Spending V-Day With Your Gal Pals

Spending V-Day With Your Gal Pals

Valentine’s Day is all about expressing your love to those you fancy. For some though, it can bring on a sense of awkwardness when you decide to go out for dinner with friends and all you see on the menu are fixed plates geared towards couples that are madly in love. We’re here to tell you that Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be mushy and you CAN have a blast with your friends. Here are a few fantastically fun ways in which you can get silly with your gal pals.

Have a cookie decorating party:

If your girlfriends like sweets (and come on, who doesn’t?) then this party is guaranteed to be a hit. Pre-make sugar cookies a day or so ahead in any shape. (We suggest hearts or this so that you can create a boyfriend made out of sugar. These cutout boyfriends are much “sweeter” than the real thing.) Not a cookie fan? Buy different flavors of ice cream for an ice cream social instead.

Have your friends bring cookie (or ice cream) decorations (frosting, sprinkles, candy… you get the idea) and display everything out on a table and start creating your sugar masterpiece.

Want to make your party even better?  Play some V-day tunes, (we recommend our Aerie Valentine’s Day playlist on Spotify) and break out into a dance party!

Simple, sweet and oh so fun!

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Have a Girls Marathon:

If any group of girls knows how to live (and mostly love) the single life it’s Hannah, Marine, Soshanna and Jessa from the hit show Girls. Invite your friends over for a slumber party and indulge in ice cream, popcorn and our favorite quartet to hit the streets of New York City! Not to mention, the fabulous clothes seen on the show are hand picked by our very own Style & Fit Expert, Jenn Rogien.

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Secret Admirer Gifting Party:

Grab your friends and have each of them place their names in a hat a few days before Valentine’s Day. Then, deliver fun gifts and notes to the friend that you picked, making sure you keep yourself unknown. Have a revealing party on the 14th with all of your gal pals and giggle over the fun stuff that you received.

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Have a Pinterest Party!

Create a Pinterest board and have your friends pin a DIY or recipe on the board. Then, have them bring whatever they pinned to the party! If they pinned DIY projects, have them bring materials to create the product for an arts and crafts filled night.

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Have single guy friends too? Have a ‘Battle of the Sexes Party’!

Round up all of your single friends and play a series of games (bowling, trivia, etc.) and split the teams by gender. You know they say “all is fair in love and war,” so have fun and defeat those boys! And who knows… if you invite that guy you were crushing on maybe will blossom into something more serious.


Photo Credit: College Candy

Most importantly, remember that Valentine’s Day is about expressing all kinds of love, so don’t feel down if you’re not attached. Your girlfriends, family and pets all deserve a little love too!  Happy Valentine’s Day from your friends at Aerie! xo

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