An #AerieWHOA Moment with Jessica P., Associate Buyer of Fragrance & Beauty

An #AerieWHOA Moment with Jessica P., Associate Buyer of Fragrance & Beauty

We had the opportunity to sit down with the woman behind our newest fragrance, WHOA!!. Feminine and luscious, the WHOA!! fragrance is the perfect addition to your already chic cosmetics morning ritual.

Read on to learn more about Jessica P., Aerie’s Associate Buyer of Fragrance and Beauty, and join us as she gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the new arrival and exclusive beauty advice.

Aerie Associate Buyer, Jessica P.

Aerie Associate Buyer for Beauty and Fragrance, Jessica P.

We are so excited about the new WHOA!! fragrance! What was your (and the team’s) inspiration for this new addition to our fragrance line?

We wanted to add a scent that was bright, juicy, mouth-watering and luscious to the collection.

The scent smells so beautiful and there is definitely a hint of florals. What other base notes were used?

Thank you! Some of the other notes include clementine and lulo fruit, as well as rosewood and sandalwood.

If you could describe WHOA! ! in one adjective, what would it be?


The design of the bottle is so feminine. How was the design decided upon?

When designing the bottle, the team was looking for the bottle to fit perfectly within the Aerie brand focusing on the look and feel to be feminine and elevated, like a precious jewel.

New Aerie WHOA!! Fragrance

New Aerie WHOA!! Fragrance

Where do you recommend applying fragrance?

On your pulse points, such as your inner wrists (without rubbing wrists together, this can breakdown the fragrance), neck, and inner elbows.

Are you an everyday fragrance girl or do you wear it for special occasions only?

I’m an everyday fragrance girl.

How many perfumes do you own?

Around 10!

What other Aerie fragrances should we be keeping our eye on?

I would keep an eye out for Aerie, Daydream, and Hidden Love. Together, they complete Aerie’s fragrance collection. We have re-packaged these best-selling, most popular fragrances.

What’s the best way to test a fragrance?

The best way to test fragrance is on your skin. (Versus just spraying it into the air.) Apply a little fragrance to the inner wrist, wait a few minutes, and then smell.

Do you prefer a bottle, a rollerball, or both? 

Both! I like that the spray bottles disperse the fragrance when applying. The rollerball applicator is great to use to keep your scent fresh and to use when traveling.

What’s your WHOA!! moment?

It is hard to pick just one; my favorite WHOA!! moment is spending time with family & friends.

New Aerie WHOA!! Fragrance

Try the new Aerie WHOA!! Fragrance today!

Thank you for the behind-the-scenes look Jessica!

Are you crushing on our new fragrance? Submit your #AerieWHOA moment on Instagram for a chance to win our new WHOA!! fragrance and a gift card! Plus, right now you can receive a special goodie bag (with a mini WHOA!! rollerball) for $5 with any $40 purchase.

Aerie Special Goodie Bag Featuring WHOA!! Fragrance

Don’t forget to add Aerie’s special goodie bag to your cart!


  For more behind-the-scenes look into the happening’s at Aerie follow @Aerie on Twitter and Instagram!

xo, Aerie


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