Mother’s Day Series: #AerieREAL Girls & Mamas

We hosted an #AerieREAL Mother’s Day brunch for our team & their mamas and asked each “how does your mom inspire & empower you?” Watch their responses and share your own story by commenting below.

Mother's Day Series: #AerieREAL Girls & Mamas

#AerieREAL Role Model, Iskra Lawrence and our Vice President of Aerie Marketing, Stacey McCormick, spoke with the mother/ daughter duos about what it means to be #AerieREAL and what an important role women play in our lives every day.

Wilma, Iskra’s Mother, talks about Iskra’s inspiring message to #AerieREAL girls all over the world and how much it means to be able to share in that message with her while Iskra aspires to be the woman her mother is. Watch below!

Mother's Day Series: #AerieREAL Girls & Mamas

Jill Maurer, our Store Ops Communication Lead, shared the day with her mom Sue. Between their shared sense of humor and knack for storytelling – two of them discussed how proud they are of each other and their own personal accomplishments!

Mother's Day Series: #AerieREAL Girls & Mamas

Art Director of Aerie Marketing Creative and expectant mother, Christina Bouchard and her mother, Sally Then shared the bond that they share throughout their family. It’s easy to see that their pride and love extends beyond the two of them and will continue to do so with the arrival of Christina’s new child!


Mother's Day Series: #AerieREAL Girls & Mamas

Aerie Swim Buyer Katie Berger-Folmar is thankful for their positive self-image passed along from her mother that has helped her not only in life, but in her professional work. Her mother, Ginny Berger admires her daughters spirit most!

Mother's Day Series: #AerieREAL Girls & Mamas

Customer Feedback Analyst Amanda Wells and her mother JoLynn truly are each other’s biggest support. From pursuing higher education and work to general life, this mother-daughter relationship is more than just a relationship – but a friendship!


Mother's Day Series: #AerieREAL Girls & Mamas

Amanda Baker, Assistant Merchant, spent the day with her mother Devaughn. The Pittsburgh natives discuss shared resilience – an attribute that Amanda thanks her mother for inheriting. The pride Devaughn has in her daughter shines through every word when spoken!


Mother's Day Series: #AerieREAL Girls & Mamas

AEO Digital Creative Manager Cathrine Gignac and her mother Kim Ritter Gignac shared the day with one another. The pair are a spinning image of each other in not only looks, but in the love they have for one another! From lifelong achievements to eternal admiration – they’ve got it all!


Mother's Day Series: #AerieREAL Girls & Mamas

Merchant Shannon Rinaman and her mother Mary Szymik shared excitement for Shannon’s soon-to-be newest addition to her family! The mother-to-be hopes to one day be the mother Mary was to her. The energy the two of them share is radiating!

Mother's Day Series: #AerieREAL Girls & Mamas

Want to see more behind-the-scenes from the day? Head to our Insta for interviews & inspiration!

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