Meet the Cast: Gabby

Meet the Cast: Gabby

Meet Gabby, an art student from Carmichael, CA. Gabby loves anything to do with being creative, from art to photography to blogging. Her favorite creative outlet is her Tumblr. Gabby thinks she is best at being observant and noticing little details, which we think is why she is always up on the latest fashion trends!

Her favorite type of music is rap/hip-hop and right now her favorite album is  ‘Long Live A$AP‘ by A$AP Rocky. Any good upbeat rap song or anything by Chris Brown gets Gabby dancing. The best concerts she has ever been to are Chris Brown and Drake.

Gabby’s style inspirations as of late have been Rihanna and Kim Kardashian because she has the same edgy style as them. She also loves Swedish fashion blogger Lisa Olsson. Gabby takes cues from her style inspirations and puts her own spin on their looks with her military boots or by adding watches, rings, and earrings. Her favorite styles of AE Shorts are rolled, high-waisted, and shorties.

Check out Gabby’s Pinterest Board to see more of her favorite things, inspirations, and the AE styles she loves.

Follow Gabby:

Twitter: @gabbyqxo

Instagram: @gabbysimone


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