Aerie in Indio… Weekend Two

Aerie in Indio… Weekend Two

Aerie couldn’t wait to spend another weekend in Indio. We kicked it off with a party at the Corona Yacht Club with FILTER Magazine and handed out loads of Aerie goodies, including our new Festival Bra. Party-goers were greeted by the Aerie team, danced to the all-girl rock & roll band, Feathers, and generally had a blast!

Party goers at the Filter Magazine Kickoff party enjoy their free Aerie Totes!

Friday morning came and before we knew it, we were off to our first day of the festival! We rode the Ferris wheel, ate amazing food and soaked up the California sun. We danced, sang, and had an amazing time to bands including the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Alt-J, Passion Pit and Jurassic5, who all rocked the day and night away. Aerie bags and wristbands were handed out to appreciative party-goers who couldn’t wait to get their hands on their free bandeaus. To top off the night, we experienced our first celebrity sighting when we spotted Lucy Hale. Talk about an OMG moment!


#AerieFest Arm Candy!

On Saturday morning  we headed off to the Empire Polo Club for day two of the festival! We spent the day checking out trends (lots of shaped sunglasses, flower crowns, crop tops and high-waisted shorts) and snapped Instagram photos of girls wearing Aerie. Day 2 bands that rocked included The Postal Service, Sigur Ros, Phoenix, Major Lazer, Yeasayer and The xx. We turned in our dancing shoes and ended the night with Coolhaus cookie sandwiches and pizza from Spicy Pie…  both excellent food choices!

Aerie totes spotted in Indio

Despite the sad realization that Sunday was our last day in California, we knew were guaranteed to have a good time. We hit the concert grounds running! Pretty Lights put on an amazing show and La Roux played her hit song “Bulletproof”—she had the whole crowd dancing! The weekend ended with a killer performance from Wu-Tang Clan followed by Red Hot Chili Peppers.


Aerie loves Indio.

All in all, it’s safe to say that Aerie had two weekends in Indio that we will never forget. Until we meet again, California!

Aerie DIY Hawaiian Shorts

Aerie DIY Hawaiian Shorts

As the temperature rises and the heat sets in, it’s time to say goodbye to those winter pants and hello to those legs of yours that you’ve been hiding for way too long. What better way to celebrate summer than to jazz up a new (or old) pair of Aerie shorts? Check out the post below to learn how to spruce up your Aerie sleepwear so that you can take them straight from your sheets… to the beach!

Materials you will need:

Take your Aerie Boxer Shorties to the next level by following our step by step DIY guide


1: Take your scarf and cut about 1 inch from the end.

Cut about 1 inch from the edge of the scarf

2: Line the bottom of the boxers with the cut material from the scarf and pin in place along the seam.

Pin along the seam to minimize the appearance of your thread.

3: Thread your needle and start stitching. Use thread that’s similar in color to the stitching already on the boxers, taking the pins out as you go.

Stitch along the seam that is already in place.

Let the stitching on the boxers act as your guide when sewing on the tassels.

4: After you’ve secured your thread and ensured all the pins are out, enjoy your new shorties! Show them off at the beach, a music festival or a pool party. It’s that simple!

For other creative ideas on how to add texture to your boxers, check out the image below:

Be creative! Use scarves with different textures to create fun and flirty looks.


DIY: Glitter Keds

DIY: Glitter Keds

Keds are a staple shoe that are essential in every Spring wardrobe. Gone are the days of the plain white Keds – they come in a bevy of colors, prints, and cool graphics. Even with all the choices, how can you make your Keds stand out? Our senior stylist Erin shows you how to take your Keds and make them your own with a little glitter and paint!

What you’ll need:

-Keds (any color works – we used Keds Champion Originals Sneaker because they have glitter laces!)


-Paint brushes

-Fabric paint

-Plate or paint pallet

-Glitter (we used a mix of fine and thick glitter)

-High Gloss Modge Podge

Step One:

Take shoelaces out of the Keds and tape over the soles.

american eagle outfitters keds glitter diy step 1

Step One: Remove laces & tape over soles.

Step Two:

Mix your glitter with fabric paint. We mixed thin glitter and thick glitter to get a cool, textured look.

american eagle outfitters keds glitter diy step 1

Step Two: Mix the glitter in the fabric paint.

Step three:

Paint on two coats of the glitter-paint mixture. We painted the upper with the blue glitter mixture and the main part of the shoe with the silver glitter mixture. We also painted around the seams to keep some of the original color showing.

american eagle outfitters keds glitter diy step 3

Step 3: Paint on the glitter-glue mixture.


Step four:

Let your shoes dry at least 4-5 hours.

american eagle outfitters keds glitter diy step 4

Step 4: Let shoes dry 4-5 hours.


Step five:

Seal the dried glitter Keds with hi-gloss Modge Podge. Let dry overnight.

american eagle outfitters keds glitter diy step 5

Step 5: Seal glitter by painting on a coat of hi-gloss Modge Podge.  Let dry overnight.


Step six:

Replace shoe laces. Rock your customized Keds!

american eagle outfitters keds glitter diy step 6

Step 6: Replace laces. Your shoes are ready to wear!

Earth Day 2013: Learn More About AEO x SCA

Earth Day 2013: Learn More About AEO x SCA

American Eagle Outfitters is proud to sponsor the Student Conservation Association. Since the beginning of our partnership in 2006, our volunteers have donated 15,327 hours to help preserve the natural beauty of our planet as part of annual Alternative Spring Break service project. This past year we promoted the SCA and ASB projects in more than 800 stores and invited customers and associates to help choose the next destination to benefit from our efforts. We can’t wait to see all the great things our volunteers do for the National Parks of New York Harbor this June!

From trail building in the Grand Canyon to habitat restoration in the Everglades, AEO is on a mission to help make the world a better place.  Do your part by donating to the SCA & now through 4.24, American Eagle Outfitters will match your donation dollar for dollar, up to $100,000.

Behind the Seams: AE Photo Real

Behind the Seams: AE Photo Real

We’re all about the photo-real graphic tee trend for Spring and Summer. The photo-real trend has been seen on celebs like Emma Roberts to bloggers like NYCPretty and ManRepeller. Learn more about the inspiration and design process behind the photo-real trend from our New York Design Team.

What is the difference between a graphic tee and a photo-real graphic tee?

A graphic tee and a photo-real graphic tee are fundamentally the exact same thing – they are both tees with a graphic.  Instead of a cute message or an American Eagle Outfitters logo, a photo-real tee uses an actual photograph. The designer manipulates a cool photo that they bought or actually took by blurring it, cropping it, fading it, making it black and white, blowing it up, or adding textures to it… anything to make the photo look cool!

emma roberts american eagle outfitters photo real tee

Emma Roberts sports an American Eagle Outfitters Photo Real Tee this month in LA.

What was inspiration behind the images chosen for the AE collection?

The inspiration behind these tee’s were a few different things. First, the Spring/Summer season is always an inspiration to us. We knew these would be arriving in stores just as the weather was getting nicer and people would be excited to start buying fun summer clothes. The photos we used are of summery things: palm trees, a girl riding her bike, surfers, and a girl on a hammock.  As far as the actual layout of the graphics, we get inspiration from things that we see out in the world.  Whether it’s from high fashion, the market place, or cool things happening in the graphic design world – like a cool book cover or magazine spread we saw.

Is there a special process used on photo-real tees and what is it called?  

There are a couple of different processes we use to print the photo-real graphics, one being sublimation. Sublimation is a print technique we use to get the detail you see in the photos and to achieve the beautiful colors. Inks are placed on the fabric in layers of dots that combine together to create the illusion of many more colors, the prints tend to be faded and less real looking. Sublimation uses a special heat transfer to permanently dye the fabric.  Imagine printing out a photo and using an iron to transfer the photo right on to a shirt.

From design perspective, what inspired this trend?

Photo-real as a trend is always around to some degree. We do photo-real tees every season for the most part. Cityscapes in Times Square are always our best sellers! I think people like wearing photo-real graphics because maybe it’s a photo of the city you are from or something you love, like palm trees or surfers. It’s a great way to express yourself without having to wear a shirt that says something. Instagram and sharing your photos and videos on Vine is super trendy right now – everyone has become a photographer!

man repeller photo real tee american eagle outfitters

Fashion blogger ManRepeller shows off a customized AE Photo Real tank featuring a picture from her Instagram account that we created for her.

Is this trend limited to tees?

Absolutely not! You can find photo real graphics on tees to tanks to board shorts.

Our First Weekend in Indio

Our First Weekend in Indio

Weekend one in Indio came and went and we definitely had a blast! We kicked it off with a party at the Corona Yacht Club with FILTER Magazine (great way to start, right?). Special guests St. Lucia and Penguin Prison set the mood for party guests with two great sets, and attendees of the party received our new Festival Bra!

Aerie swag from the FILTER Magazine Kick Off Party!

Aerie swag from the FILTER Magazine Kick Off Party!

Chole Bridges and Anna Sophia Robb from The Carrie Diaries stopped by the party!

Chloe Bridges and Anna Sophia Robb from The Carrie Diaries stopped by the party!

The first day of the festival started off with a setting of sunshine and palm trees. We spent the day scoping out the fashion of the other attendees—we spotted countless crop tops, high-waist shorts and bandeaus! And of course, we checked out our favorite bands. We started off the day listening to the tunes of Alt-J (a favorite of the entire #AerieFest crew) and made our way to over to Passion Pit, Modest Mouse and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Some of our top bands of the day were Jurassic 5 and Bassnectar.

We began Saturday night rocking out to The Postal Service. After 10 years they sound better than ever, and we had a great time dancing the night away. Phoenix was amazing, as expected—and their surprise guest, Mr. R. Kelly himself, didn’t disappoint. Another favorite of ours, New Order, are still killing it after all these years. Other Saturday shows that topped our list: Hot Chip, the XX, Janelle Monae and Major Lazer.

Aerie girls!

Aerie girls!

Despite the desert storm on Sunday evening, the weekend ended with a bang. A long set from the Red Hot Chili Peppers (they played for over an hour!) included hit after hit. It was a great way to finish the festival, but we would not have minded if the rumors about Daft Punk came true. The crowd was going nuts for Wu Tang as they took the stage, and it was like witnessing history watching Rodriguez perform on the Gobi stage.

A beautiful night in Indio.

A beautiful night in Indio.

Overall, weekend one was a total success. Be sure to follow Addie’s adventure during weekend two on our Twitter & Instagram.


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