Aerie Friends & Family: Bright Pink Ambassador Angela S.

Aerie Friends & Family: Bright Pink Ambassador Angela S.

Meet Angela, a Bright Pink Ambassador from Vermont. Read on to learn more about how Bright Pink came into her life at the exact right time and what inspires her in everyday life.

Meet Angela S., Bright Pink Ambassador from VT.

Meet Angela S., Bright Pink Ambassador from VT.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself. 

I currently live in Burlington, VT, where I am the Director of Human Resources and Career Service, and an adjunct faculty member at Burlington College. My hobbies include baking pastry masterpieces, perfecting my handstand in yoga and cheering on my son at baseball games.

How did you hear about/ get involved with Bright Pink? 

I learned about Bright Pink in 2007, from a New York Times article about Lindsay Avner. I had just found out that I carried the BRCA1 mutation, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I called Lindsay the very next day and asked to get involved. I’ve been proud a part of Bright Pink ever since.

Who or what has been the most important influence in your life?

My dad has always been a huge influence on me – from teaching me about loyalty and bravery, to teaching me how to make a perfect pie crust, he’s always been there for me and supported me unconditionally in everything.

What inspires you in everyday life?

There are so many things, and it depends on the day or the situation. Sometimes it’s watching my son grow up. Other times it’s being able to witness the strength and love that people have for each other. Doing work that is meaningful provides endless inspiration.

What do you love about Bright Pink?

Bright Pink is such a positive and optimistic organization. It’s all about empowering women, supporting women through something difficult.  Bright Pink is much more than a support organization. They provide expert advice and resources so women can be as educated as possible through this journey. And the women that I’ve met through Bright Pink have become some of my closest friends.

How can girls/women get involved with Bright Pink?

Visit to find a chapter or ally city locally. Interact with us on Facebook or Twitter.


Bright Pink’s message is about the importance of taking a proactive approach to your health and they offer an interactive online quiz that combines your family health history and lifestyle factors to create a personalized risk assessment for you to save, print, and bring to your doctor to craft a proactive breast and ovarian health strategy unique to you!  Check out Bright Pink’s Assess Your Risk tool and check back for more updates on our partnership.

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