How To Wear Your Aerie Loop Scarf

How To Wear Your Aerie Loop Scarf

An Aerie loop scarf is a staple in our closets and is always a great way to add a little something extra to our outfits. Check out the tutorial below for three unique ways to style the scarves from our new Spring collection!


The Double Loop

Aerie Loop Scarf


First, place your head through the scarf and hang the majority of the loop in front of your body. Next, cross the scarf in front and create a figure-8 shape. Pull the lower loop over your head and readjust the loops as desired! You can find one of our favorite Spring styles here at Aerie Floral Circle Scarf


The Hooded Look

Aerie Loop Scarf

Begin by putting your head through the loop and create a figure-8 shape with the material similar to the double loop tutorial above. Next, slip your head through the lower loop and  rest the scarf on your head in your desired position. Adjust the scarf as needed.  Try this look out with our Dip Dye Jersey scarf from our Spring collection.


The Shawl

Aerie Loop Scarf


Start off by placing one arm through the loop and hanging the scarf over your shoulder. Remember to keep the scarf as flat and spread out as possible. Next, bring the scarf around your back and slip your other arm into the loop. Reposition the scarf as needed.  Try this funky look out with one of our Floral Loop Scarves.

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