Digital Detox: Swimming With Haleigh

Real life > likes. Time for a digital detox.

With a new year just around the corner, we’re working on finding a better balance between screen time and real time. A digital detox isn’t about throwing your phone away, it’s about making sure you’re focusing more on REAL life and less on all the texts, emails and Insta posts that can get in the way.

We asked some of the Aerie girls at our HQ how they work a digital detox into their lives. First up is Social Media Community Manager, Haleigh, who heads to the pool: “Disconnecting is hard, but swimming is the one thing that forces me to do so. It’s the one time I am happy my phone isn’t waterproof. In the water you’re only connected to your thoughts – that alone is reason for me to just keep swimming.”


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No matter how hard it can be to get motivated, Haleigh knows swimming always helps to clear her mind: “I have never felt bad after a good swim. I grew up on the river, so the pool just feels like home to me.  Even the worst day in the water is better than a good day on land.”

What’s your favorite way to digitally detox? Comment below and tell us!

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