Meet the Cast: Adam

Meet the Cast: Adam

Meet Adam, a musician from Melrose, Minnesota. Adam’s town has a large music and culture scene with lots of opportunities to play live music. Adam also loves giving back to the community and sharing his musical talent by helping local high school music programs. He loved playing melodies and writing songs with the cast while on the Spring 2013 shoot in Los Angeles and was constantly playing guitar on set.

When Adam isn’t playing music, he loves design. He is currently finishing his graphic design degree but is already doing freelance graphic design work for non-profit agencies with a few of his friends. Adam is constantly thinking of new ideas and working on different projects at once.

Adam loves fashion and wants to design clothing some day. He describes his style as urban professional – laid back when he is playing music, but more dressed up when he is meeting with clients. Body language is important when you’re playing music, so Adam has to be comfortable and feel confident in what he is wearing.

Check out what Adam brought to Los Angeles for the Spring 2013 photo shoot to get to know him and see what he can’t live a day without.

ADAM vogel american eagle outfitters spring 2013 musician from melrose minnesota

Take a peek inside Adam’s suitcase.

“I always have my guitar and notebook with me because I never know when inspiration for a new song will strike. The glove and ball represent my love for football. I love wearing graphic Ts and hats when I’m not working. ”

Follow Adam:

Instagram: @adam_vogel

Twitter: @adam_vogel

Check out Adam’s Pinterest board to learn more about him and see his favorite AE styles.

Artist: Ghost Beach

Song: Miracle

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