Meet the Dog: Oliver

Meet the Dog: Oliver

Introducing you to Oliver, one of the models for our new collection, American Beagle Outfitters. We asked his owner questions about Oliver so we could learn more about the spunky shih tzu starring in our campaign.

Dog Name: Oliver Fancy Scottfield

Dog Age: 1.5 years old

Dog Breed: Shih Tzu


Oliver looking ready for the sun in his shades and neon pink board shorts.

Why did you think your dog would be a good model for our newest line?

He loves fashion and showing up at the dog park in style!

Does your dog have any shameful secrets?

He often torments the cat that he can see out of the living room window periodically.

What’s your dog’s most embarrassing moments?

When he passes gas, he often hides his head under a pillow in shame.

What is your dog’s favorite outfit to wear?

His grey wool turtle neck sweater with an American flag on the back.

Would you recommend American Beagle Outfitters to other dogs?

Yes, we love the collection!

Is your dog single or attached?

Single for now, he is a ladies’ man though.

Ride in the car vs. Walk in the park?

Both, he loves to hang his head out of the window on road trips but lives for a stroll through the city.

Rope vs. Fetch?

Fetch, not even a question.

Favorite treat?

He loves to eat natural, so any treats with natural ingredients he loves. If there are preservatives he often shys away, summer is only a few months away after all.

Why did you pick this specific dog?

He looks almost identical to the peek-a-poo that I grew up with, her name was Samee Jo.


Oliver with the portrait of Samee Jo.

What was it like seeing him for the first time after you purchased the dog?

It was love at first sight. He cuddled on my lap the entire 2 hour drive home. For the first 2 days he refused to walk, he would only scoot on his belly.

Is the dog an only child?

For now, yes. He really wants a ginger shih tzu sister named Fancy (named after the Reba McIntyre song “Fancy”)

What words does he know?

“Bearhead” his nickname, “Lanai” what we call our outdoor patio, “Aunt Sis” what he calls my sister, “Outside” and “Where’s the Fly?” he immediately looks up at the ceiling/sky.

What tricks can he do?

Oliver and I take a ball on the floor and push it back and forth to each other with our noses.

Describe your dog’s personality in 5 words.


Who are your Oliver’s best friends? Any neighborhood animals?

Brody our neighbor dog and Oliver are best buds, they share a dog walker and hang out on the weekends, they are inseparable.

Where does your dog sleep?

At the foot of the bed. In the morning he crawls between us and gives us his morning kisses, this can go on for up to 30 minutes. And then, as soon as you say “outside?!” he leaps out of bed to the front door.

Is there anything your dog won’t do?

He will never leave our sight. We can be in the apartment or playing in the park, he always knows where we are.

Does your dog have any favorite TV shows?

Anything on DOGTV, a network through Direct TV. He watches it all day when his daddies are at work.

How would you describe your personal style?

Classic lines with pops of happy colors

What is your dog’s #AEOStyle?

Casual for day and hip for the evening. He prefers looks that can take him from a play date in the afternoon to walk downtown in the evening.

What do you think of your dog’s outfit?

It’s such a great sunny day look for him, he can’t wait for his LA trip later this month to debut his hot pink trunks by the pool.

Where would your dog wear American Beagle Outfitters?

He would wear it everywhere, on vacation, on walks, to the dog park, the Vet Appointments, to the bar (yes, there are dog friendly bars in NY)

What would be the perfect look for you to match your dog?

We would love to wear identical denim, tee and a bomber jacket, it’s both of our favorite looks.

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Project Live Your Life: Adria and Teren’s Winning T-Shirt Designs

Project Live Your Life: Adria and Teren’s Winning T-Shirt Designs

During Episode 2 of Project Live Your Life: San Francisco, AEO Senior Design Director Jaime K., challenged aspiring artists, Adria and Teren to reinvent the classic white T-shirt.

Adria and Teren spent countless hours (including pulling an all-nighter) sketching hundreds of designs that they envisioned to be an update to the everyday white t-shirt. Losing all that sleep didn’t matter to these two, as they were given an opportunity of a lifetime and wanted to give it their all.

In the end they put together six awesome t-shirts for you to vote on. Here are the two winning designs that will be produced and sold by us!

Women's Winning T-Shirt Design

Women’s Winning T-Shirt Design


Men's Winning T-Shirt Design

Men’s Winning T-Shirt Design

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#AEOSTYLE: NYFW Trendspotting

#AEOSTYLE: NYFW Trendspotting

New York Fashion Week has officially come to a close and we can’t stop thinking about all the great fashion trends that will be hitting this Fall. Until then, we’re obsessing over current Spring trends our Stylists, Preston and Lauren, spotted while attending the shows.

Trend: Denim Dressing

Denim dressing is everywhere… Denim on denim, denim patchwork, denim skirts, denim overalls – we just can’t get enough!

Preston in the

Preston in the Slim Jean and Knit Beanie.

Preston, Director of Styling at AEO, adds a pop of neon to his denim on denim look.

Get Preston’s Look:

Knit Beanie

Medium Denim Jacket

Slim Jean

Lauren, Manager of Styling at AEO, takes denim on denim to new heights in the Hi-Rise Jegging Crop.

Get Lauren’s Look:

Wild Beanie (similar)

Boyfriend Jean Jacket

Hi-Rise Jegging Crop

Freddy in the Dark Slim Jean.

Freddy in the Dark Slim Jean.

Freddy, Blogger at Blue Perk, looks classic in the Dark Slim Jean.

Get Freddy’s Look:

Slim Jean

Drew in the Skinny Jean and Chambray Shirt.

Drew in the Skinny Jean and Chambray Shirt.

Drew, Video and Film Director, keeps his look effortless in a chambray shirt and skinny jeans.

Get Drew’s Look:

Chambray Workwear Shirt

Skinny Jean

George in the Premium Slim and Trucker Jacket.

George in the Premium Slim Jean and Denim Jacket.

George, Photographer, layers up in our Denim Jacket and Premium Slim jeans.

Get George’s Look:

Medium Denim Jacket

Premium Slim Jean


Trend: Pastels

Nothing says Spring like soft hues of pink, blue and green. These looks are enough to drag us out of our winter slump and look forward to the brighter days of warm weather ahead.

Lauren in the AE Soft Pant.

Lauren in the AE Soft Pant.

Lauren pulls off a pastel look that is furry, soft and totally on trend.

Get Lauren’s Look:

Soft Pant

Cara in the Skinny Jean.

Cara in the Skinny Jean.

Cara, Blogger at A Fashion Love Affair, is ready to take on Spring in the Light Destroy Vintage Skinny Jean and pastel scarf.

Get Cara’s Look:

Skinny Jean


Check out what our friend, Joanna Coles of Cosmopolitan had to say about Denim Dressing and Pastels. Also, make sure to show us how you wear these trends with #AEOSTYLE on Instagram and Twitter for a chance to be featured on the blog.

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And the #AEOSTYLE Nominees are…

And the #AEOSTYLE Nominees are…

Get Grammy ready this weekend with #AEOSTYLE inspired by our favorite  nominated songs. Be sure to listen to our Grammy playlist as you read on so you know all the lyrics before Sunday rolls around.

"Young and Beautiful"

“Young and Beautiful”

Feel “Young and Beautiful” in this rocker chic look:

Feather Graphic Muscle Tank

Skinny Jean (black super stretch)

Studded Buckle Bootie



Ditch the “Suit and Tie”

Leave the “Suit and Tie” behind and catch a glimpse of yourself in a few “Mirrors” in this casual cool look:

Varsity Jacket

Solid Oxford Button Down

Slim Jean (black saturated)

Canvas Sneakers (denim color coming soon!)



Feeling “22”

Feel young, carefree and “22” in a flowy top and Western booties:

Printed Ruffle Sleeve Top

Hi-Rise Artist Jean (dark indigo)

Western Bootie



“Ain’t Messin Round'”

Show them you “Ain’t Messin Round'” when it comes to your #AEOSTYLE:

Denim Western Shirt

Premium Original Taper Jean

Clarks Pikko Alto (coming soon!)


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Aerie Friends & Family: Jocelyn L., Bright Pink Ambassador

Aerie Friends & Family: Jocelyn L., Bright Pink Ambassador

For the past few years, Aerie has been partnering with Bright Pink, a national non-profit organization focused on the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women. Meet Jocelyn L., a Bright Pink Ambassador from Chicago, IL. Read on to learn more about how Jocelyn got involved with the organization and why it is important for young women to be proactive with their health.

Meet Jocelyn, a member of Team Bright Pink

Meet Jocelyn, a member of Team Bright Pink

Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

My name is Jocelyn and I live in Chicago, Illinois. I am twenty nine years old and I work at a downtown Chicago firm as a fire protection engineer. In my free time I love knitting, running, and cooking with my husband Tim! We also love craft beer, and exploring all our great city has to offer.

How did you hear about/ get involved with Bright Pink?

My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 at the age of 27. At her gentle prodding, I finally began regularly seeing an OB/GYN who recommended I look into Bright Pink based on my family history. I put it on the back burner for awhile and then began to use it as a resource after my sister passed away, looking for information about my high risk. Because my sister was positive for the BRCA2 genetic mutation, I eventually met with a genetics counselor and was tested myself. After testing positive, I underwent the regimen of increased screening, and ultimately had a prophylactic double mastectomy in 2012. I remember distinctly after finding out I was BRCA2 positive, looking for people like me–people who didn’t have cancer, but those who were still at high risk. It’s a group that is very much a middle ground, people who are aware of their risk and what it means, but with the time and knowledge to do something about it. I was hungry for information during that time, and Bright Pink was a great resource for me.

Who has been the most important influence in your life?

My sister has been the most influential person of my life. I always looked up to my big sister growing up and as an adult valued her advice and opinions above all. Seeing her struggle with breast cancer, and ultimately succumbing to the disease in 2011 was the push I needed to become more involved in Bright Pink and to truly take care of myself. I would be foolish to see how serious the disease is and see her life cut short and not learn lessons from her experience. She’s still with me every day helping me navigate through life. I miss being able to talk to her, but I know she would be proud of my decisions.

Why is it important for girls/women to become educated in breast/ovarian health?

I think it’s important because it’s our bodies, and no one knows them like us. If we don’t take control then we passively wait to see what happens. Growing up when women in my family were diagnosed with breast cancer, I always imagined that it was something I would deal with in old age. But my sister’s diagnosis at a young age and its aggressiveness really shocked me. Not everyone’s case is so extreme, but it’s possible, and women can’t just put their breast/ovarian health in a box and wait to unpack in it their 40s, when they’re done having children, or when they have time. Cancer doesn’t wait until it’s convenient for you. It may never come, but accepting the possibility that it may come is what goes along with being a high-risk woman. There’s a lot of information out there, and it’s up to everyone to read between the lines and find out what’s best for them and their bodies.

What inspires you in everyday life?

The memory of my sister, and knowing that undergoing the mastectomy has made me proactive instead of waiting to be a victim. If I had to see my sister undergo what she did, and then do nothing to prevent it from happening to me, it would be wasteful. I feel like the gift of knowledge that my sister gave me through this experience is the greatest gift I could ever receive. Seeing strong women empowered in the face of adversity is inspiring to me.

What do you love about Bright Pink?

I love that Bright Pink networks you with real people, not just people in glossy pamphlets. I have participated in the Pink Pal program and spoken with a woman who was in my exact situation and could lend her experiences. I love that the outreach programs are fun and conducive to real discussions about the unique problems high risk women face. The women I meet there are a wealth of information, and they make me feel normal navigating my path. We can discuss anything. I love that there are also educational programs with experts who I feel I can ask anything. Bright Pink’s focus on knowledge and empowerment is the message I needed and I hope can continue to share.

How can girls/women get involved with Bright Pink?

All sorts of ways! Women can attend an outreach program, use the website as an informational resource, participate in the Pink Pal program, volunteer at events, or participate in fundraising activities. Last year I ran the Chicago Marathon (my first!) for Team Bright Pink, raising money for the organization and training with the team. This year I plan to run the Chicago Half Marathon with Team Bright Pink as well.


Bright Pink’s message is about the importance of taking a proactive approach to your health and they offer an interactive online quiz that combines your family health history and lifestyle factors to create a personalized risk assessment for you to save, print, and bring to your doctor to craft a proactive breast and ovarian health strategy unique to you!  Check out Bright Pink’s Assess Your Risk tool and check back for more updates on our partnership.

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