Behind the Lens: Project Live Your Life Photo Shoot

Behind the Lens: Project Live Your Life Photo Shoot
Project Live Your Life will be back later this month. We’re looking for inspirational people doing cool things to become part of the AE brand. Get inspired to enter Project Live Your Life by reading a photo shoot testimonial from Leanne, a student activist from Fairfax, VA and a member of our Back to School Cast.
AEO BTS 2013 Behind the Scenes 126

Leanne shooting in the subway.

The Project Live Your Life Back to School Photo Shoot in New York City was seriously a dream come true. I got to spend an entire week in the coolest city in the world and represent an amazing brand. The rest of the cast turned out to be the craziest and kindest group of people I had ever met. We still talk on Facebook constantly but I miss everyone terribly. Honestly, it still hasn’t totally hit me that it is over. I keep thinking I will get go back!


Leanne Hyner American Eagle Outfitters Seventeen Magazine Project Live Your Life

Leanne Instagramed this photo of herself in Seventeen Magazine!

I will never forget opening the e-mail that said, “Congrats, you have the chance to be in American Eagle’s next campaign”, shooting with RJ Shaughnessy in Brooklyn while the sun set over New York City in the distance, or the roof top party the last night! It was such a wonderful experience that I will cherish forever.

Follow Leanne:

Instagram: @lonshyer

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