Meet the Dog: Bonnie

Meet the Dog: Bonnie

Introducing you to Bonnie and her owner Leah. Bonnie is one of the models for our new collection, American Beagle Outfitters. We asked Leah questions about Bonnie so we could learn more about the brown-eyed beauty starring in our campaign.

Dog Name: 

Bonnie (or Bonnie-girl, Bonnie-lulu, Loodles, Girlie-girl, etc., etc.)


Bonnie and her owner, Leah

Dog Age:

Almost 2

Dog Breed:

Golden Retriever

Tricks for Treats? 

Bonnie-girl thinks she is too cool to do tricks. She leaves the tricks for her husband Clyde to do.

Why did you think your dog would be a good model for our newest line?

She’s not only the prettiest dog around, but she is the sweetest dog too.


Bonnie getting styled on-set 

What are your dog’s favorite places to hang out?

Right by my side.

Does your dog have any shameful secrets? 

It’s no secret. This dog loves water. She will drink so much that she throws up! She recently figured out that snow is a form of water & goes around eating the snow.

What’s your dog’s most embarrassing moments? 

First time at a pet store & she goes number two on the floor. Very embarrassing.

What is your dog’s favorite outfit to wear?

She has a holiday collar that has jingle bells on it. She sleeps with it on!

Would you recommend American Beagle Outfitters to other dogs?

Absolutely! The days of cute outfits that were just offered to smaller breed dogs are over! Time for the big dogs to be fashionable 24/7!

Is your dog single or attached?

Very much attached. Bonnie & her other half, Clyde, have been a thing for two years!

Ride in the car vs. Walk in the park?

Depends on the day. She does love car rides, though! Sometimes she jumps in the car when I open the door & I have to spend 10 minutes trying to convince her to get out of the car because she’s not coming with me!

Rope vs. Fetch?


What’s your best memory with your dog?

Picking her up for the very first time. She was five weeks old and no bigger than my hand. There were several puppies to choose from, but she came right up to me & fell asleep in my lap. It was love at first meet.

Why did you pick this specific dog?

She has the best temperament of any dog I’ve ever met (and anyone that has met her would agree!). She’s so sweet, so calm, so loving.

Is Bonnie an only child? 

Nope – she has a husband named Clyde.

Does your dog bite or lick the mailman?

More like sniffs the mailman?

Nappers vs. Players?

Eh, probably a napper, but she definitely has her playful side, too!

What words does she know?

“Water” “sit” “stay” “speak” “Treat” “Go for a ride?” “Clyde”

What tricks can she do?

Uh… not many. She sits & speaks on command… but nothing that fun or exciting.

Does she prefer mud or baths?

If the mud has water puddles, mud. But baths involve water too, so she loves baths.

Describe your dog’s personality in 5 words

Sweet. Friendly. Calm. Loving. Patient.

Who are your dog’s best friends?

Any neighborhood animals? Clyde.

Where does your dog sleep?

On her doggie bed.

What’s your sleeping style?

Don’t disturb the dog, or don’t disturb me? Depends on how tired she is! If she’s really tired, there is nothing you can do to get her to wake up. She definitely loves her sleep.

Is there anything your dog won’t do?

Cool tricks.

What makes your dog bark?

If you don’t give her a treat or water in a timely manner. Nothing really else… she’s not a barker.

What is the funniest thing that your dog does?

Bonnie & Clyde always manage to find a sock and play tug of war. Bonnie gets pretty competitive.

How would you describe your personal style?

Relaxed, low maintenance, & easy.

What is your dog’s #AEOStyle?

Girly & fun… but relaxed & low maintenance, just like her mommy!

What do you think of your dog’s outfit?

Perfect for the girlie-girl, but low-maintenance girl that she is!

When you heard American Eagle Outfitters was coming up with a clothing line what were your first thoughts?

I was so excited! I love dogs & having two of my own, I was excited to be able to get cool clothes for Bonnie & Clyde to rock whenever they want!

Where would your dog wear American Beagle Outfitters?


Click here to check out the full collection.


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