Meet the Cast: Lizzy

Meet the Cast: Lizzy

Meet Lizzy, a hiker, outdoor enthusiast and American Eagle Outfitters store associate from Kailua, Hawaii. We sat down with Lizzy to find out about her interests, passions and what it’s like to live in beautiful Hawaii. Follow Lizzy on Twitter, Instagram and see her Pinterest board to learn even more about her.

You’re from Hawaii – you lucky duck! What’s it like to live in paradise?

It’s amazing. I feel so lucky to have been raised in such a beautiful place. The weather is always perfect and everyone has the aloha spirit.

You are an avid hiker. What is it like to hike in Hawaii?

There are so many hikes in Hawaii. No matter what town you are in, there is a hike nearby.

Where was the coolest place that you’ve ever hiked?

Maunawili! Maunawili is in Kailua and I have done it multiple times. At the end there is a waterfall where you can jump off. It’s breathtaking.

If you could hike anywhere in the world where would it be?

Since I speak Spanish, I would love to hike in Spain. Hiking in Barcelona or Zaragoza would be amazing.

Hiking requires survival skills. What are some of your essential tips for being in the outdoors?

Always wear good shoes with a grip on the bottom – you never know when it may rain! Always bring a bottle of water and your cell phone. Adventuring is fun but always have an idea of your destination.

What’s your favorite part of being outdoors?

When I’m outdoors, I’m completely free. I love being able to adventure and go where my heart takes me.

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