Meet the Cast: Luiza

Meet the Cast: Luiza

Meet Luiza, a student and model from Miami, Florida and winner of American Eagle Outfitters Project Live Your Life. We interviewed Luiza during our Spring 2014 photo shoot in San Francisco. Keep reading to learn more about her and be sure to follow her on Instagram and Pinterest.

How do you like living in Miami?

It’s a big change, but I’m getting used to it. It’s nice seeing the sun every day but I miss the greenery and mountains.

What are your favorite haunts in Miami?

Hallandale Beach and the Design District. There’s a place called Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink that I adore!

Have you always wanted to model?

Not really, it’s a new thing. I started modeling a year ago but didn’t think about it before then.

Modeling life can be very challenging but very rewarding. What are some of the biggest challenges and successes you’ve faced?

Challenges: Balancing modeling and school. I’m a bio major, so that doesn’t leave a lot of free time. It’s hard balancing shoots and school work.

Successes: Meeting all the amazing people I’ve worked with and making friends. All the people I’m close with right now I’ve met as a result of modeling.

If you could meet any fashion/modeling icon who would it be?

Sasha Luss – she’s gorgeous, well-known and seems like a sweetheart. She’s also Russian like I am. She’s gotten to where she is without drugs or falling into an unhealthy lifestyle and I respect that.

What are your biggest do’s and don’ts of modeling?

Do: Have an open mind and be willing to collaborate with other people. You never know when a strange idea might catch someone’s eye and turn into a major campaign.

Don’t: Change your identity to fit into the modeling industry. The big clients look for someone who is unique and can bring them something different. Someone once told me that the girls with a twinkle in their eye and glowing skin get the big contracts and that has stuck with me ever since!

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