AE Friends & Family: Aerie Model, Nina Agdal

AE Friends & Family: Aerie Model, Nina Agdal

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you may have noticed our number one Aerie girl, Nina Agdal, gracing our marketing campaigns the past few seasons (not to mention her illustrious return to the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and her leading role in the 2013 Carl’s Junior Super Bowl ad.)What you may not know is that Nina, a Denmark native, loves her dog Boo, enjoys playing basketball during her down time in New York, and has an extremely bubbly personality. Read on to get to know our Aerie girl a little bit better …


Nina Spring 2013

Nina posing for our Spring 2013 campaign.

How did your career in modeling begin?

I got scouted in Denmark for an Elite Model Look Competition.  I didn’t end up winning because I was too short, but I started modeling after that.

When you were little, did you know modeling was going to become your thing?

I honestly didn’t like it in the beginning. I wasn’t used to people always touching me and I felt like a product, but now I like it.

What would you be up to if you weren’t modeling all over the world?

I always wanted to be a journalist, dentist or auto mechanic when I was younger.

Nina Bollboard

Nina hanging out under her billboard in NYC. Source: @ninaagdal on Instagram

Any songs on your current playlist?

Everything Justin Bieber!

What’s the craziest modeling story you have?

I had to go to a tiny island off of Australia for a two day shoot. As I was getting a spray tan, I fainted in the makeup artist’s bathroom and cracked my chin on the floor. So basically I was half spray tanned, but fully naked on the bathroom floor. There were no doctors on the island so they just told me to put on my tennis shoes and have a Coke and I would be fine!


Nina’s dog Boo! Source: @ninaagdal on Instagram

What is the best part about your hometown of Denmark? 

Friends and family. I love that it’s so comfortable, nice and sweet.  It’s safe and great place to grow up. I miss it every day.

What is it really like to be an Aerie girl? 

It’s really fun to be an Aerie girl. I have great people to make me look pretty in the morning and the rest of the day I’m playing around in swimsuits or undies on the beach or on a bed.  The last shoot was in Harbor Island and it was so much fun.

You’ve got a killer beach body – do you have any tips on staying in shape?

I really work my butt off. I always try and work out at least 3 times a week with 20-30 min of cardio, running, spinning, cycling, or the elliptical. I love lifting weights and playing basketball – I even have an indoor basketball court in NY that I go to play.

Taking a break from the gym! Source: @ninaagdal on Instagram

Any Healthy Eating Tips? 

Try eating smaller portions five to six times a day. I really enjoy eating a mix of protein, veggies and carbs. Definitely allow yourself to sin sometimes. If you want a burger, have a burger and then tomorrow have a salad. Also, don’t think too much about your weight, it’s a waste of time and life!

Do you have a favorite indulgence? 

I love pizza, red meat, steak with A1 Sauce, chocolate – but one thing I can’t live without is a good burger. Give me lots of mayo and grease – the works!

Nina Holiday

Nina for Aerie Holiday 2012

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