Palm Springs To Do Guide

Palm Springs To Do Guide

It’s that time of year again… festival season is in full force! If you’re not completely tuckered out from dancing yet, we hope you’ve packed your bags – because AE and Aerie have created an awesome to-do list of Indio-inspired hangs.

If you’re not familiar with Indio’s biggest festival, it’s a music festival that spans two weekends. It’s filled with good tunes, celebrity spottings, funky fashion and, most of all, great times! And no matter what band you’re there to see, you’re bound to have an awesome experience (just make sure you stake out enough wiggle room to dance the night away). We understand you probably have a pretty packed list when it comes to concerts – so we’ve created a to-do list outside the concert grounds to ensure that your time in Indio isn’t wasted. Take a look at our top spots below:

Worlds Biggest Dinosaurs. Photo Credit: 101 Things To Do Palm Springs

  • Palm Springs Aerial Tramway – Take the tram 2.5 miles up the side of a mountain and you’re instantly in a forest that seems totally out of place in the middle of the desert. It’s about 30 degrees colder there, too, so be sure to pack your favorite AE Sweater!

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. Photo Credit: Active Rain

  • Shields Date Garden –This place has a wide selection of dates (no, no… not like actual human dates, we’re talking about the purple dried fruit that looks like an overgrown raisin). Try everything from Chocolate Covered to Honey, or try a Date Milkshake, as requested by our Music Man, Brad S. Buy a sampler pack, but don’t be surprised if you finish it before you even leave Palm Springs.

Shields Date Garden. Photo Credit:

  • Las Casuelas Quinta – Great Mexican food isn’t hard to find in Palm Springs, but we love this restaurant for their great patio. We suggest indulging in one of their Burrito Especiales.

Try Las Casuelas Quinta for an authentic Mexican cuisine. Photo Credit: Las Casuelas Quinta

  • Palm Greens Café– The perfect spot for health nuts and omnivores alike. We dream about their banana chocolate chip gluten free cookies and fresh pressed green juice. Music Man, Brad and Social Media Coordinator, Cassie ate breakfast here every day during the AE Spring Break 2013 Photoshoot.

Try a delicious meal from Palm Springs Cafe. Photo Credit: Facebook


  • If you’re staying at the Ace Hotel, stop down at the Amigo Room. It’s how a hotel bar should be – old Hollywood, a cool and varied crowd and an awesome beer and cocktail list. Check out trivia night on Tuesdays for a chance to win fun prizes – our AE team won tickets to the Palm Springs Film Festival as a runner-up prize while they were on location during our Spring Break 2013 Photoshoot.

Ace Hotel. Photo Credit: Cassie P, Social Media Coordinator.

  • Jiao– If you’ve had enough fish tacos for one trip, try this Asian-fusion joint. It’s located on the main stretch of Palm Springs, Palm Canyon Drive, and has a great outdoor seating area. The menu changes weekly, so everything is fresh and original.

Stop by JIAO for an Asian-Fusion inspired meal. Photo Credit:

  • Vintage Shops-– Take home a piece of quintessential 50’s and 60’s Palm Springs by stopping by any number of antique stores that line the Coachella Valley strip malls. From furniture to pop culture artifacts to vintage clothing, there’s something for everyone in just about any store you walk into. We suggest checking out Deja Vu Vintage Finery and Route 66 West.

Check out Deja Vu Vintage Finery for one of a kind cothing and jewlery. Photo Credit: Deja Vu Vintage Finery


Thanks for checking out our guide to everything Palm Springs. We hope to see you there!

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