Earth Day: DIY

Reuse, Reduce and Recycle your #AEOStyle! To celebrate Earth Day, we spoke to Sr. Stylist, Coco Yokoyama, about her tips and tricks for turning her old AEO gear into something new. Check out her step by step guide for repurposing a pair of denim with an old scarf. The best part about this project — it’s only five easy, earth-friendly steps!


Materials You’ll Need:

  • Pair denim pants
  • Scissors
  • Fusible fabric tape
  • Scarf or other fabric
  • Tape measure
  • Iron
  • Tracing pencil or marker
Earth Day DIY

The only materials you’ll need to make an old pair of jeans into a super cute pair of shorts!

Step 1:
Measure the length you’d like your shorts, then cut.

Earth Day DIY

Tip: Don’t go short right away, cut a little longer than you’d like so you can readjust the length if you need to.

Step 2:
The fabric will begin fraying where you cut, pull the strands to encourage fraying, then run shorts through the washer and dryer.  This will accelerate fraying and make them look vintage.

Step 3:
Place fabric on top of shorts and trace the size of the front panel, around the pocket.  Leave a bit of room on the bottom for more fraying to occur.

Earth Day DIY

Pick a scarf or fabric that will really pop.

Step 4:
Follow the instructions on the fusible fabric tape to adhere fabric to shorts

Earth Day DIY

You’re almost done!

 Step 5: 
Admire you’re new denim shorties!

Earth Day DIY

Voila! Earth friendly and super stylish #AEOStyle.

Want to find more ways to celebrate Earth Day?  Donate now to The SCA and RSVP to a community project near you!

#AEOSTYLE Challenge: Shorts

One of our favorite menswear bloggers, Freddy Rodriguez from Blue Perk, recently took a trip of a lifetime to Thailand. And the first thing he packed — his favorite American Eagle Outfitters shorts, essential for the hot days and nights of this Southeast Asian kingdom.

Meet Freddy:
Freddy Rodriguez is the blogger behind the popular menswear site, Blue Perk. The Texas transplant, now a New York based editor, made his way to the city to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology. He enjoys traveling at a moment’s notice and shares his unique perspectives on Twitter @FREDRDGZ.

american eagle outfitters shorts freddy rodriguez blue perk spring fashion

Freddy from Blue Perk in our 8″ Prep Short.

What inspired Freddy’s look:
While preparing for this trip I knew it would be hot. I chose to pack a lot of light layers that would breathe but would compliment the tropical atmosphere. I may have jumped the gun with my thrifted Hawaiian shirt and pineapple shoes, but I couldn’t resist fully embracing the summer weather.

american eagle outfitters shorts freddy rodriguez blue perk spring fashion

Freddy paired his 8″ Prep Shorts with a surf tropic print for a trend-right look.

Get Freddy’s look:
8″ Prep Short
Printed Sneaker (similar)


Freddy from Blue Perk in our 11.5″ Longboard Short.

What inspired Freddy’s look:
I’m sure glad I packed accordingly. It’s been 90+ degrees each day, which I am not complaining after what seemed like a never ending winter in New York. A key tip that I’ve learned is tank-tops and shorts are the best way to stay comfortable while traveling. Though I would also highly recommend sun screen, a mistake I made and have been paying for these past two days. Other than that, you don’t need much else than tropical prints and complimenting shorts to stay comfortable while in tropical climates.

american eagle outfitters shorts freddy rodriguez blue perk spring fashion

Freddy cuffed the 11.5″ Longboard Short for this cool look.

Get Freddy’s look:
11.5″ Longboard Short
Floral Pocket Tank (similar)

american eagle outfitters shorts freddy rodriguez blue perk spring fashion

Freddy from Blue Perk in our 8″ Prep Short.

What inspired Freddy’s look:
Because it’s really hot here, the key is less is more. Coordinating colors and prints is the best way to stay true to your style, while not completely melting. White is a traditional tropical color and I wasn’t going to miss my opportunity to embrace the color before Memorial Day. Though I may have been worried all day that I was going to get my shorts dirty (I did, sigh), the real treat was feeling and looking fresh despite my constant flow of sweat. So don’t forget to pack your whites on your next tropical excursion!

american eagle outfitters shorts freddy rodriguez blue perk spring fashion

Keep cool by matching light colors like Freddy.

Get Freddy’s look:
8″ Prep Short


Freddy from Blue Perk in our 8″ Floral Prep Short.

What inspired Freddy’s look:
While I’m sweating buckets, I figured I might as well wear as little as possible, right? Second best to being shirtless is a slim cut tank-top that allows a lot of room for breathing and light shorts that also allow your legs to breathe. Because there is no better way to win against the heat. I learned to just cope with drenching my outfit in sweat and try my best to look good while doing it.

american eagle outfitters shorts freddy rodriguez blue perk spring fashion

Dress up a basic white tank with a cool printed short.

Get Freddy’s look:
8″ Floral Prep Short
Ringer Tank (similar)

Show off your summer-ready looks with shorts by using #AEOSTYLE on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram for the chance to see your photo on our Style Gallery or our blog!

7 Things We Love…

Here at AEO, we’re inspired by so many different things. Food, travel, music, movies… you name it, the sky’s the limit! We’re starting a new series on the blog where you can see all of our inspirations—and maybe get a little inspired yourself. Here’s the first installment of what we can’t live without.


( Image Source:  1.  | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6. | 7. )

We’re digging this song from Wild Belle’s debut album, Isles. Chicago natives (and siblings!) Elliot and Natalie Bergman have created the perfect mix of indie rock and funk. This track’s addictive sound will definitely have you playing it again and again and again and… well, you get the point.

Have big dreams of being a DJ? Well, it’s now easier than ever (and totally at your fingertips) with this awesome app. Choose from eight different effects like Beatmasher, Filter and Flanger to cut up and rearrange beats, create quick cuts and more. Plus, you can use it on your iPad or iPhone!

Looking for a place to celebrate Cinco de Mayo? Denver boasts one of the largest celebrations in the US. The two-day festival includes live music and all the authentic Mexican cuisine you can handle. Work off all the tacos by taking advantage of the city’s hiking trails and mountain terrain.

It’s only one of the most popular YA books to come out in the past five years. This story about two teenage cancer patients who find each other and fall in love is a tearjerker, for sure… but it’s also full of hope and the appreciation of living life to the fullest. Not to mention the movie, which stars Divergent’s Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort, is only one of the most anticipated movie releases of the year (it comes out on June 6).

The weather’s heating up (finally) (we think?) and that has us craving colder foods. Smoothie bowls are the cousin of acai bowls, which are a Brazilian treat made from frozen acai pulp blended with other frozen fruit and topped with fresh sliced fruit, granola and honey. But since acai is a little hard to find, try a smoothie bowl—all you need is spinach, avocado, and whatever frozen fruit you have in the freezer! Mmm, mmm good.

The oversized floral print. The mismatched pockets. The bold black and white. The silhouette. Everything about this jumpsuit just screams “I’m right on trend for spring!” It’s really just a bonus that it’s incredibly comfy, too.

This movie totally made fetch happen. We kind of can’t believe it’s 10 years old already. This classic just never goes out of style. Thanks to Netflix, we’re watching the antics of the Plastics over and over again and quoting all the memorable lines nonstop. A few of our favorites: “On Wednesdays, we wear pink.” “That’s why her hair is so big. It’s full of secrets.” “Whatever. I’m getting cheese fries.” “You go, Glenn Coco!”


#AEOSTYLE Challenge: Babydoll Dresses

Our Soft Tiered Babydoll Dress is a closet must for spring.  It’s super soft, effortless and trendy — and with the endless ways to style this dress, available in two solid colors and two trend-right prints, you’ll be wearing this dress at least once a week!

To showcase the versatility of the Soft Tiered Babydoll Dress, we asked three bloggers to style the dress in their own way: Christine from The View from 5 ft. 2, Jess from The Golden Girl and Blair from The Fox and She.

Meet Christine:
I’m Christine, the creator of The View From 5 ft. 2, a personal style and fashion blog that provides style tips and inspiration with an additional petite perspective. I believe in taking chances when it comes to fashion. I enjoy making things work for smaller proportions and opening peoples’ eyes to what they can do with their own style. I’m a young, adventurous and as Beyonce would say, an “Independent Woman” chasing my dreams and figuring it out as I go. I love adventures, bold prints, calligraphy and a really good laugh.

 american eagle outfitters spring break 2014 baby doll dress

Pair your babydoll dress with a silky, loose shirt for cooler spring days.

What inspired Christine’s look:
There’s nothing quite like a light and airy summer dress! If you get a little creative with your styling, you can wear them all year long. It’s barely spring here in Chicago, so I styled the tiered baby doll dress with light layers. It has the perfect loose-fitting cut that allows you to layer over or under for a unique look no matter what the season. I chose a floral button down shirt that I wore loosely over the dress so that it looked like a casual jacket and mossy green sandals in a similar shade as the dress. I also paired it with a peachy-nude clutch and floppy fedora hat to tie in other shades from the blouse. I completed the look with a chunky gold watch and bracelets and tortoise sunglasses. You can use your silky button down shirts to quickly make strappy dresses spring-ready!

Get Christine’s look:
Soft Tiered Babydoll Dress
Straw Metallic Fedora (similar)


Meet Jess:
A Chicago transplant by way of the West Coast, I started The Golden Girl to document my love of style, food and the occasional crafty project. I now reside in the Gold Coast of the windy city (how fitting!) and I’m also Fashion Editor for The Everygirl.

 american eagle outfitters spring break 2014 baby doll dress

Jess layered her babydoll dress with a long trench for a “Date Night” look.

What inspired Jess’s look:
This babydoll dress is the perfect transitional piece for spring! It looks incredible with a few added layers (completely necessary for unpredictable spring weather). On the other hand, it’s flirty, minimalist and downright adorable all on it’s own and perfect for festival season as the temperatures start to rise! Because the word “warm” is a loose term these days in Chicago, I threw on a long trench with some killer pastel pink heels to complete the perfect “Date Night” ensemble. This dress will be one I wear again and again for months to come.

Get Jess’s look:
Soft Tiered Babydoll Dress


 american eagle outfitters spring break 2014 baby doll dress

Blair from The Fox and She in our Soft Tiered Babydoll Dress.

Meet Blair:
I’m the fashion and lifestyle blogger behind The Fox & She. When I’m not blogging, I’m running my blog design business, Leap Blog Design, painting abstract art and making travel a priority.

 american eagle outfitters spring break 2014 baby doll dress

Pair your babydoll dress with a bandeau for a layered, bohemian look.

What inspired Blair’s look:
Since I’m on the tall side (5’8″), I let the straps out and wore a lace bandeau top underneath to give it a fun, layered and bohemian look. I paired it with flat booties to give this girly frock some edge and a blazer for a tailored finish. I love mixing girly pieces with more tailored pieces to create a brand new look that’s all my own.

Get Blair’s look:
Soft Tiered Babydoll Dress
Vintage Lace Bandeau
Western Bootie (similar)

Show us how you style your babydoll dress with #AEOSTYLE on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram for the chance to see your photo on our Style Gallery or our blog!

Men’s Prep Shorts Interview with Ben. T

We sat down with Ben T., Assistant Buyer of Men’s Pants, Shorts, Swim and Fleece Bottoms, to talk about one of the most popular short fits of the season: the Prep Short. Read on to learn more about Ben and his recommendations on how to style the Prep Short.

Ben T.

Assistant Buyer of Men’s Pants, Shorts, Swim & Fleece Bottoms

Can you tell us about the history of the Prep Short?
The Prep Short was first introduced in the 2010/2011 Season. Since then the fit has evolved from a knee length, boxy fit to a trimmer fit through the leg that hits above the knee. This year we have introduced a noticeably different fabric with a small amount of stretch content for maximum comfort and wear-ability. We have also included a belt on the short this year for no extra charge to the customer. It’s been souped up.

Interview with Men's Assistant Buyer, Ben J.

Prep Shorts from Aqua to Floral

What are the new fits for the Prep Short?
Just one new and improved fit. The leg is slimmer and tapers slightly towards the hem. The short is meant to be rolled to an 8″ inseam, although you can style it however you please (rolled once to ‘’9 inch just above the knee, or unrolled at 10″ right on the knee).

The fabrics have changed, can you tell us why and how the new fabric feels?
This is my favorite fabric in our entire line. It is a dense twill with stretch in it. It feels really compact/ light and at the same time has a little give which makes it great to move in. It’s a perfect Summer short.

Any cool colors that you love this season?
Really excited for the Bright Rhubarb.  It’s a reddish fuchsia that you will not be able to find anywhere else. Imagine a lobster blushing. We also have a couple of really cool prints coming in, including a grey camo and a brown tropical that emulates a very cool Havana Yacht Club type look.

How do you wear the Prep Short?
The great thing about this short is the versatility. Like I said, you can cuff it or unroll it to suit your style. I love wearing them cuffed with a plain tee and a good pair of sunglasses. Super easy for anyone to get into.

Bens go to look


Shop Ben’s Go-To Look:
1. Legend V-Neck T-Shirt
2.Icon Sunglasses
3.Prep Short

Can you take the Prep Short look from day to night? If so, what do you recommend?
Switch out the T-shirt for a short sleeve woven or layer on a solid long sleeve oxford for versatility. Unbutton a few buttons and remove the sunglasses, unless you’re really trying to make a statement…

Why do you recommend the Prep Short?
Again, it’s versatile. You can wear it many different ways and fit it the way you like it. It is also currently our only short (aside from swim) with stretch. It’s basically the short design of the future.

Now we would love to learn a little about you!

What made you want to pursue a career in Merchandising?
I was always interested in big business but not so interested in working strictly with numbers and finances. With merchandising, you get to be very creative and hands on with your product. Your performance is not only measured by your bottom line, but also on the style and perspective you are infusing in your assortment. Great clothes are ultimately what creates brand loyalty and an excited customer base.

What kind of projects do you find yourself working on from day to day?
Most of what I do revolves around how to drive and evolve the business. If something is working well, I am asking why is this working? What can I do to get more? And, what do I have coming down the line that is like this? If something is not doing so well, I am brainstorming the opposite and making sure I don’t make the same mistake twice when building future seasons.

Five words to describe you…
Team player, risk taker, pizza lover, driven and adventurous.

Favorite destination:
Portland in the summer. That’s East Coast.

Favorite quote:
“Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’.”

First thing on your bucket list?
Travel for a year with a backpack and no itinerary expect for a list of must try street foods. (Try not to end up on the show Locked Up: Abroad.)

Favorite Band:
The Boss

Fun fact about yourself?
In my youth, I rocked both a mullet and a bowl cut for three years… each.

What does your iPhone say about you?
I organize my apps like a nerd. Not very exciting.


Ben's iPhone

Ben’s iPhone Home Screen that he sent us after our fast track interview





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