Aerie DIY Hawaiian Shorts

Aerie DIY Hawaiian Shorts

As the temperature rises and the heat sets in, it’s time to say goodbye to those winter pants and hello to those legs of yours that you’ve been hiding for way too long. What better way to celebrate summer than to jazz up a new (or old) pair of Aerie shorts? Check out the post below to learn how to spruce up your Aerie sleepwear so that you can take them straight from your sheets… to the beach!

Materials you will need:

Take your Aerie Boxer Shorties to the next level by following our step by step DIY guide


1: Take your scarf and cut about 1 inch from the end.

Cut about 1 inch from the edge of the scarf

2: Line the bottom of the boxers with the cut material from the scarf and pin in place along the seam.

Pin along the seam to minimize the appearance of your thread.

3: Thread your needle and start stitching. Use thread that’s similar in color to the stitching already on the boxers, taking the pins out as you go.

Stitch along the seam that is already in place.

Let the stitching on the boxers act as your guide when sewing on the tassels.

4: After you’ve secured your thread and ensured all the pins are out, enjoy your new shorties! Show them off at the beach, a music festival or a pool party. It’s that simple!

For other creative ideas on how to add texture to your boxers, check out the image below:

Be creative! Use scarves with different textures to create fun and flirty looks.


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