AE Friends & Family: Stacy M., Senior AEO Performance Designer

AE Friends & Family: Stacy M., Senior AEO Performance Designer

Learn more about our AEO Performance designer, Stacy M., and her passion for fitness, design, and American Eagle Outfitters.

How did you discover your passion for design?

I discovered my passion for design from my mother who owns a clothing boutique.  When I was in elementary school I would play dress-up in beautiful designer clothes, waiting for her to get off work and that was definitely inspiring.  From the time I was in seventh grade I knew I was going to pursue design.

How did you get your start as a designer?

My first college internship was for a company that designs dance performance costumes and gymnastic leotards.  While working there, they were designing leotards for the 1996 Olympics gymnastics team.  Having such an exciting experience there is what sparked my interest in performance wear.

What’s next on your “Life To Do” list?

Plan a proper vacation!  Basically, relax on a beach and catch up on a few good books.

What is a typical day at work like for you?

It’s unexpected and fast paced, so I guess there is no typical day.  I love my job because of the creativity and new challenges that come up every day.  One day I can be on the streets of NYC checking out what new, cool things are happening and the next day I could be traveling overseas looking at samples for future seasons.

How do you try to stay active in your life?

Living in NYC you walk everywhere, which is great exercise.  I also take pilates classes and love outdoor activities. I just got back from white water rafting and I’m still sore.  It was a great workout, a bit scary and exciting at the same time.

What is your favorite part of your job?

First and foremost are the people I work with: They are absolutely the favorite part of my work.  Second, is working every season to design the perfect items for our customers. I enjoy the challenge of finding the balance between functionality and fashion.

How does your work influence your personal style?

I have the chance to look at runway shows and magazines for inspiration, which definitely influences my personal style.  I also like to incorporate active inspired pieces into my every day wardrobe.  This is the idea we had when designing the line.

What’s on your summer workout playlist?

What I’m listening to now is Daft Punk, JT, Alt-j, Divine Fits and Jay Z.  I love music and try to find new upbeat albums that are great for working out.

What is your favorite piece from the Performance collection? Favorite jean fit?

My favorite piece is the tech crop.  The fabric is soft, has amazing compression and there is pop color stitching on the design lines which are so flattering.  I am also a big fan of our Crossback Bra (med impact) – it’s so comfortable and really works!!! My favorite AE jean fit is the Hi-Rise Jegging.  It’s a perfect fit and great for day into night.

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