Behind the Lens: Project Live Your Life Photo Shoot

Behind the Lens: Project Live Your Life Photo Shoot

Project Live Your Life will be back this July. We’re looking for inspirational people doing cool things to become part of the AE brand. Get inspired to enter Project Live Your Life by reading a photo shoot testimonial from Frankie, a singer from Vancouver, Canada and a member of our Back to School Cast.

My experience with the American Eagle Outfitters Back to School 2013 photo shoot was truly once in a lifetime. Since I was coming to New York City from London, England, I was the last cast member to arrive and I will never forget the moment I walked into the studio. I was greeted by 20 loud, crazy, beautiful, loving, and friendly Americans who welcomed me with open arms. It was a quick hello and directly up to my fitting where I got to try on all the outfits I would be wearing for the shoot.

Frankie posing with his new friends underneath the Brooklyn Bridge.

Getting to meet all of the cast and crew from American Eagle was truly unforgettable. Everyone had their own unique style, background, and story. Together we would make up one heck of a reality TV show cast or more appropriately, one amazing AE Family.

Frankie grabbing sushi with other cast members.

When I was taken to my first photo shoot location on the streets of NYC, I realized that I had really become part of the AE brand. I was humbled, and so excited to get to shoot in one of my favorite places in the entire world. I smiled, I hopped, and I spun around as New York City passersby watched me as I got to experience one of the coolest things of my life.

Frankie (far right) with other Back to School 2013 cast members in front of our Soho flagship store.

Overall it was a thrill, I met some amazing people, and I left inspired to continue to do amazing things and continue to propel my career forward. Thank you so much to American Eagle Outfitters for making this Canadian kid’s dreams come true.

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