Project Live Your Life: Week 3 Finalists

Project Live Your Life: Week 3 Finalists

Check out week 3 winners from Project Live Your Life! Its up to you. Who will be in our next campaign? Vote now for our Project Live Your Life finalists.

Andrea T.- Always Active

Antonio O. – AEO Heritage

Bryan P.- Always Active

Carolina S.- Denim JEANius

Deborah V.- Denim JEANius

Eric K. – Old School Cool

Hugh W. – Ready to Rock

Jackie S. – Old School Cool

Kalique J. – AEO Heritage

Lexy P. – Vintage Style

Mahad A.- Always Active

Maria P. Always Active

Nic E. – Denim JEANius

Paige M.- Ready to Rock

Ruben P. – Old School Cool

Sara Z. – AEO Heritage

Sophia G. – Vintage Style

Stephany R. – AEO Heritage

Teren M. – Old School Cool

Timothy S. – Ready to Rock

Trey M.- Denim JEANius

Tyler G. – Vintage Style


Yanina D.- Ready to Rock

Zach D.- Vintage Style


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