Forecast Calls for Sunnie!

Forecast Calls for Sunnie!

Sometimes you just need your bra to be simple, smooth and incredibly comfortable. Those days are exactly what we designed Sunnie Stretch for! Technically speaking, she’s what we in the bra biz call a t-shirt bra, which simply means she  works great under t-shirts. I mean, duh. But in all honesty, there’s so much more to Sunnie than her smooth, t-shirt friendly cups.

Forecast Calls for Sunnie!

First and foremost, Sunnie has a 360-degree stretch pad in her cup. While she is lightly lined, her lining is comprised of a thin layer of stretchy foam that actually contours to your curves. It responds to your body heat to shape to you just like our memory foam!

Forecast Calls for Sunnie!

Sunnie is also a full coverage bra, comparable to Katie or Sofie. And she has an extended cradle, meaning her extra soft fabric extends below her wire making her even more comfortable.

Next up, we have her wings and back. Not only is the fabric the super buttery soft stuff that you could practically sleep in, but it’s also seamless all-around, minimizing the lines you might see through a t-shirt. She also has a pretty ballet back, which is just another way of saying u-back. This feature actually helps tuck in any unwanted back bulges, yet again, keeping you all smooth and naturally sexy.

Forecast Calls for Sunnie!

Finally, we wanted to call attention to her straps. Just like most of our straps, they’re lined with a soft, brushed fabric that feels great against your skin. Besides that, they’re also fully-adjustable and adjust forward instead of backward give you more control over their length. They also have pretty little flat stud details close to the cup but don’t worry, they don’t inhibit your ability to adjust as much as you need.

Forecast Calls for Sunnie!

So that’s our new girl, Sunnie! We could talk about her all day long, in fact, we kind of do ‘cause we love her so much! But you won’t know how amazing she is until you give her a try for yourself. Look for her on and in stores on 3.14! And remember, you can return her for free if you’re not 100% happy!

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