Meet the Cast: Bailey

Meet the Cast: Bailey

Meet Bailey, a photographer from Port St. Lucie, Florida and a winner of American Eagle Outfitter’s Project Live Your Life. We had a chance to sit down with Bailey to talk about photography and what inspired him while on our Spring 2014 photo shoot. Keep reading to learn more about Bailey and be sure to follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

You live in a place that’s sunny most of the year. How nice is that?

It’s awesome in the winter, but I actually love cold weather too.

What are some of your favorite places in town?

There is one hill here on  a street called Skyline. That’s where I longboard.

Have you lived anywhere else in the United States?

I was born in St. Louis, Missouri. I miss it!

Have you ever experienced snow?

Yes! It’s actually one of my favorite things.

You love photography (and know how to take some awesome pictures). How did you find your passion for the lens?

My Great Grandfather gave me my first camera from Fisher Price when I was very little. I still have it.  I have just always loved capturing moments. I also inherited his Canon film camera.

What type of camera do you use? 

I have a million, but my main body is a 5dMarkII

Do you have any tips for first time camera users who want to get into this hobby?

Just keep shooting!

What is your favorite thing to photograph?

People. All kinds of PEOPLE in all kinds of situations.

Do you follow any photographers on Social Media?

Tons! Too many to mention. I have learned more from Photographers online than anywhere else. I travel all over to meet up and shoot with other photographers that I’ve met through Social Media. People also contact me about my photography.

You seem comfortable in front of the camera. Have you always been this way, or did you ever have an awkward moment?

I was a chubbier kid growing up and always shy in front of the camera, but as I grew up I became more confident in myself.

What Photographers inspire you the most?

Off the top of my head, Jordan Voth, Shannon Lee Miller, Noah Sahady, Nick Bentely, Mike Monaghan, Jack Strutz and many more.

Who would you love to do a collaboration with?

RJ Shaughnessy, wink wink!

What do you hope to gain from a Project Live Your Life Photoshoot?

Friends, connections, experiences, great memories…

To see more of Bailey’s Photography, check out and


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Meet the Cast: Stephen

Meet the Cast: Stephen

Meet Stephen, a snowboarder, surfer and an American Eagle Outfitters store associate from Sellersburg, Indiana. We interviewed Stephen while on our Spring 2014 photo shoot in San Francisco to learn more about him. Check out what he had to tell us and be sure to follow Stephen on Twitter, Instagram, and see his Pinterest board.

What’s it like to grow up in Sellersburg, Indiana?

It’s quite fun for a small, quiet country town. Although everybody knows each other it’s nice because you never know when you may need a neighbor’s help.

Where do you go out for a late night bite in your hometown?

If I go out for a late night bite I usually go to Steak ‘n Shake.

You like to snowboard. How did you find your passion for this sport?

I like to stay active with anything I do. One way for me to stay active in the winter is to snowboard. It’s such a fun and free sport.

Do you have a ritual when you go snowboarding? What’s it like to take a first run of the season?

Yes, I like to grab my friends for the first trip of the season. It’s more fun when my bros are there to push me harder. The first run of the season is always the best. It’s peaceful to be on the mountain and interact with all the different elements.

Where is the coolest place you’ve been snowboarding?

Snowshoe, West Virginia.

Are there any places you would love to snowboard?

I would love to shred the slopes in Whistler, Canada and anywhere in Chile.

Do you have any tips for beginning snowboarders?

My tip would be to just have fun with it.

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Meet the Cast: Nathan

Meet the Cast: Nathan

Meet Nathan, a musician from Muncie, IN and winner of American Eagle Outfitters’ Project Live Your Life. Read on to learn more about Nathan and be sure to follow him on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

You’re from Muncie, Indiana. How would you describe your town?

It’s a college town – not a ton to do but has a lot of character and history.

What instruments do you play?

Guitar and the jaw harp.

What came first, singing or playing guitar?

Singing, most definitely.

Do you write your own lyrics? Where does your inspiration come from?

Yes – life experiences and filming.

Do you get stage fright?

Yes, but it’s just something you have to work through.

Who inspired you to start singing?

My mom –  she discovered I could sing at an early age. She just encouraged me to use that gift and make the post of it.

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Meet the Cast: Adria

Meet the Cast: Adria

Meet Adria, an artist from St. Pete’s Beach, Florida and winner of American Eagle Outfitter’s Project Live Your Life. We asked Adria what it was like to live in the sunshine state and where she finds her inspiration for her art. Keep reading to learn more about Adria and be sure to follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

What’s it like living in the sunshine state?

It’s awesome being able to walk right across the street to the beach. It’s nice to escape the super hot weather sometimes though!

Where are your favorite places to go in St. Pete’s Beach?

The beach, Starbucks and anywhere there is a photo opportunity.

What sports do you partake in?

I used to do cheer-leading and track but now I just focus on my art and drawing.

You’re an artist. What do you enjoy doing most?

I LOVE DIFFERENT FONTS. Inspiring people through what I’m inspired by is one of the best feelings in the world.

Do you have a particular artist you aspire to be?

No, I think you should have your own unique style because that’s what makes you, you. Your artwork should be your own, not a mimic.

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Meet the Cast: Chyanne

Meet the Cast: Chyanne

Meet Chyanne, a skateboarder, swimmer and soccer player from Port St. Lucie, Florida. We asked Chyanne a few questions to get to know her better. Read on to learn more about Chyanne and be sure to follow her on Twitter, Instagram and check out her Pinterest board!

How old were you when you started skateboarding?


Who inspired you to start skateboarding?

A few friends got me into it.

Are there any pro skateboarders you admire?

Bob Burniquest is really awesome.

As you’ve mentioned, skateboarding is a male-dominated sport. Do you feel like there are any gender barriers or stereotypes you are faced with that you have had to overcome?

At first yes, but all the guys around Florida have been nice and positive when they see me skate.

What are your methods for overcoming these stereortypes?

Never giving up.

You seem to be a girl who stands up for what she believes in. What advice do you have for girls (and guys) who are suffering from insecurity?

Be yourself no matter what. Make friends who like you for who you are. Focus on what you like about yourself and not what you dislike about yourself.


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Meet the Cast: Lizzy

Meet the Cast: Lizzy

Meet Lizzy, a hiker, outdoor enthusiast and American Eagle Outfitters store associate from Kailua, Hawaii. We sat down with Lizzy to find out about her interests, passions and what it’s like to live in beautiful Hawaii. Follow Lizzy on Twitter, Instagram and see her Pinterest board to learn even more about her.

You’re from Hawaii – you lucky duck! What’s it like to live in paradise?

It’s amazing. I feel so lucky to have been raised in such a beautiful place. The weather is always perfect and everyone has the aloha spirit.

You are an avid hiker. What is it like to hike in Hawaii?

There are so many hikes in Hawaii. No matter what town you are in, there is a hike nearby.

Where was the coolest place that you’ve ever hiked?

Maunawili! Maunawili is in Kailua and I have done it multiple times. At the end there is a waterfall where you can jump off. It’s breathtaking.

If you could hike anywhere in the world where would it be?

Since I speak Spanish, I would love to hike in Spain. Hiking in Barcelona or Zaragoza would be amazing.

Hiking requires survival skills. What are some of your essential tips for being in the outdoors?

Always wear good shoes with a grip on the bottom – you never know when it may rain! Always bring a bottle of water and your cell phone. Adventuring is fun but always have an idea of your destination.

What’s your favorite part of being outdoors?

When I’m outdoors, I’m completely free. I love being able to adventure and go where my heart takes me.

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