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Individual style is all about wearing clothes that express YOU. What you wear says a lot about who you are, and where you shop can say just as much about what you believe in. Now more than ever, the brands you love should share your values and inspire you to feel great about what you wear – not just for how it looks, but for what it represents. Which is why we’re dedicated to keeping you informed as we work to reduce our environmental impact and increase sustainability across major areas of our business.

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We’ve been working tirelessly behind the scenes to understand our role in resource consumption and reduction, and starting in 2018 we made the move to use shopping bags with a higher percentage of recycled content. It may seem like a small step, but this simple switch has already yielded a sizeable impact:

4.3 million square feet of virgin plastic saved - approximately the area of 36 football fieldsfootball field animation

65,138 gallons of oil saved - approximately the volume of 814 standard bath tubsbath tub animation


greenhouse gas and carbon dioxide emissions reduced molecule animation

Moving forward, this more responsible sourcing has the potential to save over 14 million square feet of virgin plastic and over 100,000 gallons of oil every year. It’s a key piece of the puzzle as we move towards more mindful business practices and a cleaner Earth.




15 responses

  1. Excellent! Will AE also be converting to cardboard/paper gift cards instead of plastic? Those get thrown out daily for almost no reason and it HURTS.

  2. I understand that you are moving towards sustainability, but I just want to point out how when I order clothin online, each item gets shipped in plastic at separate times and then in another layer of plastic. Please try to fix this.

    • Thank you so much for this!! Any little bit helps. I always hope local towns will turn to biodegrable cutlery and more recyclable material just to start somewhere! I fully appreciate your efforts and realizing we need to start somewhere. Thank you.

    • GREAT JOB AE!!!! So proud to be a frequent shopper of AE, wish other folks that reply would just be positive no need to ask what abouts or what cans……., with that being said every bit large or small makes an impact to our earth.GREEEAAAATTTJJJOOBBB!!! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK

    • I completely agree. After the last time I ordered online and I received shipments on different days for the same order and all of them each individually wrapped in plastic, I don’t think I’ll do it again. Unfortunately, there is not an Aerie store close to my house so unless they fix this completely wasteful issue I don’t think I will buy again from them. I love what the brand stands for, but the amount of plastic was overboard.

  3. Would AE consider having a feature where you can decide if you want your items all shipped at the same time (even if that means waiting a little extra time), effectively cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions associated with making multiple trips to the same shipping location?

  4. Would AE consider having a feature where you can decide if you want your items all shipped at the same time (even if that means waiting a little extra time), effectively cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions associated with making multiple trips to the same shipping location?

  5. The reductions you have made are great! But I’m just curious what percentage of your total usage those reductions are?

  6. Great!!! Even more proud to call you my favorite clothing brand! It’s inspiring and everyone should feel inspired by it. That’s what it is going to take to bring about change. Everyone being inspired to do there part.

  7. Nice but I have worked in your backstore and you are using wayyy too much plastic for shipping, etc. Please find a solution.

  8. Thank you for making the bags with more recycled content. That is awesome. Keep up the good work! And please keep making improvements! It sounds like sourcing ideas from employees on reducing packaging would be a good place to start.

  9. If you want to help, stop making purchases when you want something. Start making your purchases based off of necessity. Do not buy from companies that use plastic. Only support companies that pack in cardboard and paper, glass, metal.
    I’m not enthusiastic about AE/Aerie beginning ‘Style Drop’. This is NOT sustainable. I’m 34 and still wearing AE clothes that I purchased in 8th grade. My AE clothes are better and much more durable than the current clothes. Style drop is a short sighted and wasteful ploy to overproduce clothes. These clothes are made by underpaid workers in places like Indonesia. This kind of business exists to line the pockets of an industry that does not want to disclose how much harm they are actually doing to the planet. Do you really need new s#*! every month??? If you do, You don’t belong on this planet and YOU are the problem! YOU know who you are.

    Yes I agree, they should ship in boxes. Tired of the plastic. Plastic Bags were an endeavor by the hippie generation of the 70’s to reduce the need to cut down trees. Ironic huh? Don’t believe me? Ask anyone who was an adult in the late 60’s. The hippies’ mindless decision to replace paper with plastic when shopping, has made our global issues much worse . Think about what you are doing. The best way is the old way. Take a step back to 1940. Everything was packed in tin glass and cardboard. Ask your grandmother how many articles of clothing she had. If she was a teen in the 60’s she probably had a fair amount. If your grandma was a teen in the 40’s she may have owned 2 dresses for the house and a church dress or two. This generation wore their clothes til they were worn out. I was raised by my grandmother , who was a teen in the 1920’s. I learned from her. When I get rid of clothes, they aren’t even fit to be donated.

    American Eagle is enabling an already wasteful demographic to become even more wasteful. I realize some of you care, but about 99.9% of the young generation doesn’t. They say they do, but they do not act on it. Plus, the quality of American Eagle clothing has really slipped over the years. The fabrics your get crappier every year.

    As a 20 year customer, These days I’m leaving AE behind for Urban Outfitters, Duluth, and Eddie Bauer. Better made clothes. You might pay a little more but they’re quality. Duluth and Eddie Bauer clothes especially , do not break down easily. They can be worn for a very long time. Their style is timeless and can be worn in any time period from 1936-present day.

  10. In order to reduce waste with paper, water and electricity the restrooms and fitting rooms the company provides for staff and customers should be motion activated. This would help reduce the footprint the company is leaving behind for future generations.

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