Guys Guide To Buying Aerie

Guys Guide To Buying Aerie

Most girls have a particular idea about what they like when it comes to shopping for Valentine’s Day.  Boys on the other hand find themselves scratching their heads, trying to differentiate between an Emma and a Maddie and hoping that whatever they just bought you is something that you will really love.

Meet Ben, Jordan and Graham – three of our home office employees who volunteered their good looks and charm while spending the afternoon in Aerie shopping for the perfect V-day gift. Through a series of questions, we uncovered that they all have quite the romantic (and somewhat hilarious) side! Read on to learn all about a guy’s perspective on romance, and finding that perfect Aerie Valentine’s Day gift that any girl would love.

What type of lingerie are you buying for your girlfriend and why?

JL: I based my lingerie purchase purely on aesthetics.  Considering I’m a guy and my knowledge of bra comfort is non-existent I went with something I would enjoy seeing my girl walk around in and something that would make her feel sexy.  I like the lacey look of the Juliet and it’s something I would love to see my girl in as much as I would like to see her out of it.

BT: Something soft and bright. I chose the Hailey Lightly Lined with matching undies in Botanics Green.  Am I doing this right?

GS: I’m going with one of the “Perfect Pairs” for a Valentine’s Day gift. It’s the Limited Edition Reese Pushup bra with a lace thong. I went with this pick because it’s a sexy fit and she loves the color pink. You really can’t go wrong with that combo.



What are some characteristics that you look for in a girl?

JL: I’m a firm believer in love at first sight, but I fall in love like 5 times a day so there’s clearly more to a lasting relationship than looks alone.  A nice smile and sexy eyes always gets my attention but a cute laugh and an outgoing personality gets my heart.

BT: She needs to have a good sense of humor and a fun loving spirit.  Girls who are too serious make me uncomfortable…

GS: I like a girl who is smart and confident. For me, it’s attractive when a girl walks around knowing she has desirable qualities. She has to be easy to hang out with, too. Nothing’s worse than being in an awkward situation trying to force a conversation.


What are some fun things that you enjoy doing for Valentine’s Day?

JL: I try to be original so it really depends on the girl.  I always send my girlfriend a card.  It’s one thing to leave it out in plain sight, but I think taking the time to put some postage on it and place it in the mail adds an element of surprise that brightens up her day.  Dinner is a given, her choice, and white roses (red is so last year).  I would learn her favorite song on piano and play it for her by the candle light.  This all culminates with her modeling her new aerie lingerie for me, duh.

BT: Trying new restaurants and shamelessly eating candy all day.

GS: I really enjoy trying new restaurants. One of the fun things my girlfriend and I do is put names of restaurants that we’ve never tried before in a hat. We’ll go to whatever restaurant she picks out for Valentine’s Day dinner. Kaya is the lucky winner this year.


Erica, and associate from our Southside Works location, helps Ben, Jordan and Graham with their choices.

Erica, and associate from our Southside Works location, helps Ben, Jordan and Graham with their choices.


What is the sweetest thing that a girl has ever done for you?

JL: My girlfriend would pre-order the NHL video game for my roommates and I in college.  Truly a gift that keeps on giving.

BT: Took a flight to surprise me on my birthday (she’s terrified of flying).

GS: I’d have to say the sweetest thing a girl has done for me was when my girlfriend traveled across the country to surprise me at college for my graduation. At the time, she was going to school at USC near LA and I was at Bowdoin College near Portland, Maine. Check a map out…literally across the country.


What is the sweetest thing that you have ever done for a girl?

JL: For this blog post I asked an ex-gf, “What the sweetest thing I’ve ever done for you?” She responded with “bought me hot pink lingerie.”  Well, there you have it.  Simple.  When I asked her to take a more sentimental approach to the question she responded with “Nothing.”  I guess that explains why we aren’t together anymore.  Actually, I’m naturally sweet and the sweetest thing I’ve ever done for a girl is drive 10 hours to see her and surprised her with lilies.  Thank god she was home.

BT: Told her I was taking her to dinner for our anniversary but instead surprised her with front row seats to the Goo Goo Dolls.

GS: There really isn’t one “sweetest” thing that sticks out in my mind, but I like doing the little things. Surprising her with dinner, randomly getting her flowers, or even filling up her car with gas when I borrow it are some of the things I like doing.

Graham and Ben look for the perfect V-day gift.

Do you have any embarrassing stories from first dates?

JL: It’s tough to pass blame on a fart when you’re the only 2 people in the room…

BT: How many people are going to read this?

GS: Sorry to disappoint, but nope.


What is your favorite style of Aerie undie? (thong, peek-a-boo, girly briefs, bikinis, tangas, boybriefs, boyshorts)

JL: Definitely boyshorts.  They make butts look perfect.

BT: Bikinis.  All day. Everyday.

GS: Boyshorts all the way.


Jordan, are you checking out Nina or Hannah?

What was your overall experience like at Aerie?

JL: It was easy in the sense that I know what I like to see a girl in.
BT:I found it challenging figuring out how the fits differed and I felt a little lost.
GS:My experience was easy and enjoyable. At first, I thought it was going be a little awkward walking around looking at undies and bras, but it was just like shopping in any other store

Neon undies are always a good choice, Ben!

Any shopping tips for guys in your situation?

JL: Ask for help.  Your girlfriend won’t know whether you picked it out yourself; as long as she likes it she probably won’t care.

BT: Shop online. It’s much easier to sort through the different fits. I think provides that convenience.

GS: The best tip I would give to a guy in my situation would be to go straight to a store associate and explain what you’re looking for. For guys who need help, Aerie is a great place to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.


Graham, Ben and Jordan pose one last time after a successful shopping day at Aerie.

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