Jenn Rogien’s Style Advice

Jenn Rogien’s Style Advice

We asked our favorite AE and Aerie  fans to submit their Spring & Summer style question’s to Aerie’s Fit & Style Expert, Jenn Rogien. Everything from festival style to spring break fashion do’s & dont’s, Jenn lends her advice on dressing for any occasion and mixing in your own personal style. Read on to learn more.

Marisa, featured in our Spring Campaign, shows off how to pair a chambray shirt over her swimsuit.

Marisa, featured in our AE spring campaign, shows off how to pair a chambray shirt over her swimsuit.

1: What are some great ways to wear a chambray shirt?

I love chambray shirts for casual layers and beach cover-ups.  I like to throw a chambray shirt over a dress, worn open with lots of casual jewelry for a relaxed, but pulled together look. A chambray shirt worn open paired with your favorite Aerie bikini and a great pair of shorts is flirty & fun.

2: What are the kinds of clothes that make small girls like me look tall and slim?

Getting a tall and slim look is all about proportions and fit.  Go for pieces that have slimmer proportions – smaller collars, narrower sleeves, small pocket flaps, and slim cuts. Watch out for lengths that cut you off – at the hip, at the knee or between the knees and ankles.  Those can make you look shorter.

A chic monochrome color palette also gives a tall impression.  I’ll often go for one color head to toe and then mix in jewelry and accessories to add color.

Also, a quick and easy way to make you look taller is to add a great, nude heel that is close to your skin tone color.Be cautious about opting for sky-high platforms though –these can actually have the opposite effect by adding weight visually at your feet.

Nina models one of Aerie’s newest bras for summer – the Festival Bra! Coming soon in stores & at

3: What are fashion trends for Spring-summer?

COLOR!  Neon keeps going and I’m seeing the addition of sorbet colors & pastels.  Happy colors!

Peek-a-boo lingerie is also a fun trend, but make sure you keep it tasteful.  Aerie’s Festival Bra and Printed Lace Bandeaus are meant to be seen with great colors and lace details that can peek out from tee shirt, cut outs or low arm openings.

Swim is big and Aerie now carries your favorite bra fits in swimwear.  Great vintage inspired prints and feminine details pair brilliantly with another spring/summer trend – shorts with great details. Whether a great print, a touch of lace, or a new pattern, shorts are the perfect cover up or the perfect everyday casual summer option.                                                                              

4: There are a lot of music festivals happening within the next few months, what do you recommend wearing for these events?

Go for a look that reflects your style & is comfortable for a long day at the venue or outdoors.  I like layers so that the look can transition from event to event and carry me through chillier nights while still looking cute.  I try to stay true to my style and avoid putting on a costumey look just for that event.

Marisa, one of our models from the Aerie spring campaign, in the Aerie Floppy Beach Hat and Aerie Crochet Triangle Bikini.

5: What defines Spring Break style?

For me, it’s all about being casual and chic.  Start with a great swimsuit, a cute pair of shorts, a wide brim sun hat & some fabulous sunglasses. I’m all about packing light with pieces that have multiple uses – a cover up that can double as a scarf or as a dress, a handful of accessories that work for day or night, and colorful dresses that can go to the beach or to dinner.

6: What’s your #1 must have for spring break style?

A cute, multipurpose cover-up, a beachy mani/pedi, a great bikini and my iPad full of books.  (Oops – that’s four!)  But those will get me through the whole week.

Gabby & Mailia, two of our cast members, show off how to mix and match trends into their personal style.

Gabby & Malia, two of our cast members, show off how to mix and match trends into their personal style.

7: I like trends but I don’t want to come off being too trendy. How can I mix my personal style with trendy pieces for my own unique look?

You touched on the “secret” in your question – mixing and matching.  When creating characters, I’ve found that mixing and matching is key to making them look realistic and unique.  Choose a few trend pieces that work for your style to update your look, but keep you looking like a fresh version of you.

8: Are there any styles that you don’t recommend for spring break?

I don’t often think that any one style is a complete do or don’t – it’s all in how you wear it.

Ronnie shows off his individual AEO style.

Ronnie shows off his individual AEO style.


9: What men’s style advice can you give for guys out here looking to catch some attention from the ladies?

Don’t be afraid to take a little bit of a fashion risk – I like guys who have their own style.  And wear good/interesting shoes.  Shoes say a lot about a guy!


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