and updates throughout the contest.

Meet the Cast: Noah

Meet the Cast: Noah

Inspired by their passion and enthusiasm, we took eight individuals on a journey to the wilds of Oregon. Read below to find out more about one of the inspiring people featured in our Holiday 2012 campaign.

Meet Noah: a soccer player, cinema lover and big time foodie from Wilson, WY. He is a laid back boarding school grad with dreams of traveling the world and even hoping to make it to the moon someday.

To get to know the personalities of our holiday cast we took a peek inside their suitcases and had them describe the contents in their own words. Take a look at what Noah can’t live without.

Soccer Ball: I’ve been playing soccer for longer than I can remember. It’s been a staple in my life and I don’t really know what I would be like without one.

Flannel Shirt: There is something to be said for clothing that looks just as good now as it did 50 years ago.

Belt Buckle: I got this for my 13th birthday and I’ve worn it almost everyday since. At first it was because I was a stick and my pants would fall down. Now I almost feel naked without it.

Carhartt Vest: I got this at Hungry Jack’s general store in Wilson, WY. Much like the flannel, it is a classic, I’m not sure if it will ever go out of style or fall apart.

Book: I love reading and Hemingway is my favorite author. Having a selection of some of his best work available is always nice. It’s great for a plane ride home or even just a lazy evening in your room.

Are you a soccer player or book lover like Noah? Let us know in the comments below. Be sure to check back Friday and meet Tiara.

Check out Noah’s Pinterest board to learn more about him and see his favorite AE styles.

Follow Noah:

Instagram: @deanparadise

Tumblr: Dean’s Paradise

AE Vintage Collegiate Collection: USC

AE Vintage Collegiate Collection: USC

We have College graduates from all over the country at American Eagle and want to showcase their style and love for their Alma Mater. Each week we will be featuring an AE employee modeling their favorite pieces from the AE Vintage Collegiate Collection. This week we have Elizabeth N., AE Women’s Sweaters Assistant Buyer Teammate and a graduate of University of Southern California, sporting the USC Vintage Raglan Popover. She shared one of her favorite memories with us from her college days.

“It is a senior tradition at USC that on the last Thursday of classes, all the seniors attempt to run through all 30+ fountains spread throughout campus. It’s a victory lap with all your friends to celebrate all the good times, the hard times, the loves, the heart breaks, the wins, the losses, and what’s to come. Fight on!”

Get your USC gear now or shop the rest of the AE Collegiate Collection.

Meet the People of #LiveYourLife

Meet the People of #LiveYourLife

Get to know some of the individuals we’re highlighting in our current 2012 Back to School campaign. They’re real people just like you who inspire us every day by taking what we make and making it their own. Want to be featured in an AE campaign like them? Find out more about the Live Your Life contest at