Meet the Cast: Akeel

Meet the Cast: Akeel

Meet Akeel, a photographer, sports fanatic and Project Live Your Life winner from Brooklyn, NY, currently featured in American Eagle Outfitters Spring Break 2014 campaign. Read on to learn more about Akeel and his experience on an AEO photo shoot.

You’re from Brooklyn, NY- what do you heart about your city?

I definitely heart the different cultures and people that I see every day. NYC is a huge melting pot and I learn something new every day.

Have you ever been to Miami? What about this city inspires you?

I’ve only been to Miami once before. The whole laid-back and chill environment of this city inspires mem as well as the art that I saw at Wynwood Walls.

You enjoy photography. What is your favorite thing to capture behind the lens?

Living in NYC, I love capturing pictures of tourists, but my favorite thing to photograph are the streets and skyscrapers in the city.

You’re a sports fanatic- what sports do you enjoy most?

I love soccer, baseball, volleyball and track.

Who is your favorite athlete?

My favorite athlete would probably have to be Cristiano Ronaldo. He’s one of the best soccer players right now.

You also enjoy reading. What have you read recently that you really enjoyed?

I have recently read a series called Eragon and The Black Tattoo by Sam Enthoven.

Favorite book of all time?

Harry Potter.

What author inspires you?

J.K. Rowling inspires me because her writing not only is interesting, but it brings out my imagination and keeps me a kid at heart.

Cooking is another passion of yours. What is your specialty?

Italian food. I love making pasta, chicken parmigiana and pizza to name a few. I also make a mean bowl of cereal!

What is your motivation behind your drawing in the mural?

The art I saw around me at Wyndwood Walls and New York City were a big motivation behind my drawing.

Follow Akeel:

Instagram: @akeelrkhan

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