DIY: Personalize Your Aerie Tote

DIY: Personalize Your Aerie Tote


As the weather warms up, it’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning! Rid yourself of those old clothes and accessories that you haven’t touched all winter long and are starting to take over your closet one scarf at a time.  BUT, before you rid yourself of everything my friends, we created a fun DIY project to turn last year’s Aerie tote into a super cute bag that will carry you into the spring and summer months!


What you’ll need: Aerie tote, Aerie Scarf, yarn, scissors, and a large needle.

First, clip along the edge of your scarf creating three braiding strips that are two-inches wide. Then, clip the rest of the scarf into one-inch wide embroidery strips.  (Note: if you prefer the frayed look, rip the strips with your hands instead of cutting them with scissors.)

Take the one-inch thin strips and combine them with the yarn. Begin a simple stitch all the way around the top edge of the tote. (Width between stitches is up to you!)

After stitching around the entire tote, continue the stitch up and around the tote handles. Hint: pre-punch holes along the handle with scissors or a pin for ease when stitching.

Next, cut a paper pattern for an applique shape of your choice.

Use the paper patten to cut the shape from fabric and pin the shape in place. Stitch around the applique using your needle and yarn, securing it to the tote.

Next, take your remaining  materials to create a braided shoulder strap. Do this by combining the wider two-inch fabric strips with yarn and knot the braids at the ends.

Attach your braided strap to the top of the tote with the leftover yarn and needle.

And voila, you have your very own, personalized Aerie tote! If you want to go a bit further, try dipping your tote into a tub of fabric dye until you have reached your desired tone of color.


Trying out your own Aerie DIY? Share your creations with us! Tweet or Instagram your creations with @aerie and the hashtag #AerieDIY.

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