DIY: Customized AE Shoes

DIY: Customized AE Shoes

Our friend Jack Ryan is an artist and producer in San Diego, CA. Our shoe team was so impressed by his work that we asked him to design a custom pair just for us! Jack was inspired by our Summer 2013 photo shoot in Sayulita, Mexico and used the color and theme to develop “Surf Flowers”.

We asked Jack why he began customizing shoes. “It’s a canvas.  That’s what I’ve been saying for a long time.  A blank canvas shoe has so much potential for self expression and unique style.  When I look at them on other people’s feet, I always say to myself, one day those shoes will have my flowers on them and everybody will be a petal pusher like me. American Eagle Outfitters canvas shoes are a great place to express my style,” he responded.

Read on to see before and after pics, what you’ll need to create your own customized shoes, and step-by-step instructions.

Live Your Life Shoe by Jack Ryan for American Eagle Outfitters


Live Your Life Flowers by Jack Ryan for American Eagle Outfitters


What you’ll need:

A pair of canvas shoes from American Eagle Outfitters

A pencil

Waterproof markers in a variety of colors

Step One:

Surflowers by Jack Ryan 2

“Measure twice, draw once. I always perfect my pencil drawing before I jump to the ink. There’s no turning back at that point.” -Jack

Step Two:

Surflowers by Jack Ryan for American Eagle Outfitters

Finalize your design with a black marker.


Step Three:

Surflowers by Jack Ryan for American Eagle Outfitters

Color in your design.


Step Four:

Surflowers by Jack Ryan 7

Sign your finished shoe for a complete customized look. Let dry overnight then show off your design!

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