Bright Pink FabFest 2013 Photo Diary

Bright Pink FabFest 2013 Photo Diary

We were so excited to be a part of one of Bright Pink’s fabulous fundraising events this year – FabFest! On Sunday, September 29, over 550 attendees came together to spend the day participating in an inspirational, action-packed health & wellness experience. And they raised over $500,000! Hosted by Giuliana Rancic & Bright Pink’s leading lady, Lindsay Avner, all attendees had the opportunity to take workout classes, pamper themselves and drop by our Aerie table for free bra fittings and pink undies!

We were also lucky to have two of the top fundraising store managers from our 2012 Bright Pink fundraising campaign attend. Liz B. and Jen K. flew in for the event and had a fantastic time joining in on the day of beauty and fitness. Check out our photo diary below for photos from the event.

Giuliana and Lindsay

Giuliana and Lindsay kick off the day!

Aerie Booth

Setting up the Aerie table with help from our fabulous Bra Experts Hannah, Marcie and Blanca.

FabFest 2013

Undie love!

FabFest 2013

Aerie girls enjoying the event!

FabFest 2013

We love our friends over at Bright Pink!

FabFest 2013

Shout out to our amazing Bra Experts Marcie & Blanca!

FabFest 2013

Final savasana at FabFest 2013!

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