Aerie Girls Review The Real Me Collection

Real Me. Real AMAZING! We asked some of the #AerieREAL girls around the office to try our new Real Me Bras and let us know their thoughts about our new collection. Read on to see what they had to say about our new bras, undies and leggings with second-skin softness!Aerie Girls Review The Real Me Collection

Aerie Girls Review The Real Me Collection

Cheyenne, AEO Receptionist, loved the super soft feel of the Real Me collection: “All of the pieces felt like a second skin – they were super smooth    and felt barely there. I loved that I still felt fully supported without feeling constrained.  The pretty details were definitely a plus, and kept me feeling confident.”

Aerie Girls Review The Real Me Collection

Aerie Girls Review The Real Me Collection

Andrea, Aerie Associate Merchant, was willing to trade in her everyday sports bras for the Real Me Full Coverage Unlined Bra. “I typically wear sports bras or bralettes, but I love how this unlined bra feels when I’m wearing it! It also is great to layer with. I love how the band smooths my sides, and really like how the cute star detail occasionally peeks out.”

Aerie Girls Review The Real Me Collection

Aerie Girls Review The Real Me Collection

Olivia, Investor Relations Executive Assistant, is loving the lightly lined style. “My favorite was the Real Me Lightly Lined! Honestly, I wore them all for a week off and on! They were amazing!!! I felt free, comfortable and excited. The worst thing in the world is to have a bra that is uncomfortable and I literally forgot I had these on when I was wearing them. SOOO extremely comfortable.”

Aerie Girls Review The Real Me Collection

Aerie Girls Review The Real Me Collection

Melanie, Photo Studio Sample Coordinator, loved that the bras felt made for her. “I love the natural feel of the Real Me Bras. With a larger chest, wearing an unlined bra that still gives you so much support is amazing, making you feel confident in your own body!”


While Andrea liked the Real Me Full Coverage Unlined Bra, she LOVED the Real Me Bralette: “SO comfortable. Perfect for layering—I love how I can wear this with my favorite T and have nothing show thru. I usually wear sports bras, but I think this bralette is a little more feminine than a regular sports bra!  While I don’t need a lot of support, I love how this bralette really hugs me. It moves with me, so it really feels like I’m not wearing anything. Love that I can find a better shade of nude for my skin tone.”

To sum it up, Olivia gave the collection her official 11 out of 10 rating: “They all morphed to fit my body, which is the best thing I can ask for; comfort is key and these were definitely an 11 on a 10 point scale.”

Hope you’re loving our new collection as much as these #AerieREAL girls! Comment below and tell us what your fave styles are.







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#AerieREAL Girls Stick Together

60% of women feel some sort of negative emotion when trying on bras in fitting rooms. We want to change that! The fitting room should be a place where you feel good about yourself from the inside out. Because YOU should feel amazing. YOU should feel confident. YOU should feel worthy.

We’re launching a new campaign today to encourage all girls to feel good…. because #AerieREAL girls stick together! Watch Iskra share the love and read on to find out how YOU can get involved.


What to do:

  • Head to your local Aerie store
  • Grab a sticky note in the fitting room and write your positive vibes#AerieREAL Girls Stick Together
  • Focus your note on REAL, inner beauty—strength, intelligence and beauty within. Go beyond physical compliments: You ARE amazing! vs. You LOOK amazing.

#AerieREAL Girls Stick Together

  • Stick it on the wall in the fitting room to empower girls to come
  • Share the #AerieREAL love! Get digital and share your message (or a message you found) with others using #AerieREAL for a chance to be featured on @Aerie!#AerieREAL Girls Stick Together

We love the REAL you!


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#AerieREAL Love From Iskra: Real Me Collection

Hi Aerie girls,

If you haven’t seen the stunning new Aerie Real Me collection, you HAVE to check it out. I’ve been so excited for you to see the all new collection of bras and bralettes in the softest fabric ever, most stretchy yet supportive fits and in the most beautiful array of skin colour tones and shades.

It’s what we’ve always wanted and more!

So I wanted to make a quick video to tell you about my fave real me bra from the new collection.

I can’t wait for you to feel the fabrics, enjoy trying all the new shades against your unique skin and celebrate being the real you in Real Me. 🙂

I’d love to see your #AerieREAL pics and get your feedback on the new collection on social. Be sure to share with #AerieREAL or tag us @aerie.

Sending you all loads of love,

Iskra xoxo

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#AerieREAL Is Heading Back On The Road!

Popping up at a school near you this fall: our NEW Real Me Collection, freebies & fun times! We’re kicking off the next round of the #AerieREAL Pop-Up Tour next week and bringing lots of love to 8 campuses across the country:

9.6-9.7: University of Wisconsin – Madison

9.11-9.12: University of Cincinnati

9.14-9.15: The Ohio State University 

9.18-9.19: University of Pittsburgh & Carnegie Mellon University

9.21-9.22: Rutgers University 

9.25-9.26: University of Connecticut 

10.2-10.3: James Madison University 

10.5-10.6: University of Maryland 

Be one of the 50 people to come see us each day, and you’ll get a FREE Real Me Unlined or Lightly Lined Bra with any purchase! You’ll also get to meet #AerieREAL role model, Iskra, at select stops. Read on and find out about more fun happening on our tour!

With any purchase at any stop, you can make your own succulent planters with pretty rose gold or metallic planters. The DIY continues with custom FRAMEWORK pouches that you can make your own with stencil paints. We’ll be giving away free pouches at every stop!

Sign up or use AEO Connected™, and take 40% off your ENTIRE purchase at all stops! Make sure you bring the plastic– all stops are cards only, no cash. Work up an appetite and snack on BoomChickaPop while you shop!

As always… we’ll be waiting with #AerieREAL inspo & REAL fun times. Can’t wait to see you soon! 


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School days = Aerie days. Need a little inspiration for your first week? Here’s 5 looks to start your year right!


On your first day, you want something comfy and casual, but still put together. New bodysuits, bralettes and booties do all that and more!




PJ pants that you can wear out… need we say more? If you’re running from class to work or an internship, this look is ready for anything.




You may be wishing for fall, but summer style is still in. A lightweight dress with a cozy sweater makes the transition easy.




For the mornings after the nights you stayed up too late studying, you need something extra comfy and casual. Throw on our fave new Street Sweatshirt and Chill. Play. Move.™ Leggings and go!




Our stylist is all about all the ways to wear the little black legging. Make them classy with a gold necklace and rose gold bag, and pull it all together with a new poncho.


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How To: Bullet Journaling

Get organized and get planning! We talked to our very own organization pro, Web Designer, Ana, on how she got involved in the bullet journaling trend. From class to work to groceries to packing — this new way of planning is more popular than ever! Whether you love list-making, doodling, planning, organizing or just keeping a journal, this fun activity combines them all. Read on to see why Ana loves bullet journaling and how you can get started.

1. How did you first get started in bullet journaling?

Ever since I could remember, I have been writing lists like it’s my day job. When I’m bored, I write lists about anything and everything, for example, last week I literally made one titled “hottest guys” like I’m in middle school or something. When I came upon this trend 2 years ago, I knew it would be perfect for me. I am the kind of person to start one of those yearly planners every January and not even last till February. Now I have been using this system for over a year and couldn’t imagine my life without it, I promise it’s worth all the hype!

2. What do you love most about this new note-taking trend?

The way it makes me feel: organized, accomplished and put together, even when my surrounding world sometimes isn’t. Having somewhere to put all of my thoughts/tasks and do it my own way is very calming to me. Like a journal for a writer, it’s an outlet where I can let out my creativity.

3. What makes bullet journaling stand out from traditional journaling and sketching?

With bullet journaling, you get to personalize the experience to fit your style and needs. You start out with the basic system and make it your own with your special interests, schedules, thoughts, etc. Stripping away guidelines completely… no more needing to squeeze all of your daily activities in a box someone else has made for you. Looking at the bigger picture, it is almost freeing your mind from the ideals of others and giving you space to take on your own.

4. Do you have any tips for those who want to start bullet journaling?

Use the original system Ryder Carroll has created. You can find his tutorial video on You will find all sorts of inspiration on Pinterest/YouTube/Instagram and it may stress you out at first. What helped me get into it was to start with the basic template and expand from there. Helping you take on this new organizational concept one step at a time. This system’s simplicity will change your life, I swear!


  • A bullet journal
  • A set of colorful pens
  • Stickers
  • A ruler
  • Sticky notes
  • Scissors


    • Create a key. Pick symbols to keep track of events, tasks, or notes.
    • Forming a yearly calendar makes it easy to remember birthdays, holidays or special events!
    • Start it off! Create a page that begins your upcoming month or week.

    • Plan out your week. Starting day by day, work out a daily format that works best for your schedule!
    • Use the sticky notes to add special lists like grocery lists, things to pack and more.
    • Add stickers and fun doodles to create a fun and interactive touch!

  • Get creative! Use the bullet journal for recipe keeping, self love tracking and more.
  • Try new ways to keep track of your tasks and organize your life.
  • Have fun!

Would you try bullet journaling? Share and comment below! For more DIY ideas click here.