Meet the Cast: Tonikali

Meet the Cast: Tonikali

Meet Tonikali, an artist from Belvidere, Illinois. She does not limit herself to one medium to create art – she uses everything from canvas and pastels to customizing her own clothes. Tonikali gathers inspiration from everything – her travels, people around her, and nature. Creating is Tonikali’s way of expressing herself and showing her individuality.

Tonikali grew up in India where color is an important part of her culture. After the American Eagle Outfitters Spring 2013 photo shoot, she dyed her hair green, something she always wanted to do. One of her favorite ways to play up color is with lipstick because it gives her a pop of color with any outfit. When Tonikali is making art, you can see her love of natural colors and neons.

Her personal style is unique and individual. Tonikali wears what feels good and doesn’t adhere to trends or fads. She can take a denim jacket and make it her own by adding studs, jewels, or sewing on some lace. Tonikali is rarely wearing something she hasn’t personalized. “I’m different, I should just embrace it.”

Check out what Tonikali brought to Los Angeles for our Spring 2013 photo shoot to get to know her and see what she can’t live a day without.

tonikali artist from belvedere il american eagle outfitters spring 2013

Take a peek inside Tonikali’s suitcase.

“Colors are my thing. I express myself using colors and through my sense of style. I am just passionately curious about everything and I try and document this awesome life taking by pictures, writing and painting.  I also love DIY and ping pong, so I always have my paddle with me.”

Follow Tonikali:

Instagram: @thelovehustler

Check out Tonikali’s Pinterest board to learn more about her and see her favorite AE styles.

Music Artist: CH!P

Song Title: This Is

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