DIY: Sketch Tee

DIY: Sketch Tee

Have you been inspired by the amazing T-shirt designs of Project Live Your Life winners Teren and Adria? Our stylist Coco Y. definitely was! She created this cool sketch and with the help of stylist Nicole D., they teamed up-just like Teren and Adria-to create a one-of-a-kind American Eagle Outfitters tank top.

What you’ll need:

Favorite Tank or Favorite Scoop T-Shirt from American Eagle Outfitters in white or another light color (We recommend washing before use.)


•Heat resistant fabric or pillowcase to iron on




•Iron-on T-shirt transfer paper kit (You can find this at most craft stores and it includes transfer paper and parchment paper. Be sure to read instructions before beginning!)

Step 1: Gather your materials.

american eagle outfitters diy sketch t

Supplies for the DIY Sketch Tee.

Step 2: Draw the image you want to use for the design. You can also create one digitally in a software program, or use a photograph. This design was created by our stylist, Coco Y.

Step 3: Scan the image into your computer. Flip the image so it does not appear backwards on the shirt after ironing. Using editing software, edit colors and darken lines until you achieve your desired design. Print a test page to make sure it is how you want the image to look, using the type of printer indicated on your transfer paper kit. Next, load the transfer paper into the printer so it prints on the correct side. Print image on the transfer paper and let dry.

american eagle outfitters diy sketch t

Use your imagination and get creative with your design!

Step 4: Trim design from transfer sheet, removing the unprinted excess from the transfer area.

american eagle outfitters diy sketch t

Trim the excess paper from your design.

Step 5: Set your iron on the hottest temperature and pre–heat for five minutes. Make sure to remove water from iron and do not use steam.

Place the fabric or pillowcase on a flat, smooth, heat resistant surface. Lay the T-shirt on top of the fabric and iron to remove moisture and wrinkles.

Place the image face down on the T-shirt. Place parchment paper over the image, making sure to cover the entire transfer sheet.

american eagle outfitters diy sketch t

Be sure your design is backwards so it transfers correctly!

Step 6: Using both hands, iron and apply firm pressure. Use slow passes from top to bottom and left to right for approximately 80-100 seconds total.

american eagle outfitters diy sketch t

Carefully iron on your design.

Step 7: Let the tank sit for five seconds. Make sure to remove transfer paper while still hot. Pull back slowly in one smooth motion.

american eagle outfitters diy sketch t

Peel back transfer paper to reveal your design.

Step 8: Enjoy your custom sketch tee. To wash, turn the T-shirt or tank inside out in cold water with mild detergent. Lay flat to dry.

american eagle outfitters diy sketch t

Our finished DIY Sketch Tank


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