Real Talk – Why You Need A Multi-Way Bra

Join Katelin, Aerie’s Associate Manager of Business Strategies, and Jenny, our Fit and Style Expert, as they explore the Multi-Way Bra! This bra is a must in every girl’s wardrobe. Perfect for your strapless, one-shoulder, or halter dresses and tanks!

If you have any style or fit questions for Jenny, email her at! We’ll be answering your questions weekly on the blog! Be sure to check out Mia and our other Strapless & Multi-Ways in our Bra Guide here!



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What Does #AerieREAL Mean To You?

What does #AerieREAL mean to you? Since the launch of our campaign: “No supermodels. No retouching. The real you is sexy.” we’ve been listening to your answer. Whether it’s the 42,000 tweets that celebrate body confidence and what Aerie REAL means to you or the 9,000 Instagram photos where our community has shared their “no retouching” moments” we have felt the support and positive response for women everywhere to feel comfortable in their own skin…not retouched.

We feature your Aerie REAL stories and moments everyday on, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram! Today we are featuring 4 girls that truly wowed us with their confidence, drive, and empowering stories.


Meet Julia, Amy, Cecilie, and Shanni!

The girls were brought to our headquarters for the ultimate Aerie experience: a tour of our lab store, a meeting with Aerie’s Chief Merchandising Offer and Director of Brand Voice, a $200 shopping spree, a private consultation with our Fit and Style Expert, Jenny Altman, and more!


Watch the video above and read on to check our their personal style and read their stories that inspired us and that we hope inspire others.

P.S. The girls in these images below have not been retouched.


What Does #AerieREAL Mean To You?

“Being real is accepting your flaws and all. This is something I have struggled with my whole life. Whether it being my height, hips, thunder thighs, and unruly hair. I’ve learned over the years that insecurities are not flaws, but strengths. They make you unique and tell a story. My thunder thighs help me kick butt in sports and show the hard work and early morning training I’ve pushed myself through. My height has made me stretch – literally and figuratively. (Being 5 foot, me and top shelves aren’t exactly best of friends.) It gives me enjoyment when I see the perplexed faces of people who underestimate me because of my size. My hips, that don’t like, show my heritage and make me proud of where my family came from. My unruly crazy curly hair shows me life is unpredictable and beautiful. It’s my trademark no matter how hard I try to change it. I’m better off rocking it and accepting it. No one is perfect, no matter how hard we try to mask it. Our flaws tell a story that we should embrace. It makes us unique. Embrace your flaws. Share your story and be real because imperfections are a beauty to be seen. #AerieREAL – Amy


Shop: Three Tassel Necklace | Aerie Striped Cover Up (In Store)




SHANNI_18971Show me someone who’s got no baggage, and I’ll show you someone who’s got no story.” This is a line by my favorite musician, George Watsky. I was always a storyteller; in elementary school I would be asked to give shorter answers with less detail. But now is time to tell my story. I am not normal. I never have been. But my differences make me shine. I am an author; when I was in high school I wrote a book about quantum physics with my father while still studying for history tests and stressing over term papers. I am a feminist; I teach my little sisters that they are equal to their male peers and talk to my friends about rape culture. I am a nerd; I hold Doctor Who marathons, have books spread all over my floor, and spend hours playing computer games. I am a fighter; I have spent the past year fighting my eating disorder and spreading awareness about mental illness. I have baggage, stretch marks, scars, stories, and my purple hair. I am a girl, a sister, a daughter, a feminist, a fighter, a nerd, an author, a storyteller. But most importantly, I am real. Aerie Real.” – Shanni


Shop: Dolman Open Knit Sweater | Silky Pants (In Store)



Growing up, my family members would always call me Cindy Crawford because of the birthmark I have on my face. To others, no one really understood why it was there, why it was so big, and would actually give me home remedies to get rid of the mole. I used to dream of getting it removed and would find a way to hide it in public. Once I got to college, everything changed because everyone told me how unique I looked and to embrace what gifts I’ve been given. I love me and my birthmark and we’re not going anywhere! I still get the occasional stares, double takes, and comments, but that doesn’t stop me from keeping it real. I want to show people around the world that it isn’t a bad thing to have an unusual mark on your skin. Everything about you is beautiful and shouldn’t try to hide it like I used to. Embrace it! – Cecilie

julia2JULIA_18326This is Julia, she’s my cousin, my roommate, and my friend. And on top of being all those things she’s talented, driven, and passionate about her dreams. She recently just took a trip through school to Italy for a photography excursion, which is one of her passions that I always find myself in awe after seeing what she creates because they are always so beautiful. I think she knows that she’s good at it because she is so passionate about it. But what I don’t think she ever knows enough is how beautiful she is inside and out, and that is why I am doing this (also because her whole closet is Aerie and I may or may not like to borrow her clothes from time to time. :))  But like I said, Julia is a beautiful girl and I don’t think she quite knows that or embraces that with confidence and that is why I am submitting this little story about her because she would never do it herself. Julia may not find herself to be perfect, but what I see in her is more than what she sees in herself I often think. And that is why I support your #AerieREAL campaign and its aim in promoting natural beauty rather than the unrealistic body images that too many of our girls idealize. Like this photo captures my thrilling Julia’s beauty, free spirit, and zest for life, I think it also has the ability to capture her complete confidence with herself in this moment just as #AerieREAL should do with all women. – Julia was nominated by her cousin, Katelyn


Congrats once again girls!

What makes YOU Aerie REAL? Tell us with #AerieREAL on Twitter or write us at



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It’s Here! Aerie’s New Store Design

What goes under your AEO? Aerie, of course! With our new easy to shop, customer focused, and freshly designed store, you’ll find it has never been easier to shop for intimates.

We sat down with Hannah B., Aerie’s Marketing Coordinator, and one of the many minds behind the new store design and asked her to give us a behind-the-scenes look at new Aerie stores.


Aerie: What can the Aerie girl expect from the new store design? How is it different?

Hannah: It was designed with her in mind. The new stores are located next to or inside AEO stores to create an easier experience while shopping between brands. That way she can outfit herself from head-to-toe in one stop! The entire store is focused around the ideal shopping experience for our girl. She’ll love the ease of our new undie and bra fixtures!


Aerie: Personally, what is your favorite part of the new store design?

Hannah: I have two! First, the undie cage fixture is SO pretty! It’s front and center and grabs your eye the moment you enter the store. It’s shoppable from every angle, featuring wide, lit drawers that makes finding your favorite Aerie undies a breeze.  And, I can’t forget to mention the chandelier lights that hang down from the center! They make quite the glamorous showcase for our undies.

I also love the new concierge area that truly adds a personalized experience when shopping at Aerie. Since the fitting rooms are incorporated in this area, our Bra Experts are always close at hand to offer assistance. What I love most is that they’ll even bring you your own tray of personally recommended bras and place them on the table outside of your fitting room. Whenever you’re ready to try a new one, there they are! It’s a private, yet intimate, personalized experience.


Aerie: Okay, well we are now on the edge of our seats. We want to go bra shopping NOW! Where can our girl find one of these amazing new Aerie stores?

Hannah: 11 stores have already hit the US with 10 more opening this year. We’re also going GLOBAL! The design made its debut in our Israel store this past spring. Girls can also shop the new store design in Ontario, Quebec, China, Mexico, Columbia, and soon, the UK.

Thanks for the sneak peek Hannah! We can’t wait to shop!

So let’s hear it! Who has shopped the Aerie store design? Or, what feature are you excited about? Tell us below!



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What To Wear: Cinema Style

Our favorite summer blockbusters have been hitting the big screen. Whether you’re headed indoors to your local theater or hitting the drive-in, we’ve got the perfect movie line-up AND cozy outfit for your cinema savvy #OOTD.

Our Ultimate Summer Movie Must-See List and #OOTD

Here’s on our must-see list. What’s on yours? Tell us below!

1. The Fault in Our Stars – We can’t wait to see Shailene back on the big screen after Divergent. Don’t forget your tissues and your #BFF!

2. The Edge of Tomorrow – Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise are fantastic! Great and surprising plot twists!

3.  22 Jump Street – We feel like the luckiest girls on earth to have this sequel. Jonah and Channing, marry us?

4.  X-Men: Days of Future Past – With this star-studded cast and action-packed saga, you can’t go wrong!

5. Neighbors – Zach and Dave, we wouldn’t mind being your neighbor!

6. How to Train Your Dragon 2 – Because we still really want Toothless to be our pet dragon. That would be normal in an office…right?

7. Chef – Charming and funny! Perfect for a night with friends or a date!

Now that you have your movie picked, it’s time to grab your girlfriends, (or that cutie at work) and pass the popcorn. We know you want to look your best, but for those three-hour movies…comfort is key! Read on below for our perfect movie look!

Our Ultimate Summer Movie Must-See List and #OOTD

The foundation of our #OOTD begins with our Softest Lace Perky Bralette. This adds a “pop” of color, a touch of support, and serves as the perfect layer for our Eyelet Tank. We paired the tank with one of our flirty new arrivals, our Floral Mini Skirt. (In stores soon!) To avoid undie lines, we completed our look with our new, favorite Mini Cheeky.

Our Ultimate Summer Movie Must-See List and #OOTD

Style Tip: Don’t forget a cover-up or sweater for cooler theaters or dropping temperatures. Our go-to? Wrap a simple button down shirt around your waist JUST in case. Our Ultimate Summer Movie Must-See List and #OOTD

What’s your must-have movie necessity? For more styled summer looks, check out our new lookbooks at!

That’s a wrap!



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Aerie Beach Waves and Make Up Tutorial

Summer is officially here and with it comes barbecues, weddings, festivals, beach days, and more! Our go-to look for these special occasions and well, every summer day is quick, easy, and naturally beautiful. Read on to learn how to create the perfect beach wave and apply dewy summer make-up like a pro!

Aerie Beach Waves and Make Up Tutorial

Meet Rachelle! She just arrived in the Aerie studio and needs a quick hair touch-up before she starts the day!

What you’ll need: 
Foundation (With SPF is a bonus!) 
Light Pink or Coral Lip Gloss 
Light Brown Eyebrow Pencil 
Your Favorite Beige and Brown Shimmery Eye Shadow 
Curling Wand – 1 Inch Barrel 

Aerie Beach Waves and Make Up Tutorial

Rachelle’s “before” look. With her natural beauty, our make-up artist keeps the make-up light with rosy blushes and coral lip gloss.

Aerie Beach Waves and Make Up Tutorial

Tip: Bold brows are in! Fill in your brows for a fuller look and never use a black pencil. Less is more.

Aerie Beach Waves and Make Up Tutorial

Next, apply a light layer of shimmery eye shadow to brighten tired morning eyes.

Aerie Beach Waves and Make Up Tutorial

Add a bit of color! We went for a bit of a warmer, rusty brown.

Aerie Beach Waves and Make Up Tutorial

Next, curl your lashes and add 1 coat of brown or black mascara.

Aerie Beach Waves and Make Up Tutorial

Sabrina R., Aerie’s Hair and Make-up Artist adds a bit of foundation that matches Rachelle’s skin tone.

Aerie Beach Waves and Make Up Tutorial

Aerie Beach Waves and Make Up Tutorial

With a large round brush try a peachy, warm blush for a natural glow!

Aerie Beach Waves and Make Up Tutorial

Complete the look with a light pink lip! We went with gloss.

Aerie Beach Waves and Make Up Tutorial

Beautiful! Next, let’s get those beachy waves!

Aerie Beach Waves and Make Up Tutorial

First step, shake out that mane!

Aerie Beach Waves and Make Up Tutorial

Divide your hair into two parts. Then, take 1 inch wide sections to place around your curling wand.

Aerie Beach Waves and Make Up Tutorial

Wrap the hair around your wand and hold. Depending on your hair type…don’t hold for too long!

Aerie Beach Waves and Make Up Tutorial

Aerie Beach Waves and Make Up Tutorial

Watch the complete tutorial below!



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Aerie’s Summer Neon Nail Trends

Mani Monday - Summer Neon Nail Trends

Aerie’s summer nail polish line is popping into stores now!

Neons are here! Inspired by our vacation to Tulum, Mexico for our summer photoshoot, our team created a set of nail polishes to shake up your summer days. These neon brights are the basis of our summer collection and a trend that pairs perfectly with your new bikini! Shop your favorites in store now!

Mani Monday - Summer Neon Nail Trends

Our first Mani is in Sea Foam Green. We added a bit of sparkle to our ring finger for a more elegant finish. Nail Tip: To mix-up the polish and to remove air bubbles, roll the bottle between your palms. It’s better than shaking!

Mani Monday - Summer Neon Nail Trends

Add a lil’ sunshine into your busy schedule with two quick coats of Orange Fizz and Yellow Neon Dreams. This electric duo is sure to make a statement!

We want to see how you are rocking neons this summer! Show us your mani with #AerieREAL and we’ll share our favorites!



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