Project Live Your Life: Devin B., Artist

Project Live Your Life: Devin B., Artist

Project Live Your Life is in full gear! Your personal style inspires us, and we’re sharing one of our favorite entries so far – Devin B., an artist from Lawrenceville, Georgia and a finalist for Week One.

Devin describes himself as an artist, athlete, and adventurer. When he isn’t making amazing art (like you can see in the video above), he is playing lacrosse. “People inspire me. It’s just everything about them. Their dreams, smiles, and how they can overcome the most challenging of situations,” Devin said in his profile. Check out some of Devin’s artwork and see a glimpse of his personal style below.

devin brewster american eagle outfitters project live your life

“An insanely cool person, who, (I’ll vouch for this) has the most amazing taste in music ever. I had a blast drawing this.”

“There is this subtle moment in everyone’s life where they realize for the first time ever, that they are infinite.”

“Drawing realistic portraits of others is a really huge passion of mine, just attempting to capture every detail and emotion in that moment.”

Check out Devin’s entire Project Live Your Life profile.

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