How to Style a One-Piece Swimsuit

The One-Piece swimsuit isn’t for the timid. Between the bold prints, fun cut-outs, crisscross backs and crochet details, we’re clearly not afraid of a challenge.

Jessica from The Steele Maiden styles her favorite Cross-Back One-Piece by pairing it with our Beach Tank and Short.

How to Style a One-Piece Swimsuit

What Inspired Jessica’s Look:
“My motto for the beach is casual and comfortable.. but still cute!  I loved the relaxed fit on these breezy shorts and this sweater tank is so easy to throw on, plus it was easily dressed up with jeans and heels to head out to dinner later that night. And I can’t get enough of Summer hats like this straw fedora – stylish and practical, it’s a win win.”

How to Style a One-Piece Swimsuit How to Style a One-Piece Swimsuit

Get Jessica’s Look: Cross-Back One-Piece Swimsuit | Beach Tank | Beach Short | Panama Hat (Similar) | AEO Half Frame Icon Sunglasses (Similar)

How to Style a One-Piece Swimsuit

“I’ve been dying to try a one piece suit this Summer and this floral one-piece didn’t disappoint! The cut was so flattering and the lace-up back detail really makes it standout from the crowd.”How to Style a One-Piece Swimsuit How to Style a One-Piece Swimsuit How to Style a One-Piece Swimsuit How to Style a One-Piece Swimsuit How to Style a One-Piece Swimsuit How to Style a One-Piece Swimsuit

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DIY Brightening Face Mask

We’re back with another post from CHAARG (Changing Health, Attitudes & Actions to Recreate Girls). To help you make this summer your happiest and healthiest yet, CHAARG girl Morgan brings you this DIY face mask that we wish we could eat for breakfast, too! Stay tuned for more fun health and workout tips.


At CHAARG, we are firm believers in treating yourself! Whether it’s a pint of ice cream or a mani-pedi spa day, it’s important to take time for YOU. So for those summer nights when you want to sit in your PJs and pamper yourself, we have just the treat: DIY Brightening Face Mask!

Spa products can be super expensive (and not to mention, full of unnatural chemicals and additives), so we’re fans of making our masks at home with natural ingredients so you know exactly what’s going into them. Chances are, you have most of the ingredients on hand!

Being out in the summer sun can hurt your skin, so this exfoliating and brightening face mask will help hydrate your face and rub away dead skin, leaving your face feeling brighter, glowing and gorgeous—just like you!


1 cup plain Greek yogurt

¼ cup rolled oats*

¼ cup brown sugar**

1 TBSP honey*** (melted)

1 TBSP coconut oil (melted)

1 small- to medium-sized Mason jar for storage

*For more of a healing mask, add in extra oats to soothe your skin.

**For more of a scrubbing mask, add more sugar to the mixture.

***For best results, use raw honey.

DIY Brightening Face Mask


All of the ingredients in this face mask have amazing skin benefits!

Greek yogurt—moisturizer/skin brightener

Greek yogurt works well with dry, sensitive skin and is perfect for scrubbing away dead skin cells. It also fights against acne.


The oats act as a revitalizing agent that, like Greek yogurt, treats acne. Although the oats themselves don’t lubricate the skin, when paired with a moisturizer, they help your skin retain moisture and give it pretty, glowing shine.

Brown Sugar—exfoliant

You’ve probably seen sugar scrubs at every spa and beauty supply store you’ve been to, and for good reason. Sugar is the best scrub for your face, and when applied to the skin, it reacts with the upper layer of the epidermis, exposing live skin cells and allowing your skin to become even more moisturized.

Honey—healing agent

Not only does honey taste great, but it helps you get glowing skin for the summer. It has natural healing properties, and like oats, it helps the skin retain moisture, allowing your skin to feel suppler. Because honey absorbs impurities from pores on the skin, it can also be used as a part of an acne regimen.

Coconut oil—moisturizer

Coconut oil works as a moisturizer, and when combined with an exfoliating agent like the brown sugar, it scrapes off excess dead skin and cleans out blocked pores.


The great thing about this recipe is that it’s super quick. All you need is a food processor (or a blender), which means easy cleanup too!

1] Combine all ingredients in a food processor and blend until the mixture is smooth/creamy.

2] Spoon into a mason jar. The mixture can be stored in the fridge for as long as the date on the Greek yogurt is good!

3] Using your hands (get ready to get messy!), begin spreading the mixture across your face. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes.

4] Using warm water on a washcloth, begin scrubbing the mixture off your face, moving your hands in a circular motion to wipe the mixture off.

5] Hello, beautiful skin!

Let us know what you think of the face mask by tagging us on Instagram @CHAARG with the hashtag #inCHAARG. And remember to take care of your skin this summer, girls!

DIY Brightening Face MaskDIY Brightening Face Mask


We believe that working out can (and should!) be fun. We’re an organization of 2,500+ girls at more than 24 universities that encourages college-aged girls to find their fit, whether it’s yoga, CrossFit or anything in between.

You don’t need to be a marathon runner or a weight lifting champion to join—it’s all about finding what works for you. That’s the beauty of CHAARG. We’re a group of real girls with a passion for leading happy, healthy lives.

Sound like you? Learn more about us, check out and find us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


Morgan Simpson is a CHAARG blogger from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She spends her free time cooking, kickboxing and playing with her black lab pup, Cabela. You’ll find her snapping pictures of anything/everything she eats.


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How to Style: a Beach Kimono

A bold beach coverup is always a good idea and the Aerie Beach Kimono is nothing short of genius. Not to mention, its fun floral print and fringe trim will compliment your solid Aerie Swim perfectly.

Katie from Little Black Blog hits the beach in her favorite Perky Triangle Wrap Bikini and Beach Kimono during her stay-cation in the Windy City.

How to Style: a Beach Kimono

Meet Katie:
“I’m Katie, the twenty-something behind the Chicago based personal style and beauty blog, Little Black Blog. I started my blog over four years ago as a creative outlet to express my love for fashion and graphic design. Since then, it’s evolved to become so much more and led me to meet other creative and inspiring women.”

How to Style: a Beach Kimono

How to Style: a Beach Kimono

What Inspired Katie’s Look:
“Sometimes a stay cation is the perfect little get away while living in the Windy City. I took a weekend stay downtown and escaped away to the North Avenue beach around the Lincoln Park area of Chicago. There is nothing more relaxing then sitting by a calm Lake Michigan, grabbing a cute pair of sunnies, packing my straw beach bag with a good book, and of course, mixing up my beach style with an amazing Aerie bikini.”

How to Style: a Beach Kimono

“I loved the fun zig-zag wrap top and the cute bottoms with cut outs. The best part about a solid color swim suit is I can go back to Aerie and purchase more bright tops or bottoms to mix and match my style. Sometimes too many options to pick from is a good thing!”

How to Style: a Beach Kimono “This bold beach kimono is the perfect coverup for a day at the beach or for a music filled weekend paired with the festival shortie. In Chicago, we love our music festivals in the park. A cute pair of high-waisted shorts that can double as a beach and festival essential are in a win in my book – but then again anything from Aerie is always a win. :)”
How to Style: a Beach Kimono

Get Katie’s Look: Perky Triangle Wrap Bikini Top | Beach Kimono | Hi-Rise Festival Shortie Striped Tote |  Floppy Hat (Similar)

How to Style: a Beach Kimono How to Style: a Beach Kimono

How to Style: a Beach Kimono

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Memorial Day Style with the Aerie Romper

We have no doubt that the Aerie Romper will be your go-to beach cover up this summer! With Memorial Day, just around the corner, this crisp white one-piece will pair perfectly with your favorite Aerie Swim.

Luisa from Peaches to Pearls styles the romper with her Brooke Bikini and Embroidered Tote for the perfect beach-ready #OOTD!

How To Style A Romper Meet Luisa:
Originally from the beautiful beaches of Destin, Florida, Luisa from Peaches to Pearls is a beach girl at heart. Currently living in Atlanta, Georgia, she is finishing up her Master’s in Clinical Nutrition. Luisa incorporates her passion for food and fashion by sharing affordable places to dine and shop in Atlanta. Luisa describes her style as “simply chic” and says she loves finding a good deal on designer clothing.

How To Style A Romper

What Inspired Luisa’s Look:
“Inspired by the kick-off to summer, Memorial Day, I absolutely love this chic, dainty romper for the beach. Paired with some cute AE sunnies, beach hat and beach bag – this look is perfect for summer 2015. And no outfit is complete with some delicious ice cream on the beach!”

How To Style A Romper How To Style A Romper

Get Luisa’s Look:  Aerie Romper | Brooke Bikini Top |Crocheted Hipster Bikini Bottom | Embroidered Tote | Floppy Hat (Similar) | AEO Half Frame Icon Sunglasses

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Photos by Piper Williams

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National Straw Hat Day

If you’re anything like us, you’re hat obsessed. So when National Straw Hat Day rolls around, we go big.

If you’re going for a classic look, the Panama Hat is both crisp and clean.  And if you’re more of a free-spirit, our Floppy Hat will mesh perfectly with your bohemian vibe. Either way, we’ve got you covered!

Blogger Alison from Ally Cog shares our love for all things hats by pairing one of our favorite styles with #AerieSWIM.

National Straw Hat Day with Blogger Ally Cog

What Inspired Alison’s Look: 
“I always prefer to keep things simple. By pairing slouchy boyfriend shorts with a knit tank I’m able to be comfortable and still feel cute. I also love that it lets the swimsuit be the statement piece! The color is bold, the crochet detail makes it anything but basic and the back gives it a hint of sexiness. And the hat totally ties everything together.”National Straw Hat Day with Blogger Ally Cog National Straw Hat Day with Blogger Ally Cog                      Get Alison’s Look: Panama Hat Beach Tank | Crochet One-Piece | AEO Denim Rolled Boy Midi
National Straw Hat Day with Blogger Ally Cog National Straw Hat Day with Blogger Ally Cog National Straw Hat Day with Blogger Ally Cog

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Mix & Match Swim with The Blondielocks

If you’re looking to mix things this up this summer, Aerie Swim has you covered! With bold mixes and bright matches, you’re sure to find the winning combination.

Kaylee from The Blondielocks shows us that bolder is always better with her favorite Holly Bikini Top and Wide Band Bikini BottomMix & Match Swim with The BlondielocksMeet Kaylee: 
Kaylee Giffin is the editor behind the lifestyle blog The Blondielocks. Since 2013 The Blondielocks has been a destination for all things fashion, food, home, beauty & DIY. The main goal of her blog is to inspire readers to “curate a life that is juuust right.”

Mix & Match Swim with The Blondielocks

What Inspired Kaylee’s Look:
“Growing up on the East Coast of Canada my summers are spent very close to the ocean. There is nothing I love more than laying out on the sand in a cute bikini with salt swept hair watching the waves crash at the shore. Aerie makes heading to the beach in style this summer so easy for me. Mixing and matching my bikini is a must as not only do I have a unique look when I’m at the beach but I also get so many more bikini options!

I love the neon green color of these bottoms and especially love the thicker band on the sides that allows my bottom half to feel secure, while the scalloped detailing on that back makes me feel super feminine. The bright blue bustier style top is the perfect compliment to the neon hue, and I love the texture that the crochet detailing lends to the whole suit.”

Mix & Match Swim with The Blondielocks

Get Kaylee’s Look: Holly Bikini Top | Wide Band Bikini | Printed Beach Maxi | Floppy Hat
Mix & Match Swim with The Blondielocks

“Using this chevron print maxi dress and sun hat as a cover-up is also a no-brainer for me when I want to hide from the suns rays. I also love that I can throw on this maxi dress and hat over my bikini and head anywhere I want in style when I am finished at the beach. Roof top BBQ anyone?” Mix & Match Swim with The Blondielocks Show us your favorite Aerie Swim with #AerieREAL or #AerieSWIM on Instagram and Twitter for a chance to be featured on our Style Gallery! xo

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