Meet the Cast: Irina

Meet the Cast: Irina

Meet Irina, a singer and musician from Honolulu, Hawaii and winner of American Eagle Outfitters Project Live Your Life. Follow her on Instagram and Pinterest to learn more about what inspires her to be unique.

You’re from Ecuador and Hawaii. Tell us about both!

Ecuador And hawaii are so different but so amazing in their own ways. In both places I grew up on the beach because my dad is a surfer!

What are your favorite things about each place?

Almost all of my family lives in Ecuador. When I get to go home I love just being with my family , I love all the food the music and family parties! In Hawaii I love the ocean and all the hidden places on the island I get explore with my best friends.


You like to sing and play guitar. When did you start?

I started back in 7th grade. My dad has always played and then he started teaching me how to play.

Who inspires you to sing/write?

All the people who support me and believe in me, all my YouTube subscribers and all the comments I get when I perform.

If you could perform with any musician, who would it be and why?

SOJA, just because they are one of my favorite bands and are so amazing live. I will forever remember going to their concert.


What was the hardest part about leaning the guitar?

Picking and bar chords! Your hand get so sore and you get so frustrated, but once you get it down it’s worth it!

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