Ellie’s Back To School Checklist

Aerie Marketing Intern, Ellie O, is an avid lover of cheese, ostriches and spending time by the water. She shared her back to school essentials with us as she heads into her Junior year at the University Wisconsin – Eau Claire. Read on for her tips!

Ready to head back to school? We are! We’ve put together all the essentials you need to survive the year. Don’t forget anything with this back to school checklist.Ellie's Back To School Checklist

Getting dressed for school shouldn’t be stressful. Being comfy and cute is a must when spending the day in class.

  • Leggings are a great option when you want something simple! You are able to dress them up or keep it more relaxed depending on your mood. Pair them with a sweatshirt and bralette to look complete the outfit!
  • A cute workout outfit is an essential when heading to the gym to burn off some stress and calories. Throw on a pair of shorts and a cute sports bra and go!

With school, comes work! Before running out the door, don’t forget to pack everything you need to stay organized.

  • Pack your bag with an agenda, some fresh pens and pencils to take notes and keep track of assignments.
  • Don’t forget a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day.
  • On your way to class? Jam to some music with a pair of headphones.

Creating a comfortable space to work in is essential to staying clear minded and focused!

  • Keeping your room clean and organized will keep your mind at ease. Cute decorations are a must when sitting down at your desk to study.
  • Decorating your desk with inspirational quotes will keep you motivated to complete all your tasks!
  • Adding blankets and pillows to your bed will give your room a cozy feel and help you relax at the end of the day!

Don’t forget to take care of yourself and find time to de-stress! After school work, do something that helps you unwind.

  • Get your mind off school, even for a little while. Take the time to do an activity that you enjoy, like yoga or meditating.
  • If you don’t have the energy to work out after a long day, take a hot bath and put on a face mask to recharge.

Even if you have a lot of homework, there’s always time for friends!

  • Gather all your girlfriends, put on some pajamas and watch a movie for a quiet night in.
  • Social butterfly? Dress up your favorite pair of leggings and head out for a night out on the town!

What essentials will be in your backpack when you head back to school? Comment below and tell us!

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