Meet the Cast: Eric

Meet the Cast: Eric

Meet Eric, an Outdoor Enthusiast from Philadelphia, Pa and winner of American Eagle Outfitters’ Project Live Your Life. Follow Eric on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest to learn more about his adventures.

You’re from Philly! We have to settle this… Pat’s or Geno’s?

*laughing* OK well to be honest I have to admit I have not had either! I much prefer my cheese steak from a local sandwich shop called Jake’s. I will say I am itching to try Geno’s since it’s so close to me.

You like to make playlists! Which playlist are you currently listening to?

Currently my playlists I have been listening to are my American Eagle – San Francisco Trip, Chasing Summer Time, Upbeat+Summer Sun, and of course the American Eagle store playlist because come on, you guys have great taste in music. All of mine can be found on my Spotify profile.

Do you prefer any specific genre of music?

I prefer anything with a catchy beat and lyrics. Something I can put my dancing shoes on for! But I also feel that music dictates my mood. Sometimes I want to think so I put on mellow indie music or sometimes I want to party and I put on the freshest dance tracks out there. Music is a powerful tool that can change peoples perspectives.

What are some of your favorite bands?

As my music taste is always evolving I have different favorites all the time. But currently here are the bands I am digging: St. Lucia, Bastille, The National, RAC, Fleetwod Mac, Bon Iver, Benny Benassi, Avicii, Deadmau5, U.S. Royalty.

If you could make a playlist for us what would you put on the list?

1. NONONO – Pumpin Blood

2. Say Lou Lou – Julian ( Monsieur Adi Remix)

3. Edward Sharpe – Home (RAC mix)

4. St.Lucia – The Way You Remember Me

5. The Lonely Forest – Coyote

6. Wild Cub – Thunder Clatter

7. Mausi – Sol.

8. Keljet – Love of a Life

9. Young Galaxy – Pretty Boy

10. The Sound of Arrows – Into the Clouds (Mille Remix)


How many playlists have you made to date?

52 and counting…

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