Aerie Friends & Family: Sarah R., Bright Pink Storyteller

Aerie Friends & Family: Sarah R., Bright Pink Storyteller

For the past few years, Aerie has been partnering with Bright Pink, a national non-profit organization focused on the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women. We wanted to celebrate our partnership with them by showcasing some of the members that make up the soul of the organization. Meet Sarah R., Bright Pink Storyteller and Fitness Director for Chicago Athletic Clubs. Read on to learn more about how Sarah’s journey with Bright Pink began and how you can get involved too.



Sarah R., Bright Pink Storyteller


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am fortunate to be living in a city I love and working doing what started as a hobby, now turned passion. I started teaching group fitness classes in 1997 in Denver, Colorado before and after my “day” job as an marketing and event director for a publishing company. When my husband, son and I moved to Chicago seven years ago, I picked up some classes at several Chicago Athletic Clubs locations. I am now the Fitness Director for CAC, overseeing the Group Fitness and Personal Training Departments of all six locations and, of course, still teaching classes!

How did you hear about/ get involved with Bright Pink?

I was introduced to Bright Pink through lululemon four years ago. I am closely connected with the fitness community and was introduced to Lindsay prior to the very first Fit Fest (now Fab Fest). I was honored to teach a class at the inaugural event and am thrilled to continue my involvement.

Who or what has been the most important influence in your life?

My father is the most important influence in my life. He introduced me to fitness when I was nine years old. I ran my first race with him when I was ten. We ran the same race thirty years later and crossed the finish line hand in hand. His strength, dedication, compassion, commitment and unconditional love influences me daily.

Why is it important for girls/women to become educated in breast/ovarian health?

It is important to know our body, to know what it should be and to know what it should NOT be. This applies not just to breast/ovarian health, but overall health and fitness, as well. Awareness is the first step in being and staying healthy.

What inspires you in everyday life?

The real people around me inspire me daily. The people I see every day who often say they look to me for inspiration inspire me. They make me want to be better so I can continue to inspire and positively influence them.

What do you love about Bright Pink?

I love that Bright Pink focuses on education and prevention of breast/ovarian cancer to young women. The proactive nature of Bright Pink, combined with the support network and the fun events targeted to young women set it apart from other organizations.

How can girls/women get involved with Bright Pink?

Bright Pink has so many ways to get involved from donating, volunteering or participating in chapter events. I am a little biased though… one of the most fun ways to get involved would be to build a fundraising team of eleven friends and come to Chicago in September for Fab Fest 2013! Visit for opportunities and information.

Bright Pink’s message is about the importance of taking a proactive approach to your health and they offer an interactive online quiz that combines your family health history and lifestyle factors to create a personalized risk assessment for you to save, print, and bring to your doctor to craft a proactive breast and ovarian health strategy unique to you!  Check out Bright Pink’s Assess Your Risk tool and check back for more updates on our partnership.


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