Denim Done Right: Favorite Boyfriend

Denim Done Right: Favorite Boyfriend

We talked to Assistant Women’s Denim Designer Rachel to give you the “skinny” on all of AEO’s legendary jean fits that have been updated and redesigned for the Back to School season. Read on to find your perfect fit.

Every girl needs a relaxed jean — great for class or lazy weekends.

This fit was made for long, lazy weekends. Effortlessly cool and incomparably relaxed, these jeans take casual to the next level. Ground them in your favorite sandals or sneakers.

Shop all Favorite Boyfriend.


American Eagle Outfitters Favorite Boyfriend

Favorite Boyfriend

Rise (waist): Low Rise

Front Rise: 8.25″

Back Rise: 13.5″

Inseam: 31″

Fit: Fitted thru hip

Leg Opening: 20.5″

Washes: 4 washes available, all in Super Stretch!

Sizes (& lengths): 00-18 Short, Regular, Long, and Extra-Long. Online only!

Main Benefit: Great relaxed fit that is comfortable and flattering.

Price Range: $39.95 – $49.95

See all of our Favorite Boyfriend washes.

See all of our Favorite Boyfriend washes.

We talked to Assistant Women’s Denim Designer Rachel to give you the “skinny” on all of AEO’s legendary jean fits that have been updated and redesigned for the Back to School season. Read on to find your perfect fit.

Everyday sexy fit. Perfect from day to night.

Your favorite fit gets an awesome edge from this must-have rise. From crop tops and embellished tanks to preppy button-downs, this fit rocks with just about everything. Take things even higher with heels or sneaker wedges.

Shop all Hi-Rise Skinny Jeans.

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Story of a Store: AEO Times Square

Story of a Store: AEO Times Square

At 30,000 square feet, our American Eagle Outfitters Times Square store is the largest in the fleet—and more than 40,000 customers walk through its doors every week. In July, we debuted a newly redesigned layout of our flagship store with an entire floor dedicated to AEO Jeans thanks to the hard work and creative vision of Brian H., Director International Brand Presentation; Michael S., Director Store Design; and Dean S., Vice President of Brand Presentation and Store Design. We spoke with Brian H. to learn more about what goes into redesigning a store and the inspiration behind the new look of our Times Square store.

American Eagle Outfitters Times Square

American Eagle Outfitters Times Square

Why was the Times Square store redesigned?
Walking through the store, we realized there was a lot of unused space we could utilize. When the Times Square store first opened, the Men’s Floor was in the cellar, but we later moved it to the first floor. After some time we realized that having the Men’s Floor in the cellar worked best, so we recently decided to move it back there. Once that space opened up on the first floor we decided to focus it on denim and give ourselves the opportunity to show off our breadth of fits and washes.

The Sharp Shop on the newly redesigned Mens' Floor.

The Sharp Shop on the newly redesigned Mens Floor.

What is the process from design to execution? How long did it take?
We decided to redesign the store in June 2012, so it took about a year to concept, design and execute the idea. We started with architects out of San Francisco, who really helped us bring the vision to life.

What was your inspiration behind the new store design?
Mainly we took all of our cues from New York City. On the exposed brick within the store, we painted graphics on the walls to mimic how they used to paint old advertisements on exterior walls of buildings throughout the city. Even the scaffolding system that holds the denim wall is like the scaffolding you see on buildings in New York. We also used a lot of subway tile and concrete throughout the store.

Scaffolding on the denim bar.

Scaffolding on the denim bar.

As you walk from the redesigned Mens Floor to the AEO Jeans Floor (on the ground level), the staircase is like what you would see in a Soho building. The fitting rooms are made of cedar, like in a sauna or a closet, so it’s a really enhanced experience. From a sustainability aspect, all of the flooring, shelves and tables are made from reclaimed oak. We really were just enhancing the store design that was already there and creating a richer customer experience.

The staircase inspired by Soho.

The staircase inspired by Soho.

What new features does the AEO Jeans Floor on the ground level have?
When you come in the door, you immediately see a 27-foot denim bar that shows each AEO denim fit on a leg form.  This way you can see how each fit looks on body, as well as the detailing and wash. This is especially helpful because you can see how the rise sits on the body more clearly, whether it is our Jegging or Hi-Rise Artist. You can find our favorite washes each season on this table as well. There are 900 pairs of jeans alone on this table.

From a digital aspect, we have a new digital fit guide. The concept around the fit guide was based on the Grand Central Station train schedule. The Womens fits flip from Mens like the schedule at the train terminal to keep the idea of New York alive. You even hear the clicking sound as they change!

The new digital AEO Jean fit guide.

The new digital AEO Jean fit guide.

You also redesigned the entire fitting room experience. What is it like?
We had the fitting rooms placed in a back corridor and we wanted to create a whole fitting room experience around denim, so we actually brought the fitting rooms forward into the center of the store. To modernize the fitting room experience we decided to create the fitting room as a lightbox [lit imagery] experience. The customer passes through an image of our Project Live Your Life cast members and can learn more about them.

Entrance to the new TSQ fitting rooms.

Entrance to the new Times Square fitting rooms.

We built a massive 32-foot denim wall in front of the fitting room that is double-sided and has every fit and wash of jean represented. While the customer is trying on jeans, the store associate is able to get the customer different fits, washes and sizes so they can continue the conversation and communicate more intimately with them to help find their perfect fit. Every Store Associate is trained on each denim fit with videos from the denim designers.

The 32 foot jean wall in the fitting room.

The 32 foot jean wall in the fitting room.

What other changes were seen in the redesign?
We actually raised the store front by three feet. Originally we didn’t have windows and you weren’t able to see inside the store from the street. We created a 16-foot wall out of indigo thread (over 3,000 pounds of thread were used), showing our fit guide on forms and celebrating the AEO Jeans Fit Shop.

The new store front.

The new store front.

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Aerie Friends & Family: Bright Pink Support Ambassador Julie G.

Aerie Friends & Family: Bright Pink Support Ambassador Julie G.

Meet Julie G., a Bright Pink Support Ambassador  from Denver, Colorado! Read on to learn more about Julie and how Bright Pink has made an impact on her life.

Meet Julie G., Bright Pink Outreach Ally

Meet Julie G., Bright Pink Support Ambassador


Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

My name is Julie Gordon and I reside in beautiful Denver, Colorado.  I am fortunate to live in a state that has 300+ days of sunshine per year, which means there are no excuses to get out and enjoy the beauty.  I live on a park and we are less than an hour away from the mountains, so we take full advantage of an active Colorado lifestyle.  Winter hobbies mostly include skiing!  Summer activities include biking around town/to baseball games/concerts in the park, hiking the trails and/or mountains (I have summited 10 of the 54 14,000 foot peaks), running, fly fishing, dinning al fresco.

I have the most fun and rewarding job!  I am the owner of barre3 Denver.  Barre3 combines the grace of the ballet barre with the wisdom of yoga and the strength of Pilates.  I work with an amazing team of instructors, and we together have shaped the bodies and self-image of women (and men) in our community by teaching challenging classes set to an upbeat soundtrack.  But to be honest, I get more out of seeing my clients in class and sharing their stories and successes…much like working with Bright Pink!


How did you hear about/ get involved with Bright Pink?

I first heard about Bright Pink after Giuliana Rancic (a close friend and supporter of Bright Pink) shared her breast cancer diagnosis and mentioned her work with Bright Pink.  A few months later, I had my genetic testing done after my aunt was diagnosed with ovarian cancer (she is also a breast cancer survivor who was diagnosed at 29 years of age).  After I received my results (I am BRCA negative-the only one out of ten family members who have been tested; all the others are BRCA positive) I came across Bright Pink as a result of internet research, and I knew I wanted to be involved in this amazing organization-to raise awareness and education for those with a strong family history of breast and/or ovarian cancer (like me), have been diagnosed, or carry the BRCA gene mutation.  Like Lindsay Avner, the brilliant founder of Bright Pink, I feel with education and empowering young women about their risk that not another woman should be diagnosed or suffer with breast/ovarian cancer.

Then I registered to run the 2012 Chicago Marathon as a member of Bright Pink.  My involvement didn’t stop there – last summer I joined the Denver Bright Pink Chapter as our Support Ambassador.  I have met some incredibly inspiring, bold women here in Denver and on the leadership team in Chicago and the ambassadors in other cities.


Who or what has been the most important influence in your life?

As silly as it seems, it is my kitty, Emily–she has changed my life for the better.  For the last 16 years (yes, she is 16 years old) she has been my constant companion through good times…and the not so good times, I find more joy in witnessing her actions and how she delights in the simple things (her fave toys are a cardboard box or a paper grocery bag and a plastic pull tab from a Whole Foods container), she gives generously, she has helped me realize the benefit of an afternoon “cat nap,” her loving gaze and gentle touch have opened my eyes to my surroundings and how I connect with others, and let me tell you about some of the conversations we have had…!  I could go on and on!  I don’t know what I will do without her.


What inspires you in everyday life?

The beauty of my surroundings–the snow capped mountains, the sunsets that take your breath away, the wind that creates music as it blows the leaves of the aspen trees, the calming sound of water trickling in a brook, a delish meal prepared with my boyfriend, and a lovely glass of wine.  Then there are the experiences of travel…!!  Isn’t that why we work so hard? 😉


What do you love about Bright Pink?

I love that it has connected women who would not have for any other reason met in life.  Through sharing our journey, we can support and build each other up on a local level and help the leadership team achieve so many goals and reach that many more young women.  I love that it has forced my family to communicate and be proactive about our results and consider our options-it has joined us together as a family no matter how spread out in the country we are.  I love too that Bright Pink has given me that extra nudge to open my own business so I can have an impact on the health and wellness of women (and men) in my community-at-large.  My business has also provided me with a space to host events for our local Bright Pink women.


How can girls/women get involved with Bright Pink?

The Bright Pink website is a wonderful resource and would be the first place to find more information.  It can send one in the right direction to connect with a local chapter, you can make a tax-deductible donation, and learn more about the amazing programs that Bright Pink offers.



Bright Pink’s message is about the importance of taking a proactive approach to your health and they offer an interactive online quiz that combines your family health history and lifestyle factors to create a personalized risk assessment for you to save, print, and bring to your doctor to craft a proactive breast and ovarian health strategy unique to you!  Check out Bright Pink’s Assess Your Risk tool and check back for more updates on our partnership.

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Introducing the AEO Premium Denim Diary: Breaking in Raw Denim

Introducing the AEO Premium Denim Diary: Breaking in Raw Denim










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We spoke with Men’s Denim Designer Joanna S. to get the lowdown on breaking in Premium Denim. Not all of our Premium Denim is raw, but all are made of higher quality fabric and high end washes.


American Eagle Outfitters Breaking in Raw Premium Denim

AEO Premium Raw Denim


Breaking in a pair of raw denim is an opportunity to make your very own pair of perfect jeans.

Raw denim is denim in its purest form. It’s never been washed, so it’s a blank slate. After the fabric is dyed and the jean is sewn, it’s not washed or given any distressing. It has a rigid, crisp look and feel and sturdy construction. In essence, it is the oldest and most authentic way of wearing jeans because they are clean and new. With time they will become distressed and “broken in.” As you wear them they will fade in specific areas, usually in areas of stress or where they’re rubbed. The best way to describe it it that it is not a “wash,” but a “wear.” The fabric molds to your body so no two pairs of Premium Denim are ever alike. You make the perfect pair of jeans for your body. The wear pattern will all be from your own creation. Just by wearing the jeans from day to day, they’ll become a denim diary of your life.

When you first start wearing Premium Denim, it will be rigid and a little uncomfortable. You need to push through that and keep wearing the jeans. This stiffness is part of the innate character of the denim, and that’s what makes it cool. Its toughness is what makes it durable and helps it last a lifetime.  It’s what will withstand you living your life to the fullest.

There are many opinions surrounding when you should first wash your raw denim. When you do decide to wash your jeans, make sure to turn them inside out and wash in cold water so as not to ruin the hard work you have put in creating your very own denim artwork. Many people say that you should go six months without washing your jeans. This means that the distress pattern will look authentic without making your jeans uniformly lighter in shade, but it is really up to you. The longer you wait, the better your jeans will look.

It is important to know that your jeans will shrink a little when you do decide to wash them, so bear that in mind when trying them on. A denim expert at an American Eagle Outfitters store can help you select the perfect fit. -JS


In the coming weeks we are going to follow along as  two of our menswear buyers, Alex and Nghia, “break in” our Premium Denim following Joanna’s approach. Follow along over the next several months as Alex and Nghia wear the jeans nearly every day and see what happens as they become one of a kind, based on how they each live their lives


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Fitness Fridays: 4 AM Runner

Fitness Fridays: 4 AM Runner

In honor of our AEO Performance launch we asked a few of our fitness-obsessed Home Office Associates to choose pieces from the new collection that they rock before, during, and after their workouts.

For our first Fitness Friday, we’re focusing on the 4 a.m. runner. We couldn’t think of anyone better to talk about how AEO Performance fits their running workouts than our Social Media Coordinator, Cassie, who has been a distance runner for the past 10 years.

What are your favorite pieces from the AEO Performance line?

The AEO Performance Running Shorts are awesome – they have a zipper pocket in the waist which is great for carrying my house or car key on long runs. I love the Crossback Bra because of the back details and color. The windbreaker is great for cool mornings and makes it easier for cars to see me if I’m out running before the sun comes up.


American Eagle Outfitters 4 am runner

Take your look from the running trail to the streets with this look from AEO Performance.

Get the look:

AEO Performance Windbreaker

AEO Performance Mantra T-Shirt

AEO Performance Running Short

AEO Performance Crossback Bra

New Balance 792 Sneaker


What tips would you give people who are thinking about starting a running routine or are new runners?

Running is a mental sport – if you tell yourself you can do something, you will. Don’t psych yourself out. When I started running ten years ago, I thought a 5K (3.1 miles) sounded impossible, but now I’m running half-marathons (13.1 miles) on a regular basis.

What are your go-to running tunes?

It depends on my mood, but typically anything that is upbeat, a lot of pop and hip-hop. I have a Long Runs playlist on Spotify that I try not to only listen to when I’m running so I don’t get sick of the songs. Lately I’ve been into The White Panda, because of their really cool mash-ups.


pgh marathon american eagle outfitters fitness fridays

Cassie (right) with Emily, Aerie Assistant Pushup Bra Buyer after the Pittsburgh 2013 Half-Marathon


How do you stay motivated as a runner?

I truthfully enjoy running. I’m really active and have a lot of energy, so running is my way to get extra energy out and stay focused. I love running first thing in the morning before coming into the office – it’s easier to go out and run before you’re too awake to realize what you’re doing and make excuses of why you can’t do it.

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#AEStyle Roundup

#AEStyle Roundup

American Eagle Outfitters is all about expressing your individual style. That’s why we asked you to share your personal look with #AEStyle on Instagram and Twitter for a chance to show us how you live your life in fashion.

Shop the look:

AE Stripe Zip Shoulder T-Shirt

AE Braided Denim Midi Short

AEO Studded Wedge Sneaker (similar)

Shop the look:

AE Slim Straight Khaki

AEO Canvas Sneaker

AE Photo Real T-Shirt (similar)

AE Signature Baseball Cap (similar)

AE Chambray Western Shirt (cut sleeves off for a similar look)

Shop the look:

AEO Slip-On Espadrille

Shop the look:

AE Dark Denim Jacket

AE Flowery Printed Dress (similar)

Shop the look:

AE Statement Graphic T-Shirt

Shop the look:

AE Hoodie T-Shirt

AE Plaid Button Down

Slim Straight Jean

AEO Rugged Leather Boot

Shop the look:

AEO Fan Burst Necklace (similar)

AE Baseball T-Shirt

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