AEO Friends and Family: Sangam S., Assistant Buyer – Women’s Denim

AEO Friends and Family: Sangam S., Assistant Buyer – Women’s Denim

Meet Sangam S., Assistant Buyer of Women’s Denim at American Eagle Outfitters. Sangam spends her days researching the next big trends to bring you the coolest jeans imaginable. We interviewed Sangam to learn more about her career path with AEO and what inspires her.


Sangam S., Assistant Buyer of Women's Denim

Sangam S., Assistant Buyer of Women’s Denim

How did you get your start with AEO?

I started in the Assistant Buyer Training Program in June 2011. This is my first job out of college.

What is your favorite AEO jean fit?

I absolutely LOVE our Jegging fit! It is so comfortable and flattering. I am also really excited for our new  Jegging Crop fit for the spring season. It is my favorite Jegging fit but just in a crop length. It will be perfect for the warm spring days ahead!

There are so many washes to choose from in denim. What’s your favorite and why?

Our designers have created some really cool destroy washes recently. My favorite is this beautiful Sunfaded Medium Wash with Mended Destroy in the Jegging Crop fit. It is really different from anything I have seen before and perfect for spring.

How do you style your favorite jeans?

All winter, I have been wearing my Jeggings with cozy sweaters and booties! In the spring, I will be wearing my Jegging Crops with soft T-shirts and sandals.

What’s currently playing on your iPod?

I have been listening to Beyonce’s new album on repeat.

What’s next on your “life to do” list? 

Next on my life to do list is to run a half marathon. I haven’t ever run more than 6 miles before so this is going to be a big personal challenge for me, but I am really excited for it!

sangam s american eagle outfitters assistant buyer women's denim pittsburgh great race

Sangam ran the Great Race in Pittsburgh this past fall.


Where do you find inspiration for buying jeans?

I am constantly looking at fashion blogs, magazines and runway shows to see what is happening out there. I also spend a lot of time in the mall and other public places to understand what our customer is wearing and what she wants.

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