Aerie Friends & Family: Bright Pink Support Ambassador Kristina H.

Aerie Friends & Family: Bright Pink Support Ambassador Kristina H.

Meet Kristina, Bright Pink Support Ambassador from San Antonio, Texas. Read on to learn about what led Kristina to become involved with Bright Pink and how she spread the organization’s mission across the country.

Bright Pink Ambassador Kristina H.

Meet Bright Pink Ambassador Kristina H.

 Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a super young 39 year old living in San Antonio, Texas. I am married to the coolest dude and I have three pretty cute kids.  I work in marketing and community investment for a large credit union. If I’m not at home or at work, you can usually find me at a concert or in another city, because I love to travel. (side note: Chicago is my fave!)

How did you hear about/ get involved with Bright Pink?

I got involved with Bright Pink in 2009 when I began my journey of prevention as I had just lost my mom to ovarian cancer and discovered that I carry a BRCA2 genetic mutation. One of the worst decisions I ever made (googling “mastectomy”) resulted in one of the greatest rewards of my life because I eventually landed on the Bright Pink web site. Without any Bright Pink presence in my city, I launched the San Antonio chapter and immediately connected with medical professionals and other high-risk girls in my home town.

Who or what has been the most important influence in your life?

Without a doubt, my mother has been the greatest influence on my life. She had a zest for life that was unmatched by others. My mother’s laugh was infectious and, even in her darkest days, she never missed an opportunity to make a joke and bring joy to others. There’s also that little thing of leaving me with the knowledge of my risk so that I could be empowered to make decisions that might save my life. Though she is not here to see the impact she has made and the woman I have become, I know that she approves. I can feel her. Subtlety was never her thing.

Why is it important for girls/women to become educated in breast/ovarian health?

Knowledge is power. And now more than ever, we have the tools for prevention and early detection at our fingertips. We have the obligation to pay attention to our bodies and be advocates for our own health. Knowing what questions to ask can save your life. That’s powerful.

What inspires you in everyday life?

My children inspire me every single day. Such innocence and such amazement at the world around them. They don’t know it yet, but everything I’ve done to prevent myself from getting cancer has been done for them. Someday we’ll talk about it and they’ll learn how to be their own advocates. Maybe by then we’ll have a cure?

What do you love about Bright Pink?

I love that bright Pink shares tools and education about a potentially scary topic to young women in a way that is totally not scary. Bright Pink is about empowerment and taking control. I love that we arm young women with tools like Assess Your Risk that give them actionable tools to make a difference in their lives. Bright Pink is not just about spreading awareness. We’re about taking that awareness and turning it into action. Also, I have made the best friends of my life through Bright Pink and that’s super awesome.

How can girls/women get involved with Bright Pink?

Visit to see if there is a Bright Pink chapter in your city. There, you can sign up to join our mailing list, take the Assess Your Risk quiz and read stories about other amazing Bright Pink girls. We can’t wait to meet you!

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