Aerie In Indio: Ellen And Addie Are On Their Way!

Aerie In Indio: Ellen And Addie Are On Their Way!

Aerie is headed back to Indio, California once again this year. For all of you who aren’t attending, we’ve got you covered. Meet Ellen & Addie, two members of our social media team. They’re here to guide you through the next two fun-filled weeks of festival living. Read on to learn more about what they are most excited about and be sure to stay tuned for updates straight to you from the California desert.

Ellen and Addie prepping for Indio.

What music are you most looking forward to during your time at the festival?

AP: Festival season is all about having fun in the sun while looking chic and dancing the night away to your favorite bands. Music is a huge passion of mine. It’s hard to say what concerts I will be attending (I want to attend them all!), but some bands that I’m super excited to see are Phoenix, Sigur Rós, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bassnectar and Yeasayer!

EH: I cannot wait to get back to the desert and check out the bands attending this year’s festival. I have been slowly attempting to listen to every band on the lineup since it was announced, and I’m sure my coworkers have appreciated my daily music selections. Recently, I’m loving the tunes coming from Hot Chip & Phoenix, and I cannot wait to see The XX in person. Pretty Lights and Vampire Weekend are definitely topping my list and I think I share the sentiment with most people that the Red Hot Chili Peppers closing the show on Sunday night is the best way to end the weekend.


What are you packing and what trends are you most looking forward to seeing?

AP: Another thing I love about festival season is the fashion! You can find some seriously funky people repping amazing trends during this festival. I’m a big fan of the bohemian look so I’m excited to see a lot of fringe and lace going on. No matter what, festival season is all about experimenting with trends that you may not normally wear in everyday life, so have fun with it!

EH: It’s safe to say that I have been planning outfits for Indio since I left California this time last year. I’m so excited to check out the desert’s best fashion show and see all of the crazy ensembles the festival crowd puts together. I’m predicting a sea of crop tops and booties from the girls and hopefully a few fashion tanks from the guys. Check out the essentials Addie and I will both be  filling our suitcases with:

  • Aerie Festival Bra: This year’s edition of our Festival Bra is the perfect to wear under a low-cut tank. The hidden underwire gives you the support you need to dance all day, and it comes in a variety of festival-ready colors. Pair it with some fun, flowy shorts (another festival essential) for a rockin’ outfit.
  • AE Crocheted Festival Dress: This is perfect for channeling our inner flower child. Pair it with booties and lots of arm candy to complete your look.
  • A great pair of sunglasses: No matter what facial frame you have, you can never go wrong with a classic pair of sunnies. This year, Addie is going for round frames and Ellen will rock a pair of cat-eyes.
  • Aerie Juliet Balconette Bikini: Let’s face it – Indio wouldn’t be Indio if you didn’t hit up at least one pool party. We love the new Juliet bikini from Aerie for its fun, tropical prints and the practicality of staying cool in the desert heat.
  •  Booties: A solid pair of booties will take any outfit to the next level. The AE Fringe bootie is perfect for a look that’s both comfortable and versatile.
  • Backpack: Surviving a day in the desert heat requires carrying around a few necessities and we are all about backpacks this year. With enough space to carry the essentials, the backpack makes walking around all day and dancing in the sun a breeze. The AEO Studded Canvas Backpack is our personal favorite.

And most importantly … DON’T FORGET YOUR FLOWER CROWN!

Most looking forward to running into…

AP: If I were lucky enough to run into a celebrity in Indio, I would have to say Kate Bosworth would be my choice. She’s the quintessential festival girl… edgy, chic and definitely a party girl.

EH: Nothing beats prowling all of my favorite blogs for a recap of the latest festival fashion coming out of Indio. I am looking forward to seeing what my fave Indio alums, Vanessa Hudgens and Diane Kruger, have put together this year.

We’re so excited to bring you the music festival experience if you can’t be there in person! Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Pose and Facebook for the latest news on what’s happening in Indio.

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